21st Jan 2011, 11:03

Just purchased a 2003 A6 2.7t Quattro, 83,000. The car looks like new, very well maintained.

I took to my local dealer in Richmond, Va. to get the coil recall done. They also did an inspection of the drive train and safety stuff, came back several things that were of concern to my wife and I. Based on my experience with dealerships I started looking for another qualified repair shop.

Most of the minor things I can do myself, but upper control arms and left front drive shaft need to be put on a lift. Check engine light just came on and we are awaiting the verdict on that.

I see a lot of negative comments here, some positive, but before I sink a ton of cash in this car I will sell it. I have a GMC Sierra 1500 with 150,000 miles on it and aside from tires and brakes (once), I have not had to do anything to it.

Hope my experience with the Audi is better than most I have read about on here.

21st Jun 2011, 18:13

What was the name of the web site that gave you the directions to replace the seal?

5th Jun 2013, 05:37

Having owned Audi my entire life, and also having worked on them myself, I can say honestly they are a great car. Each model line has its own set of quirks. For example, in the 80's the 5000/200's had issues with the door handles breaking and the power window switches.

However, they are a great car when you approach things logically. That means, if you're buying one used, learn all about what typically goes wrong for THAT MODEL, and expect that at some point you might have to have it fixed or fix it yourself.

Also look at the complexity level of the car. Those of you complaining about the A6 2.7t, it's the absolute most complex car Audi made in that generation. I own one, and it's a daunting car to keep up and running in perfect shape. My previous car was a 98 A6 2.8 V6. I had that car through 280,000 miles. Again, the complexity level of the car made a big difference. The more gadgets and technically advanced the car is, the more you will have to maintain.