2002 BMW Mini Cooper S Supercharged from North America



General Comments:

My 2002 Mini S has been a good car overall. I replaced the clutch at 95,000 miles, and the car still runs great. I think the 02-06 S models are the best. I wouldn't recommend the non S model, because I hear they have lots of problems.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010

2002 BMW Mini Cooper from North America


Buy if you like spending money on performance


2 clutches have been replaced, one at 12,500 miles and one at 51,000.

Transmission was replaced at 51,000 miles.

Wheel was replaced at 1,000 (tiny hole leaking in metal).

Glove box replaced at 5,000.

Fan replaced at 30,000 miles.

Brakes replaced at 30,000 miles and at 75,000 miles.

Electric windows repaired.

Waiting in shop right now because it won't go into gear.

General Comments:

I love the way this car drives; it handles better than any other car I have driven (and I have driven a lot!).

However, I don't think the costs of repairs is worth the performance. I have a 2002 made within the first few months, so I am not sure if that affects the reliability, but it is terribly unreliable. Much of this work was done under warranty, but it had to be towed 160 miles away 3 times. It has caused more than a few headaches.

In addition, I have had to purchase the last clutch for 2,500! (It was repaired in San Francisco).

I love driving my car when it's running, but I am afraid it is time to move on before the engine falls out.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2007

6th Mar 2012, 21:12

Sounds like driver error for the clutch.

2002 BMW Mini Cooper from North America


So cool, but so high maintenance


Under warranty: transmission seal leaking, doors unlocking by themselves, fan failing, airbag light on without impact, miscellaneous recalls.

After warranty: rear LED top light cracking, brake lights always on, mirror module failed, seems to have overheated.

General Comments:

I have a launch edition 2002 Mini Cooper, which I bought brand new.

I have had a love-hate relationship with my car; I love the way it handles, how fuel efficient it is and convenient to park; I hate feeling as thought it will fail me again and again and again.

So far I have been lucky, it hasn't cost me much to repair it, but I have a very uncomfortable feeling that it will (it now has 83000 km).

The dealership near my house has a very good service department, and there's a couple of advisors I go to whom I trust more than the others. But the electricals on these cars are just plain unreliable. I have bought a CAA membership for my Mini just in case.

I have a 16 year-old Honda Civic with 260,000kms that loves me more than my very expensive Mini (37,000 CAD after all is said and done).

I have resisted selling it ever since its warranty expired a year ago, but I am now close to the point of accepting that it must be done. At least I can get about 16,000 CAD for it, and maybe buy something reliable like the Honda Fit (doubt that I'll love it as much, but I'm pretty sure I won't hate is as much), except the Honda dealers around here are real #$^&*!

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Review Date: 18th June, 2007

2002 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Cool, fun to drive and stunning looks


Took it back to the dealer once to get them to 'control' the rattles coming from everywhere in the car.

Occasionally it was hard to engage 1st gear and often hard to engage reverse.

The interior marks just too easily, so even a low mileage car can look tired. You end up either worrying about using the car for anything or trashing it.

General Comments:

I had my Mini for around 2 years and I loved it. Nothing went wrong and it cost nothing to maintain thanks to the 5 year TLC (service) package and 3 year warranty. However, I did sell it just before the warranty ran out (going back to University I had to), and I would have hesitated keeping it as it seemed like things could go wrong and I know the dealers would cost loads to get issues sorted.

The ride (I had the 17" wheels and factory sports suspension) was very hard, but AMAZING road holding around corners. Much more easy to drive than the 911 I had before (of course, the 911 is a beast by comparison with 2 times the power). You do feel the holes and bumps though, its not exactly a relaxing drive.

The interior was lovely and good even on long journeys (1300 miles across Europe in 1 day). You can cruise at about 100mph OK, anything over that and the engine feels a bit too pushed. Speaking of which, the engine (1.6) is the worst part. Its dull and unrefined, it really lets the whole car down. It also drinks a LOAD of fuel given its size, especially with the a/c on.

The interior space is really 'mini' in that its very small in the back seats and the boot will fit 4 shopping bags and that's it. best treat it like a 2+2. The front instead is great even for really tall people like me (6ft5). We once 'squished' 4 people, 1 suitcase and 3 bags inside, but only for a short journey.

I only drove around 5000mi per year, mostly in London, this is what the car is really good at, but it can 'do' motorways without problems.

The dealers were the worst aspect, I had really bad service from Stephen James Enfield's service department. Hexagon Kentish town were much better, but neither comes close to the top service offered by the brand specialists I used for my other cars.

If you're thinking of buying one my suggestions are:

- buy with less than 10k miles on it, under a year old and with remaining warranty and TLC if poss.

- sell before the warranty expires

- buy as high spec as possible, but:

- avoid the factory leather seats

- avoid the sunroof as it rattles too much.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2006