4th Jan 2005, 11:01

January 2005.

Car purchased late spring '04. Home-link system would randomly work - dealership replaced unit, second unit works better, but still randomly. Other than a few interior defects have been pleased. Recent highway trip, however, in light rain was terrible. Car would not hold to the road. Could not comfortably go over 55 - 60 mph, cruise was not used. Complaint has been made to Honda Motors and dealer has been notified. Dealer claims no knowledge of poor handling in rain at highway speeds, however research on INTERNET shows other TL owners have had similar problems.

10th Jan 2005, 14:58

Where else have you read of poor handling at freeway speeds..

15th Jan 2005, 16:40

I have a 2004 TL. Problems to date include the 6 Disc CD changer and replacing tires to resolve vibration problem at 50-60 miles/hour. The vibration improved a little with new tires, but is still there. I am not sure why Acura decided to go with Bridgestone tires on this car. I had two previous TLs a 2001, and a 2003 S Type, neither car vibrated and both had Michelin tires. I think they need to go back. Any suggestion about how to correct the problem would be appreciated. One article I read mentioned a misalignment in the rear suspension, sounds kind of odd, but who knows. I am still waiting on the replacement CD player. Other than that the car has been fine.

16th Jan 2005, 16:46

Thanks to all who took time to comment. It helped me decide not to buy this car. Appreciate the input. It's hard to find!

17th Jan 2005, 20:26

I have had my TL since may of 04, I really love driving it. Have not had any problems. I have 11,000 miles on it. My brakes have felt low lately, sometimes they feel lower than others. Dealer insists the car is fine. I have 19 inch after market wheels with 235/35's. The only negative things I have to mention are the cheap winter tires, which take away from the car. Worst of all is the center console which is dented up from hitting it with the seat belt! Sounds funny, but it happens. Has anybody had any brake issues?

28th Jan 2005, 08:01

Has anyone with the 2004 TL had any problems with the whole audio system not working on a cold day? It takes 20 minutes, every time it is a very cold day, for the radio/CD/bluetooth to work. By the time I get it to the dealer the system works so they can't find anything wrong. Also does anyone have the problem of the back passenger seat leaking water after it rains? At the dealership I saw them take the entire back seat out and pour water on the ca. They see the water coming up to where the seat is, but can't figure out where it's coming from. They checked all the window seals and areas they think it would come from. This whole process of having these extremely annoying problems is ridiculous for a brand new car!!

4th Feb 2005, 08:08

I have loved my 05 Acura TL. Only have had one problem so far, the transmission got stuck in 2nd gear. Big problem... ha ha. Oh well that's life, either they fix it or I get a new car. Kind of sucks I've lost my confidence in the car and I loved it. I hope they don't screw up the NSX because I want to get that when it comes out with 8 cylinder.

8th Feb 2005, 20:56

No big problems. Window washing pump replaced and some electrical problems (bad fuse).No paint issues. I love it, but my wife drives 2004 G35 sedan AWD. next time I buy that.

4th Mar 2005, 11:52

I have had my TL for 9 months and it has been to the dealership maybe 15 times. Where should I begin? Sound system fading in and out and severe rattling from rear speakers. Paint randomly chipping off, body kit cracking on its own, glove box is an improper fit, car pulls to one side, extremely hot center console sides, power seats sound like a 747 aircraft taking off, windows make excessive noise when rolled down, wipers go on randomly, loud popping noise from rear brake pads, 6CD changer replaced twice, headliner fell off twice...like come on, ridiculous car for the price paid for it. Acura said its just this one car.. sure it is.. go with the G35.

13th Mar 2005, 23:37

We bought our TL July 2004. I've been stranded four times. Sometimes it just won't start. Everytime that I take it to the dealer they can't find anything wrong. I find it sort of sluggish. One month after purchasing it we had the center console replaced because it was just too noisy.

9th Apr 2005, 19:51

I loved my TL until recently. I picked up the car Jan 28th, 2004. From the beginning, I had a rattle in the side passenger door. Its been in the dealership 4 times, and the rattle still persists. It's currently at the dealership as I write this. So far the problems have been:

Loose bolt in passenger side mirror.

2 front speakers blown.

Squeak in center console.

Flapping noise coming from sunroof when open.

Scratches on center console due to seat belts.

And... 4 totally bald tires at 15,932 miles.

I did not expect these problems, especially from a Honda product. I find it curious after reading the other comments that the dealership always says these problems are "normal". Common on...I've never heard of having to replace FOUR tires at 16,000 miles... especially on a $35,000 sports sedan. I may be speaking to a lawyer.

15th Jul 2005, 10:26

I have about 50k on my 2004 TL and really love the car. I have had no real issues. I am noticing a bit of squeaking on the two front doors when driving over slightly rough roads. Is anyone else having this issue?

9th Jan 2006, 12:13

Purchased my 2004 TL in July of 2004. Everything has been fine with the car except the tires. I've had 2 blowouts, luckily the rear tires. To replace those tires with the same cost me $268/tire. The 2 tires left, that came with the car, are wearing away fast. On a recent trip in rainy weather the rear of the car, with the original tires, would plane. I had to stay under 60 when everyone else was doing 70-75. This is a major safety problem!!

Before my next trip I will change all 4 tires to something with a track record on durability, performance in the rain and cost.

For those reading this who are looking to buy make sure you demand other tires. If you don't you'll be changing them out at 20,000 miles.

18th Jan 2006, 00:12

Bought my 2004 TL in January of 2004. Tires had to be replaced at 24000. That is my biggest gripe.

The head liner came off and the drivers side panel began to come undone. Those two problems were corrected by the dealer. The stock tires that come with the vehicle are junk.

The overall car is very good. If you are thinking of buying a TL, make sure you get the Michelin all season tires thrown into the deal (they are expensive).

20th Jan 2006, 22:10

I bought my 2004 in Dec.2004. My 15,000 mile service revealed 3 dented rims and the need for two new tires. I am not an abusive driver and am very dispointed with the quality of the car parts. I have also had problems with dings in the windshield. As a driver of 25 years I have never had any of these problems. This car has bad Karma.