9th Jul 2008, 13:08

I too have had several problems with my 2002 Rendezvous. I bought it used, which I never should have done.

The problem began about a month after I had it. I thought that since I got a Car Fax on the vehicle, that I would have all the info that has happened to the car.

The vehicle has never been in any accidents so I thought, that's good, 1 owner -- even better, and low mileage, what a deal.

Well needless to say the problem starts with the ABS and AWD light coming on. During the later part of 2007, I took it to the dealer to check on it, and was informed that my intake valve was leaking also. Good thing I bought an extended warranty, so got that fixed and the dealer said your ABS and AWD was fine, just needed to clean off the wires to the hub, and they would go ahead and replace the hubs that the wires go to, and that should take care of the problem. Worked fine for about a month, then again ABS and AWD lights back on.

Now guess what, in June 2008 same thing again. So me and my husband take it back to see what jokes the dealer had again. I look at the dealer and said bring my car back to me. Me and my husband took it to a friend who is very good, and I trust with any of my cars, and lifted the car up and we all looked together to see what the dealer was talking about, and found that a wire to the hub was split on Rt front wheel, making the sensor go off, and signal the ABS and AWD light to come on.

I have come to one conclusion; that do not always trust the dealerships either. They take your car to the service area and never let you see anything, and come back an tell you you need this and you need that, just to get money out of you or your warranty company. No wonder it cost so much to buy an extended warranty, because the dealerships will nickel and dime them to death, they have me!

Me and my husband decided to order a service manual for our SUV, which you can't buy at any auto parts store. I found one on the 2002 Buick rendezvous at the AC Del-co website for 135.00, which I think is too much, but it will help in diagnosing any problems I may have, and me and my husband can do it ourselves.

28th Aug 2008, 18:55

I purchased my 2002 Rendevous in fall of 2002. Excited it was my first car purchase. I now have over 200,000 on it. And it has gone thru 2 accidents. (not my fault).The first accident the dealer had my car for almost 3 months. They had to wait for parts from Mexico. I have had to replace the gaskets more than once. The AC condenser. Some of my problems I blame on the repair shop and the insurance company. The last accident cost almost $10,000 to repair and the car hasn't been the same. I am sure the frame is bent. My doors don't shut properly. Sad thing is that at the time I only owed just about $9,000.00. I drove the car over 100 miles a day. I still own the car. My son has it up at college. I have purchased a a Pontiac G-6 and have been very happy with it. Thanks.. D Malot.

13th Oct 2008, 12:09

OMG! I just bought this car for my son at an auction for 4000.00. Reading all this really scares me. We saved our money and on his 17th birthday we made this purchase. It looks new and runs great except for a little shimmy in the front when braking. I did some research and found a lot of good things about the car until this page. Fingers crossed we don't have the same problems.

4th Nov 2008, 16:21

I own a 2005 Buick Terraza. I have had it a little over a year. Nothing but a head ache... just found out I have a cracked wheel after bringing it in for my ABS light coming on. Now I need a power steering pump as well. I am beginning to think buying a buick was a mistake. My van has only 40,000 miles on it. Guess the previous owner knew what they where doing when they got rid of it. Too bad I am $5,000.00 upside down on my loan. Now not sure of what to do! Any idea's? Little_me_2@yahoo.com.

27th Nov 2008, 09:39

2003 CX AWD disable light comes on after turns or going over a bump. On several occasions the pedal has almost gone to the floor when braking, but seems to adjust and the car stops OK. No money for costly repairs. Is this is a safety issue? Will the brakes not work completely soon? Thanks for any input.. Broke in CT.

9th Dec 2008, 09:42

It looks as though most of the problems with the Rendezvous have been with the 2002 models. There's barely any mentions of 2003 with issues. Well at least that's what I'm hoping for. My 2003 is overheating but I think it's a leaking waterpump. I haven't had any other issues and it's worked great. It has 145,000 miles on it. I change the oil every 3000 miles.

16th Dec 2008, 18:12

02 Buick Rendezvous Flickering Instrument Panel.

A couple of months ago the A/C went out and the lights in the Instrument Panel started flickering. We didn't make a connection at first, but after resetting the Body Control Module (by disconnecting the battery...) everything started working properly. But it didn't last long. The next day, the A/C had quit again and the Dash Lights would flicker when you're between 15mph and 50mph. They turn on and off rapidly. Including the radio. The headlights would flicker if they were set on automatic, but if you turn them on manually... they are fine. At speeds under 15mph or over 50mph... everything works normally.

The flickering is very predictable, and has a steady rhythm. It is not erratic.

One more thing... the dash says "AWD Disabled".

I have heard that it could have something to do with a wheel bearing sensor.

Has anyone else had experience with this? Is there a way that I can determine which bearing it may be... myself?

And is it very difficult to change one?

I've read many complaints about the "Flashing Dash" issue but I haven't found anyone that has solved it yet.

Anyone had experience with this?

2nd Jan 2009, 22:39

I have the same problems with my 2002 car; I need to resetting the BCM every time that I need to use it, if somebody knows how fix this electrical problem, please send information.

Regarding to the AC condenser, I replaced that too and I saw that the design is not enough robust (I think that is a design problem). I am from Mexico and I paid just $100 dollars for it, it's easy to replace it.


3rd Feb 2009, 09:15

Add me in too!! I bought a 2003 Buick CXL in 2006, had 35000 miles on it, I thought what a great buy!!

I wish now I had researched this vehicle before buying..

Within the first few months the check engine light kept coming on and wouldn't go above 35 miles while driving. Took it to the dealer over and over again, turns out a faulty head gasket was put in. After several conversations GM paid for the replacement... oh and they gave me 1 yr of free oil changes for my trouble (wow big thanks!).

Several replacements of tires, battery, battery cables.. Electrical issues - lights will dim inside, etc.

Now the window regulators have to be replaced.. drivers side and passengers side, motor works fine but these clips apparently have to be replaced a lot. It's about $375 per window!! Won't be replacing them.. why has GM recalled these items??!!!

Of course I have the wonderful noise coming from the steering wheel when I turn and no one can figure out why... tried to trade it but owe too much on it still!! If anyone hears of a law suit email me at ridicool@hotmail.com!