14th Aug 2005, 00:36

Just how will you find an Audi specialized, non-dealership repair shop? My car has been with the dealer for longer than I had it this year. I'd love to find a good mechanic.

23rd Aug 2005, 08:13

There are VAG specialists located all over the place, the trouble is finding one that you can trust - even specialist non-dealership garages can be just as bad... if not worse! I have an 2002 Audi A6 1.9 TDI was bought second hand with 48k on the clock, not had one problem apart from an annoying electric window problem affecting the rear windows - but no mechanical fault. Car has got to go in for new Brake Pads soon, but that's fare wear and tear really - the pads haven't been changed since new. Shes done around 51k now, have to say 51,000 miles on a single set of brake pads is absolutely awesome.

23rd Aug 2005, 20:27

I've had my 2.7T A6 (2001) for approximately 18 months. During this time, I had to replace all electronic parts of the power windows, change the stereo twice, change the dash (a complete new dash was installed by Audi because the digital was fading), and change the head lights. During this same period, my check engine light turned on 7 times with no apparent explanation.

Two days ago, while driving in a shopping mall, the car came to a screeching stop. The wheel pulled to the left and the noise of metals breaking apart drew attention from people approximately 200-300 feet away.

The Audi mechanic just informed me that the drive shaft was broken, which resulted in a series of unfortunate events causing the left wheel to break and pull left and almost causing me an accident with 5 miles/hr. He also mentioned that if this had happened on a freeway, I would have been on the 6-o'clock news.

I am just baffled how the drive shaft on a relatively new car with a low mileage (60,000) could just pop like that. There is no official explanation of how this could have happened. Audi could not give me any answers.

The cost for this treat: $1,800.

Given all my troubles with this car, I would strongly recommend everyone to stay away from Audi.

The car almost killed me and I am still stuck with the bill. The least they could offer me was to pay for the repair, not that I am ever going to drive this piece of junk anywhere else.

29th Sep 2007, 12:10

I have a 2001 Audi A6 with 4.2 V8 which I bought not for the extra power, but because the mechanics at the Audi dealership told me it was the most reliable A6 engine. The only problem I have had with this car is the output seal on the transmission (shaft to the rear wheels) started leaking. It appears this is a common problem as it also happened to a friend on his A4. I found a web site with very good instructions on how to replace the seal. It is a difficult repair and took me about 6 hours to complete. The seal is made in France and cost only $19 at the Audi dealer, but I also needed a liter of transmission oil and 6 new drive shaft bolts (recommended not required) bringing the total to about $70 just for parts. My friend with the A6 paid about $400 to have his done at the Audi dealer. It would be so nice if Audi would find a better source for this seal.

8th Jan 2008, 17:55

My oil light recently went on in my Audi 2001 A4, and the dealer I took it too quoted me $1,000-$1,200 to fix it before they even looked at it! I thought once again "Just like Audi," and once again repeated my Mantra: "What ever possessed me to buy this hunk of junk?%$#@!"

This post is intended for anyone considering buying an Audi in the future. DON'T DO IT, unless you are committed to living without your car for weeks at a time (repair shop time) and sinking tens of thousands--and I mean in the high tens of thousands of dollars--in repair bills. There is no handling worth the problems that come with this vehicle and this brand. My service experience with Audi and its dealerships over the past seven years has been horrendous, similar to most of your comments. The dealerships are snooty and inconsiderate (Hey I'm the customer!!!), and they always quote you the most expensive repair first. It is so obvious that Audi's R&D for a driving machine is good, but its service is the pits. Maybe they should only market race cars for professional use? We like driving our Audis, but we don't ever want to rely on them. Finding an honest mechanic is a joke, especially if you are a woman.

I have now found out that in 2004 Audi issued a memo that tells Audi drivers to use only synthetic oil, but if you have a 2001, and didn't use synthetic oil, like the memo cautions between 2001 and 2004, your in for a real whopper of a repair. I just want to say thanks Audi, and thanks for standing behind your product. I want a Toyota!!! You would think in this day and age that dropping $30K on a piece of machinery would buy you something besides headaches, endless expense and being left stranded on the side of the road. I get no reward for caring meticulously for my car since I've purchased it. I do get to drive my husband's Ford Trucks as I decide what to do with the pit in my stomach and the piece of junk in the driveway named AUDI!

15th Jun 2008, 13:29

Now I should say some things about my Audi A6 1998.

It is been serviced every 5000 miles, with the oil changed on time. But I had every problem listed on this site since I got that damn car. Two days ago I just turned off my window sensors because they were going up and down themselves.

Now, when I went to an Audi dealer, they could not do anything. What's more frustrating is that I knew more about my car then the certified Audi mechanic; how awful is that?

I was going to by a new Audi A6, but since the customer care at Audi is just awful, I bought a BMW 530i 2007 that comes with 4 years of free service.

P.S Audi should say something to all of us. I would strongly advise Audi to rethink their way of doing business.

28th Aug 2008, 22:32

Hi everyone, I was just googling for a repair manual on my A6 2.7T and stumbled across this site. I have an 01 BTW, and its my 2nd audi. I had a 98 A4 2.8V6. I loved the car.. but had to agree with everyone, it was ALWAYS in the shop for the 4 yrs that I owned it. I swear every other month it was another $700 repair bill. Luckily our Audi dealer is ranked very high for customer satisfaction and I personally know my service writer. But it had a horrible transmission problem, electrical, you name it, I think by the time I got done. I rebuilt the whole A4. But they lent be an A6 2.7T one weekend, and I was HOOKED.

I found a reputable used car place who had an exact one of what I was looking for, and for a good price. I literally picked up my A4..drove to the other dealer and traded it in. I have had my A6 for 3 yrs now and I have to say I'm shocked to hear all the problems people have had. The only problem I had was 2 yrs ago, the drive shaft was leaking.. so I took it in and they put in a whole new system, $1100.00. Other than that. I have put on a new set of Brake pads and rotors all around (The previous owner was hard on them). I do have a small transmission leak which even a transmission specialists says would cost more to try and FIND it, than to put in the 2 qtrs it drips every 6 mos.

The car has always started, and is awesome in the snow. I live in New England and this past winter people were stuck everywhere and I was out and about. Within the last 3 mos. I have developed this horrible squeaking sound in the passenger front end when you turn or hit bumps. Like it needs to be lubed. But I hit a very VERY bad pothole in the spring and now the same side sounds like I might have cracked a control arm. Its due for its timing belt change, and getting ready to flip over to 100K. I have a few small annoying things that have gone wrong.. nothing that would warranty a dealer trip. My digital display is fading, the auto dimming mirror stopped. and my "low washer fluid" sensor stays on all the time, even when full (so tired of that spraying symbol). Other than that, the car runs like brand new. It has only every had synthetic oil at 7000k intervals. I have the oil system flushed every other oil change. The turbos run strong and it doesn't have a scratch or spot of rust on it. Still looks brand new.

I have thought about trading it in, But the looks and handling and that twin turbo. Still plants you in the seat. I'm hoping after reading all of the comments that I'm not in for bigger headaches, this car has been one of the best I've every owned.