2003 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


This SUV manufacturing wasn't made sufficient enough for me


Wheel bearings on right and left side.


Brakes all around.

Set of new tires twice.

Spare tire cable is rusted, and can't get spare off without power torching it off.

Traction active light and traction system light are coming on when the car makes right hand turns, and when the car can just be running and in park, or sitting still at a red light.

Dash light near heating and cooling system is out.

Back lights on liftgate blow out every month, because seal is poor and water gets in it.

Back door black pieces near windows have fallen off and need replacing.

Front light pieces near hood have broken due to the close of the hood.

General Comments:

I love the luxury of my SUV, and the third row seating. However, it may be past time for me to depart with my Rendezvous.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2010

2003 Buick Rendezvous CX from North America


Would never buy another Buick Rendezvous


I bought a 2003 Buick Rendezvous that was one year old with only 13,000 miles on it. I thought I got a great deal.

A few months later, the brakes were squeaking and jerking. I had to replace the brakes and rotors on the front. A few months later, I also had to replace them on the back. I've never heard of replacing rotors on a vehicle only 1 year old.

Shortly after that, my AWD light and antilock brake light started going off. I had to replace the AWD assembly - was told it was because I had work done on my back brakes.

Then I started noticing a grinding sound coming from the back whenever I pulled into a parking spot or turned the wheel real sharp. Was told the front right bearing needed replacing. Did not correct the noise. I have since had all the wheel bearings replaced, and was told the brakes and rotors need replacing again.

Have had the bushings replaced - Still loud groaning noise with turns. Everyone asks that rides with me what is that awful noise.

Have had inspected yearly and oil changes done, and dealers don't really know. A friend who is a mechanic recently checked it out and said there are notices posted that say there is a common problem with the rearend. Told it might just be a sensor and change the fluid, but if it's been making the noise for that long - probably need a whole new rearend. Muffler also loud.

Not sure if I'll just drive it until it drops or get it fixed. Should probably trade it in - not sure if I'll get much for trade-in with all the problems. If I spend the money to fix it, will it really correct the problem? Nothing else has.

I like the interior - comfortable and great for family outings with lots of room. Never had this many problems with any other vehicle I owned.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2009

27th Jan 2011, 18:29

I have the same model, but when I bought it, it had about 120k clicks on it.. When I read this review, it felt that I was reading about my own Rendezvous.. I am experiencing everything that you have described. I have spent so much on it. I am also going to keep on driving it till it dies or someone is willing to buy it as is.

These days, I'm dealing with the ABS and the AWD lights coming on and going off..

Anyway, good luck to you..

10th Feb 2011, 15:43

I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous 3.4 L, and like many others it has ABS problems. The ABS wiring harness collects moisture and causes failure of the wheel bearing/ABS assemblies. I have spent more than $1000 repairing ABS, and have only had the car for 5 months.

There is a huge problem with these vehicles, and GM is taking no responsibility for a something that should have been recalled. The problem is going to cause accidents. The third time I was almost in an accident because the ABS fired for no reason on dry roads. I unplugged a sensor, effectively shutting off the ABS before it could kill me. Wish I could afford another vehicle, but I still have to make payments on this one.

9th Jul 2014, 00:59

Try replacing the wiring harness. The one that plugs into the main one. I've got the same problem, and after changing hubs and spending $ on new brakes routers etc... I'm gonna take a chance. The sensor harness is only 35 after market value. BIG O tires have been so awesome, they are looking into it for me. Many, many people have replaced this and repaired the problem.