2002 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


Piece of crap - run away fast, though I don't know how I'll ever sell the thing once it is paid


Head gaskets failed at 20,000 km, Warranty repair by original owner.

A/C condenser failed - Warranty Fix - A/C still can't cool the vehicle down on the mildest summer day.

Premature tire wear - Replaced with new.

Traction control light comes on intermittently.

Had front ABS wheel speed sensor replaced - under Warranty.

Both front wheel bearings failed - Warranty repair.

Brakes done 2 times, rotors replaced, pads, $450.00 each set.

Rear window wiper doesn't work - still broken.

Lost fan blower speeds... replaced block resistor - $ 150.

Rear upper control arm bushings (left & right) replaced due to wear - $1,100 (bushing cast into control arm, have to replace entire unit)

Intake gasket failure - coolant leak- $850.00 repair.

General Comments:

The list above is reason enough NEVER to buy a Buick again, and the lack of service from GM support has been abysmal. I would prefer to support the national economies of Canada and the US, but GM has made that an impossibility. (I have family that works for GM, but at these costs I can't afford to buy American again) Sorry... I guess I'll support the economy of South Korea and get a Hyundai Tucson or KIA Sorrento.

The only thing worse than all the hassle and expense involved here, is listening to some smarmy service rep from GM intimate that all these problems are my fault somehow... their "service" is intolerable. I have to say my dealer has helped immensely and has discounted some of the service work performed above. My hat is off to them!

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

27th Nov 2007, 10:16

Tell all this to all the other guys that insist and enforce to buy American. It's incredible when I said the same and some guy replied me with an unrealistic score of JD Power. This site reflects the REALITY of the quality issues, problems of cars. This is the real life, not the super-American-car.

29th Nov 2007, 12:02

I quite agree with above comment re: JD-Power Award for Buick. I have seen the poster in the Dealer's Showroom, but I hardly doubt they won it for their 2002 Rendezvous, or as another reviewer dubbed it "The Rendez-poo".

Too often people take justified complaints about design shortfalls, poor reliability, service and vehicle performance issues as "America bashing."

The crux of the issue here is that GM has designed, built and sold a very unreliable and shoddy vehicle and doesn't provide adequate service to people with legitimate issues. That's why so many car buyers get fed-up and switch over to non-North American cars. Their vehicle design, build and reliability issues are on-the-whole, less problematic.

My 2 cents...

2002 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


Buyer beware


I continue to have the handle break off on the hatch back. Wondering if other owners have this same problem? I contacted GMAC and they will not call it an issue. Funny the same side keeps breaking off within 1 1/2 years.

Engine gasket needed replacement.

Air-conditioner went bad.

Now I have an issue with the temperature gauge getting close to the "red" zone, and Buick states that this is "normal" when it is hot outside. It started this year when I was sitting at a stop sign, then will go into the normal range as long as the vehicle is moving. I don't find this normal behavior.

I have owned this vehicle from day one, and know all of its quirks, and believe me, there are a lot. Glad we got the extended warranty because we have used it a lot.

Buick customer service does not work to help the customer. They work to help the service departments.

Don't buy a Rendezvous. I am getting a Honda.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2007

21st Nov 2007, 21:58

I bought a 02 Buick Rendezvous when they first came out. My file on repairs is about 2 inches thick, I did not purchase extended warranty. It has been a nightmare from day one. Total price $29,000, $29,000 General Motors stole from me, deceiving me with false advertisement and information on this "great, wonderful SUV. The Government should go after manufacturers that provides deceiving information to the public and sells plastic instead of metal. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SUV & GM.