2002 BMW Mini One 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Lovely car, too many teething troubles.! Poor support.!


Poor quality plastics.

Drivers seat replaced.

Gearbox replaced after 16,000.

Disk worn below minimum after 1 set of pads (16,500).!!

General Comments:

The car was purchased mainly as a marketing tool for my new business. This function it has performed very well. It did although need to provide a 'very light' commercial function, carrying small boxes. I did find that the plastics used on the seats, doors and dash did become scratched quite easily and would not buff out.

The car is used by a number of people, but after a short while (3 month) the front seat began to creak when cornering. This took 4 visits to the dealers and a new front seat to sort out.

The car has recently been taken in for a noisy gearbox. This was so bad the dealer refused to let the car go before the gearbox was replaced. (16,000m)

During the same inspection they informed me that the clutch was 70% worn. This I thought was quite excessive as clutches have tended to last me 40-50k miles..!!

During the same time the dealer informed me that the front pads were worn and required replacing. Fair enough. But the disks themselves were also below minimum and needed replacing. Never known disks to wear this quickly. Would have expected 2-3 sets of pads for 1 set of discs..!!

Mini customer service UK quite adamant that this is 'fair wear and tear'!!

Pursuing this further at the moment.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2004

2002 BMW Mini Cooper 1.6L 4 cylinder from North America


You're not paying for the quality factor


Intermittent stalling from the beginning.

Loss of power at 6000 KM (Car would go into "limp mode")

Rattling tail gate (from the beginning).

Passenger door trim is loose around the tweeter.

Main wire assembly harness and throttle body replaced at 8000 KM (this fixed the loss of power issue).

Constant rattle and creaking from the panoramic sun roof.

Head lamp washers stopped working at 10500 KM.

Dash board rattles and steering column creeks at 12500 KM.

Driver and passenger side doors do not close properly all the time due to window adjustments.

General Comments:

I would like to point out first and foremost, that Mini's level of service when handling all that has gone wrong with my car has been extraordinary. Repairs have been made in a timely fashion and promptly.

I have talked to other Mini's owners about the problems and some of them have had similar problems, but not to the extent which I have.

I still truly believe that Mini's are not a bad product. I just received a 'buggy' unit.

Aside from all the repairs that have been made, the fun factor on the Mini is superb.

The cockpit is well laid out and the controls are easy to reach.

For a vehicle that appears to be tiny, it has a large cabin. I'm over 6 feet tall and have no problems with leg room in the front. The rear seats are a different story.

Handling is exceptional, with lots of grip turning corners and in perilous weather.

The engine is a bit under powered at low speeds, but reasonable at higher speeds (50 KM/H - 120 Km/H).

Overall Mini has the right idea, but they need to work on their quality assurance, and fit and finish.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2003

19th Apr 2004, 18:36

I am sorry to see that you too have suffered as I have.

See here: http://www.carsurvey.org/review_56231.html

I'll never buy another one again. I was bored with getting them recovered (4 times) and fixed (>40 times).

Shabby car and disbelieving service to-boot.

I've ordered a Skoda now.

13th Oct 2007, 10:06

I really liked my Mini Cooper, but my patience and wallet has been challenged. My engine cylinder head suffered exhaust valve failure on no 4 cylinder. All exhaust valves have been changed as they were about to fail. The dealer found a suspect fault and offered to change a head gasket for £1400.

My car has only covered 44k miles. For this reason I entrusted the work to a local engineer and an independent garage as I'm appalled that a quality car should suffer after only 5 years with a FSH, and do not have confidence in Mini.

I have maintained and restored Jaguars for 18 years.

22nd Oct 2007, 15:09

Further to my experience I have had the cylinder head removed The engineer thinks that the exhaust valve was at fault on no 4 cylinder from manufacture. The valve has radial cracks believed to be from the forging stage of manufacture.

The mechanic CHANGED THE AIR FILTER WHICH WAS CLOGGED WITH OILY DIRT.This item should have been replaced as part of the TLC service, it appears to be the original having never been changed.

The cylinder head has been completely overhauled and the engine runs with smoothness and better than ever.

The motoring press have always commented on this engine's courseness, perhaps it is a case of build quality.

I am once again enjoying my mini as it was originally intended as a quality drive. Its not the car,its down to build and maintenance quality.