2003 Buick Rendezvous from North America


I would not recommend


It's been reliable. It has a check engine light that comes on annoyingly for more than a year, but mechanics haven't been able to find anything with it, and it doesn't act funny. That's about it apart from normal maintenance.

General Comments:

* Handling: Acceptable. It is a CUV, so it has limitations, but it handles better than my Mercury Grand Marquis sedan. It has independent rear suspension.

* Comfort - not as comfortable as my Marquis. No arch support and the suspension is stiffer. Though everything is more ergonomic. Less comfortable steering because it is really heavy.

* Build quality - pretty solid feeling. It has some cheap parts like the tic tac feeling plastic on the dash and some on the center console, but the majority is pretty well screwed together. On the other hand, on the outside there are massive panel gaps. Still, it is no 90s GM car, and feels better built than my Marquis.

* Engine - this is where I HATE this vehicle. It is SO slow. My Marquis is much faster and gets better MPG, despite being the same weight, and bigger with a more powerful engine. There is a point at which a car can have only such a small weak engine before it actually starts consuming more gas mileage. This car is at this point. I only get 12.8 MPG average mostly city. At the most my average is 13.8. That is my record. I literally have to put the pedal to the metal when passing. And that god awful little buzzing sound made by the overworked engine, burdened by this heavy CUV, drives me crazy.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2014

2003 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


Wouldn't recommend this car


Intake gasket @ 74,000 miles. Antifreeze went into engine, causing severe gunk build up. Dealer said they could "clean" it out ($1600), but 8 months later, my entire engine went. Cost for new engine - $4500.

Some of dash lights have gone out, fan button only works on 4 & 5 (high).

Driver's side window motor quit ($300), and two oxygen sensors went out ($300) @ 100,000 miles.

Rear window defogger quit & misc small stuff: rubber boot on gear shift is torn, latch for center console broke, so lid stays up enough to keep light on!

I've had 2 in my life, & would I buy another Buick? No way!! How can GM make the awesome Saturn, and then the Rendezvous?? They closed the wrong division!

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Review Date: 30th August, 2010

31st Aug 2010, 16:12

The Rendezvous is not indicative of the reliability of most Buicks. Buick makes a far more reliable and more attractive product than Saturn could ever dream. Buick has a lot more potential and is more profitable than Saturn, that is why GM kept it over the never successful Saturn brand.

2003 Buick Rendezvous LX 3.5 from North America


Too expensive to repair


AWD disable warning.

General Comments:

I purchased this car in October 2009. Was thrilled at first.

I drove it from Colorado Springs, Co. to Tampa Fl. Did great on the trip, no problems.

Just the other day the AWD disable warning came on, took it to a dealer and they ran a diagnostics. They said they were not sure what was wrong with it. They said it probably just needed to be reset. They reset the computer, but the code still came up as being triggered 90 miles ago. They told me it would cost $900+ to fix. I had to pay to have the part ordered, so I had no choice but to drive the car. Now the light is off, but I already paid for the part and it does me no good. I think the service department has no clue!! Why would the light be off and have a code from 90 miles ago?

I would not recommend this car for the fact that it cost too much to fix, is a gas hog, and Buick service men are clueless. They told me it was the actuator and connector, and advised to not have it fixed because I don't need AWD in FL. What a joke. If it's broke then fix it. If it's not, give it to me straight up, don't heehaw around and tell me something is wrong when it isn't.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2010

7th Jun 2010, 21:42

The light is on and you don't have AWD, something is wrong. I don't think the dealer was yanking you around too much. Yeah, they probably should have just fixed the problem to begin with, but they're telling you now aren't they? And if you want them to fix it, then why not pay to have them do it?

By the way, I agree 100% with the dealer in not fixing the problem because you live in Florida. If it ever snows down there, whatever small amount gets a chance to accumulate shouldn't be a problem (then again, you guys don't have snow plows down there do you?) unless you've never driven in snow before. In my small hometown in Massachusetts, the snow plows don't come out until there is at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. My Corolla has no issues getting through that. AWD isn't necessary for most winter driving conditions (in fact, most of the people I pass in the winter are stuck spinning all 4 wheels).

Actually, I think you may have found a decent dealer service department. They were trying to save you some money.