8th Jun 2003, 13:23

I already have 2 major problems with my 2003 Allroad (2.7T auto trans). The The car has only 5000 mile on it since purchasing it new on Feb. 2003. The 1st problem was at 3,000 miles, when the leveling suspension failed and remained at the lowest position, this took the dealer in New Jersey 3 days to get the part (computer), install it & do the re-programming before I got my car back. Now, at 5,100 miles, the auto trans decided to go crazy on me: shifting hard during stops & slipping on acceleration. The transmission would not shift to the next gear, and when I applied the brake, the car would downshift hard causing the engine died. Once the car is stalled, I wasn't able to re-start the car. The only way to start it up again was to put the transmission in "park", removed the ignition key totally & reinsert it before turning the key.

If step on the brake (at a standstill) and try to shift trans lever to the manually control side of the shifter, the car will jerk "thump" hard on engagement.

The dealer said that I'm the first to have should a problem with the Audi Transmission, but after reading the other postings, I guess they are wrong & Audi does have a serious problem with their cars.

16th Jun 2003, 13:14

Updating my comment on June 8, 2003:

The Audi allroad stopped moving altogether on June 11, 2003 and had to be towed to the dealer.

They had originally thought that it was only a computer bug or a "neutral" transmission switch that was causing all the mishaps. After checking the car a day, the auto transmission on my Audi allraod was declared "shot" and a new transmission was order from the manufacturer.

People have warned me about the poor quality of Audi cars, but I didn't listen. This will serve a good lesson to me - don't trust car magazines or the way the car looks. Only previous owners will provide a true picture of the manufacturer's products. This will be the first & last time I'll be buying another Audi. I should have bought an Acura or BMW - dumb, dumb, dumb!

10th Jul 2003, 16:23

Hi I am a fellow first and last time A6 owner. $46,000 later and ever since 25,000 miles I cannot keep my car out of the shop. Currently it has been in the shop for almost two weeks straight. They do not know what the problem is and have been pulling and replacing parts left and right. Currently the problem has been that the car shuts down on trips so you are disabled and only able to travel at 40mph. The fuel gage has been changed, a seal in the engine has been changed a new water pump installed, a new sensor unit installed, a there is nothing wrong with your car visit, and now multiple things wrong resulting in the two weeks without my car and counting, should not these cars be banned from the U.S. to protect consumers?

12th Sep 2003, 03:11

Hi. I am looking at buying 2000 A6 Quattro 2.7T 6M (manual) and test drove one yesterday. It runs very good. However, after browsing through comments, it became apparent that "thump" problem exists, but could not confirm if it was the problem unique only to 5A (Automatic). I would appreciate if anyone can confirm this.

I have been Audi owner since 1985 when I acquired 4000S Quattro and now has 290,000 miles on it with rebored 5L engine. It still runs great, but I am also beginning to think "I should have backup car."

Initially, was thinking to get BMW 540i, but have not had an opportunity to test drive it. Then I saw this 2000 A6, and its performance isn't much different than that of 540i.

15th Sep 2003, 20:32

I have an Audi A6 2.5 Turbo Diesel Quattro (this is in Germany). It has 13'000km on it and so far I have had NO problems with it whatsoever. It sometimes makes noises when turning for no apparent reason, and the dealer said it was because it is a 4-wheel drive. But the downshifting problem - I have never experienced. It must be because of the different engine type. Otherwise, the car is GREAT! But I feel sorry for you guys.

Good luck!

25th Nov 2003, 14:54

I have owned my 200 2.7T 6-speed for 3 years with NO problems whatsoever! I forwarded these above comments to my service agent (and honest friend) and he said he literally has never seen any of these problems, except the leaking seal.

He said the A6 Transmission is as hard as nails and he has seen the early ones (1998-1999) with over 120k...still going strong.

If you look in most consumer based reports, the A6 comments are mostly positive. This is the ONLY link with such anti-Audi chatter.

I suspect there are some BMW marketers at play here!

12th Dec 2003, 11:18

The proposition that a BMW marketer is "making up" problems about the A6 2.7T is incorrect. I bought a new one in March 2002 and it has been an endless source of problems. Electronics replacements were required after warning lights appeared, bits of one of the turbos fell off, front brake disks failed after about 20,000 miles, and are about to fail again at 30,000 miles, not because the car is driven excessively fast (though it is indeed fast). Fuel consumption varies between poor and diabolical; the water pump failed and the car had to be towed in for repair recently. The design of the car is very good, but the execution and build quality are appalling for a brand that has as its motto "Vorsprung durch Technik". Not much Vorsprung in the A6 2.7T I'm afraid. This is the first Audi I owned and it will be the last.

5th Apr 2004, 21:31

After reading all these comments, my guess is that with all the moving parts of a turbo, an all wheel drive and an automatic transmission, the car could get out of sync. Computers respond and behave predictably and as programmed, but humans respond and behave unpredictably. I could see where this could cause a conflict in the transmission response. The gentleman who had the 6 speed manual commented that he did not experience the thumping when the gears were shifting, presumably because he was the one controlling the shifting. Coincidentally, while on-line, shopping for a car, I've noticed a high number of Audi 2000 and 2001 2.7T's up for sale. This does make me think a bit. I like the idea of all wheel drive. I especially like the idea of all wheel drive coupled with a turbo charger from a performance standpoint. I have to admit, it sounds enticing, but after reading these comments, I'd have to say it's a bit discouraging.

22nd Apr 2004, 12:13

Bought 2000 A6 2.7T 2 months ago and car has been in shop 4 times... oxygen sensor defective, possibly mass air flow sensor problem, airbag light wouldn't go off for 5 minutes, and dealer just called me to say that the valves for the turbo were damaged and had to be replaced. Worst thing is the cost of the diagnostics of all these problems + labor. Was weighing the BMW 525 with the Audi and decided to go with the A6, but sure regret the decision now. Previous car was 1996 Infiniti I30...no problems whatsoever for 2/5 years... also have to say that A6 has a lot more road noise than expected.