12th Aug 2008, 09:56

Purchased an 04 TL in Sept 05 with 23K km on it. Now up to 150K kms (93K miles).

The car does eat tires there is no doubt about that. However, aside from tires I have had no issues with the car what so ever.

This was my first Acura, previous vehicles were always GM. And compared to those, the Acura is as reliable as one could hope for. With GM, I was always replacing alternators, water pumps, etc etc. No such issues with the TL. Not to say there aren't bad TLs out there, but I have put some serious road under this car and aside from tires I have no complaints.

I'll be keeping the TL and plan to get rid of the wife's Dakota for an 08 MDX this month.

6th Sep 2008, 20:09

I just recently purchased a 2006 Acura TL with 25k on the odometer. I thought the dash just needed some detailing but it sounds like I should stock up on the detailing wipes from what I've read. Can someone let me know if replacing the dash solved it? If someone can also tell me why the steering wheel is cocked to the left I'd appreciate it, it drives perfectly straight though. In just the three days of ownership I've noticed the build quality wasn't as good as my 99 Accord that I sold : (. Maybe the build quality is the same which doesn't make this car premium just a Honda" again aren't they all Honda's in Japan though?? Yes my "Turanza's look bad. How the mighty hath fallen. I hope I don't have to place Acura on my "Do Not Buy List" with BMW.

13th Sep 2008, 11:41

I have a 2002 ACURA MDX with 100k miles on the second set of tires. Also a 2004 TL with under 60k miles about to put its 4th set of tires. What's with the tires on the TL? Is it the wheels? Perhaps Acura should offer to replace the wheels as a recall or discount. From all the other comments I have read about TL Tires there is an obvious problem.

I like my TL but replacing tires every 15 months is getting expensive.


26th Oct 2008, 00:11

I have an 04 Acura TL that is making an awful noise when it starts only when the temperature is cold (less than 70 degrees). The noise eventually goes away after the car is driven for a while or is driven, and then is shut off. It seems to need to warm up. The car was purchased in a warm climate and is now housed farther north. I would like to get some input as winter is fast approaching. Sounds like a car stuck in reverse being driven really fast, sound is worse when turning steering wheel at low speeds (like pulling in a parking spot). Car makes more noise when accelerating vs idling.

5th Nov 2008, 19:57

I saw a 2006 Acura TL for sale by a private owner - 11,000 miles on it. I have never owned an Acura so I decided to check the internet to see what problems they might have. I can't believe all the problems from rattles to excessive tire wear. I have owned Toyotas and go 50,000 or more miles on a set. Never have rattles and go 4,000 miles without using any oil. My Corolla has 210,000 and is perfect - even the original paint. You convinced me not to purchase an Acura (and probably a Honda) since they are the same company.

The problems encountered with all these cars are unacceptable and I highly recommend purchasing another brand.

23rd Dec 2008, 14:27

The noise on the 04 tl is your power steering the hose has a recall my 04 tl makes the same noise when its cold.

26th Feb 2009, 10:39

Have a 2004 TL Automatic. Purchased new in March 2004, now with 48K on it.

Yes tire wear is a problem. 1st set lasted 20K miles, 2nd set being replaced today (after 28K).

A few rattles, but hey it's a blast to drive, acceleration is a kick, the stereo totally rocks, and I get 25 MPG in mixed driving.

I love this car.

2nd Apr 2009, 20:00

Buy American, I work for an American dealer, we sell Buicks and GMC. The people come in for maintenance period.

Look at the Lacrosse Super with a V8 if you want power, or the Lucerne, and you will get your moneys worth and not need tires every 20k and no rattles, and also help your economy, thank you.

28th May 2009, 20:46

When you buy Acura you are buying American. Over 85% of all Honda/Acura OE components are manufactured right here in the USA and all vehicles sold in NA are assembled in NA. If you want to drive the economy in China, India, and various other 3rd world countries, then buy a car manufactured by one of the clueless Detroit 3.

The Acura TL was designed for young, speed-craving professionals that are serious about their rides. Those of you that have had serious issues most likely bought abused trade-ins whose owners sensed potential problems. My advice is to learn how to become better buyers as opposed to complaining about problems you didn't notice when you test drove your TLs.

2nd Jul 2009, 03:22

I have a 2004 Acura TL bought in May 2004. Bought the 100K warranty and to this day it has paid-off itself over and over again. Something happened with my transmission and the dealer took it in and put-in a new transmission at no charge.

3 months later, I'm driving along and BAM! All of a sudden, while in mid-driving, the car just died-no power-no nothing. I was basically coasting and luckily I was able to steer the car and stop it safely in a residential neighborhood.

Once I stopped I could only engage the emergency brake. I could not put the car into park because the steering wheel was locked; therefore, the key was locked in the "on" position.

I pressed the button to turn-on my emergency lights but it did not go "on" instead I heard a buzzing noise and quickly un-pressed my emergency light button.

I wasn't able to unlock my power doors and wasn't sure if I could manually unlock my doors so I was stuck in my car for a good hour. After the hour was up, I was able to unlock my power-locks. Then I was able to turn the key BUT I was not able to start the car. The key turned, but it did not even "crank." However, I was thankfully able to shift the car into park and felt a little relieved.

Thirty minutes later the car was able to turn-on, start and run... as if nothing ever happened. This was frustrating because I did not want to risk driving my car with the possibility that the event will happen again. So instead, I called a tow-truck to have my car towed to my service center.

The mechanic was not able to reproduce what had happened to me. I was wondering if this was tied into the very FIRST recall I found online about the automatic transmission overheating and potentially locking-up and could cause a crash.

Any comments or if anyone has experienced this, I would appreciate any help or direction.

30th Jul 2009, 23:42

I have a 2004 Acura TL with 78,000 miles. The car is in good shape, but thus far, in five years I have had to replace the rotors once and the tires every 15-16000 miles. Do the math. Also the driver's door panel is loose and it doesn't seem like they can fix it, and the power button for the window also had to be fixed.

But today, the most outrageous thing happened. I went to open my glove compartment and the entire box fell out of the dash board onto the passenger's floor. I was in shock. In all my years, I have never seen this happen. Never mind that this is a part of the car I rarely use. At best, I've gone into that compartment a dozen times. There was literally a huge hole in the dashboard with loose wires hanging down.

Now I knew the car was no longer under warranty, but to me this should be more like a recall item so I called the dealership that I purchased it from and they didn't want to hear it.

I then called the 1800 number and she politely told me that it wasn't their problem. They said this was the first time they heard something like this happening.

I must say I'm furious. Has anyone had this happen to any of your vehicles in your lifetime? My friends have never heard of anything like this.

I'm just glad I wasn't sitting in the seat when it fell. I'm sure it would have drawn blood.