16th May 2007, 12:28

The happiest day of my life was when I traded my piece of junk 2002 Rendezvous for a new Toyota. I had all the problems: bad drivers side door, windows falling into the doors, bad intake manifold, bad a/c condenser, strange electrical, tires wearing out prematurely, ignition key not able to go into the ignition (twice)...did I miss anything? Oh well, I called Buick several times, but they didn't care. Since 2002 I have bought the above mentioned Toyota and two Mitsubishi's. All 3 just run without any problems whatsoever.

Buick buyer's beware!!!

23rd May 2007, 13:50

Thank god "am not alone, I bought my 02 Buick Rendevous about 6 months ago, it was "GM certified" well 3 days before the warranty goes out my left wheel bearing goes out, now its may and my right one is out, Ionly have 58,000 miles on it, the brakes are always squealing, My Ac no longer works. Its only been 6 months!!!

So lesson learned, never buy a buick! I was lost with the 1st impression, AWD, leather seats power everything! and I got it for a good price, now I wan to get rid of this thing!

24th May 2007, 09:51

We did not receive this notice, however I understand there was a Technical Service Bulletin released in September 06 regarding the hub wheel bearings. These are not released to the general public, and you actually have to pay to see them at the NHTSA website (www.nhtsa.gov).

I went for some basic services last night, and found that I needed to replace two wheel bearings, with the cost estimated about $700. I looked on-line to research the pricing I was given, and thanks to all of your comments on this site, decided to look further into this issue and called GM. They were very helpful (866-790-5700), and I found that this "should" be covered for me, since I'm not over 60K. And just FYI... the Bulletin # for this issue is 06036A.

Hope this helps some of you that are having the same problem.

2nd Jun 2007, 15:50

Yes I had the wheel bearing go out on my car in January of 2006. Paid $300+. I got the notice in September and filed my claim. It took about 3 months, but I got every penny back. Still not happy with Rendezvous. I love the bells and whistles and have $10,000 left to pay. I want to get rid of it. Recently problems w/brakes. 50% of time when I brake to a stop it feels like the car is sliding on gravel. Of course dealer couldn't duplicate it and I again brought it back the following week feeling for my life. Of course he told me it was the front left bearing which he repaired for $300+. Unfortunately for him he said it had a life time warranty. We then told him how he just replaced it a year early and he honored his warranty. I am glad I did not pay for the bearing cause I still have the problem, my brakes are horrible and the dealer does not know what the porblem is. History of car is like everyone else on this site. Great deal at $25,000. AC went when bought it (covered by dealer). Motor in driver's door window. Rusty brake rotors? Said to lubricate every year??? Anti freeze disappearing and about 3000 miles after an oil change I can hear the lifters clacking. Running out of space, panel lights going on. I've got to bite the bullet and dump it.

11th Jun 2007, 17:22

Like others pointed out, I wish I have found this site before buying a 2002 Rendezvous CX in Jan. 2006. There's a reason we all thought this SUV was a good deal.

The Rendezvous on paper seemed like good pick, with the most cargo space of any SUV, and reasonably decent gas mileage for the money. I think a lot of intelligent people made the same conclusion as I did before purchasing.

I bought mine at a Buick dealership with the classic "GM certified used car"; with this certification, what could go wrong? So, I hopped in and test drove the vehicle. The Rendezvous ride was great, as was the $11,000 price for a low mileage car at 24,000 miles.

I should of backed out when the salesman started to lie about the 150 miles vehicle return policy, which doesn't include my state (even though there was a big sign behind him that states the warranty). Boy, I feel like the biggest fool for falling for all the lies the GM dealer can dish out. The GM certified used vehicle warranty is a scam as I found out: Doesn't cover anything except when the vehicle can't move on its own, then they might replace a trans. or electrical part.

Well, so far I have replaced the brake rotors and pads. I can work on cars, so it's easy to do brakes. I found the brake rotors (made in Mexico) were made of inferior material. The rotor had forging flaws like craters on the face. That's why those rotors eat up brake pads by gouging them up and wearing 'em down. I replaced the rotors and pads with high quality stuff. I have no problems with squealing or anything else. After seeing the brakes, I've become leery about the rest of the vehicle.

Well, my assumptions became true, the A/C condenser went out with only 33,000 on the vehicle. After taking the Rendezvous in, and being told it would cost $1158.00 to fix, I said "what a piece of crap". So, I'm going to fix it myself and have it recharged.

Yes, it's nice that I can save money and fix things myself. But, I bought this Rendezvous thinking I wouldn't have to do this "fixing", like the beaters I've kept running in the past.

I thought I owed it to myself to get something decent. Now, I have to work on this vehicle. What a disgrace, I'm a veteran and believe in America, and our American Auto manufacturers give this to me? I swear, I will never buy a car from the big 3 Auto Manufacturers. I will buy either a Honda or Toyota next, after I get fed up with the Rendezvous. GM, you lost another customer and I think I'm not alone as they're having problems in sales. I think they will have a hard time winning people back!!

11th Jun 2007, 22:33

My 02 Buick Rendevous, 58,000 miles is losing anti-freeze every 2500 miles. Air Conditioner Condenser failed, dealer wants $1,150 to fix. I have noticed noise in the rear end when turning. A nice idea gone bad???

Does GM even care?

17th Jun 2007, 15:31

I can't believe how many isses we've all had with our '02 Rendezvous. WE just had to spend $1000 to fix the A/C condensor, which was only the most recent in a long line of issues we've had with this pile of crap that we drive. Now, the ABS system keeps kicking in intermittently.

What should we do?

20th Jun 2007, 11:19

If I can remember all the problems with my 2002 rendezvous, here it goes:

Ignition switch went out.

Gas tank leaking, no damage to the tank it was a "bad" connection originally...2 months out of warranty and GM picked up only $300 of the $800 bill.

New intake manifold last year.

New computer last year, everything would just turn off while driving it... very scary.

Fixed one AC leak this year, mechanic says there is another, but it will cost $1000 to get to it (AC never blew hard)

Driver information panel went out completely this year, I knew how many miles were on it bc I just filled up with gas, but GM added 1000 miles to it anyway (although they told the mechanic they could probably tell from the old one, they never picked it up)

Motor of back wiper broken, told dealer it didn't work all the time while it was under warranty, but they could find nothing wrong with it (twice). When warranty was up, it stopped completely.

Brakes have squealed to the point of being stared at since I bought it, dealer said it was normal.

Gas gauge no longer working.

Traction control comes on out of no where, middle of summer, dry roads going slow speeds.

Top speed of fan only works when it wants to.