18th Jan 2007, 20:05

I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. Overall, we have been please with the car and love the way it rides, but the problems are mounting. First major problem was the air conditioning condenser at 52,400 miles. I read various places on the Internet about the poorly designed mounting bracket for the condenser. I complained with the dealership for a while and they finally agreed to split the cost of the repair with me. That got me for $310. Just recently, the intake manifold gasket went at 60,800 miles. I read on the Internet again about numerous cases of the same problem happening. I complained once again and managed to get the work done for a "$300 deductible." I paid $300 plus another $150 for an oil change and a coolant system flush and fill. I'm happy that I got some of it paid for, but I just can't stop thinking that it is just not right. Why should I have to pay for anything that is a well-know factory defect? Poor production and parts are steering me away from GM products all together. I hope others are having better luck than I am. I hope to be unloading this time bomb soon.

28th Jan 2007, 11:31

I own a 2002 Buick Rendevou... the AC Condensore needs replaced, problems with the security system locking up, front wheel bearing, anti lock brakes, WE NEED TI FILE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT WITH AGAINST BUICK!

10th Mar 2007, 16:20

My 2002 Rendezvous CXL P.O.S.-

We bought our Rendezvous in 2004 at 18000. After seeing this web-site it makes me sick. We have had it in the shop 5 times for the air conditioner and coolant system, 2 times for window gasket, 2 times for the steering system, 1 time for the head gasket. THIS CAR IS JUNK!!! There is no way Buick could deny it. It once spent a month straight at the shop for them to see if they could find the condenser problem. We complained and got a rental car for 3 out of the 32 days it was there. I would rather run this P.O.S. off a cliff than try to sell it to some poor family who has no idea what they are in for. I think GM should buy it from me!

21st Mar 2007, 07:40

I also have a 2002 Rendezvous and have nothing, but trouble. The A/C condenser went at about 50,000. Now the intake manifold valve is shot and since I'm out of warranty it is costing a fortune to fix. The left wheel bearing had to be replaced (I did get reimbursed from GM for that repair - they don't have a recall, but they have a technical bulletin and will pay for the repair if you have problems). Now the right wheel bearing is going. The security code comes up and everything locks up. This car is a real lemon and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I've never had a car with so many expensive repairs having to be made on it. GM knows about these problems and has ignored them. Count me in for a class action suit too!

21st Mar 2007, 12:44

We have a 2002 Rendevous. Our driver's side window dropped down and broke for no reason. Then we had a water leak, the dealer said it was the water barrier in the passenger door. They fixed that, but the problem came back within a month. Today they said is was the drains from the sunroof. If you have water on the floor of the driver's side check the sun roof drains! Don't get fooled into fixing the door.

28th Mar 2007, 21:06

I wish that I had found this web site before purchasing my 2002 Rendezvous CXL. It is at the dealers as I sit and write this. In the past 7 days it has had the BCM replaced for the 2nd time, thermostat replaced, outside temperature sensor replaced, radiator flushed (looking for a clog), they had to fix a cylinder problem, the engine was skipping and as of tonight they still have to fix the head gasket. Now mind you I will have this vehicle 2yrs this May and purchased the extended warranty. By my husbands estimation, this vehicle has been at the dealers on average for 9 days every 3 to 4 months. The second day after purchased I had to have the rear axle fluid flushed/changed, the A/C condenser replaced and the rear bearings replaced. That alone should have been the tip off that I had purchased a lemon disguised as an SUV. The rear hatch lock has been replaced, the drivers side window fell off track and into the door, and the sun roof window motor has been replaced as well. I love the look, love the space and the ride - but the warranty is up in May and I still owe on the car. I would be more than happy to participate in a class action lawsuit. I would not want to sell this vehicle to anyone and stick them with all these problems!

9th Apr 2007, 22:36

I'm afraid I'm joining the club. My 2002 Rendezvous has had the gamut of problems listed in these posts. Gasket, transmission, and most alarmingly was the electrical. I had electrical problems early on under warranty (twice to shop, major stuff). In '05 while on a night trip hours from home, the electrical system went crazy. All light came on in vehichle while driving then went out. They then started going on and off and then finally all lights, including headlights/taillights went off! After driving until I could find a spot to get safely stop, I switched headlights from auto to "on." The headlights alone came on and I made it home with my daughter and another friend. The problem pulled juice from battery and I often found myself with a dead battery. I could go on and on. Now, this week, I'm experiencing a fish tailing with the car. I have to get rid of this. What do we need to do to get a class action suit started?

27th Apr 2007, 23:04

I just paid $1600 to repair a cracked A/C condenser and replace rotors and pads on a 2002 Rendezvous with 52000 miles. What a shame GM won't take care of these known problems. I'm getting disgusted and I'm a 31 year employee of GM and they won't fix it for me.

30th Apr 2007, 13:31

I have a 2002, and like many of you I have add similiar problems. I bought my 2002 in the summer of 2005 and it only had 23K miles on it. Boy, I thought I was getting a deal on it since I only paid $12500. Now, I can see why... it is the biggest lemon I have ever seen. Before it even hit 36K miles, here is what I had to replace:

- Head Gasket

- Intake Gasket

- Air Condition Condensor

- Radiator

- Wheel Bearing on both sides

- Brakes (2x's)

- Rotors.

Now the paint is bubbling on the rear edge of the hood. Nice!

Buyer Beware!!

8th May 2007, 13:15

We test drove a 2002 Rendezvous CL this past weekend. It has 52,000 miles and is priced at $12,995. The ride and room were wonderful; however we noticed the gas mileage was not that great and the driver's door was hard to open... also smelled of smoke from previous owner. Those were small things to us so we thought we might make an offer. We decided to do some more research before making a final decision and came across this web-site. Very interesting! We are now putting our vehicle search in other directions. Thank you for all who took the time to share.