17th May 2006, 18:18

I have my car for 6 months & almost 2500km. Within that period it was running good, suddenly I faced rough rear absorbers, hesitation while taking off (it is AMT), knocking in the right front wheel and a sharp sound (like a loose spring) on the corners.

The dealer changed the rear shock absorbers and asked me if they could take the car to their main work-shop, which is 220 km away from my home city, to fix it. Also I owe the dealer my mp3 player, which has been burned once I plugged it in the USB hub (that is not mentioned in the car manual). On the other the side, it is a nice compact car and full of options compared with its price and its running costs.

24th May 2006, 04:26

Sorry about your MP3 player, it seems I'm not the only one to fall in the trap of the deadly usb slot. :)

I've now completed 1800 kms and the car is still doing great. although I feel the car drinks more fuel than before, but I think it is mainly because I'm getting more comfortable and aggressive driving the car. still averaging a good 17 km/l.

The A/C is still a little weak though.

24th Jul 2006, 07:46

I recently got a new QQ car. I think the engine gets some what high temperatures. Can anyone here tell me is it normal or not? The scale is at the mid point. Although the car is generally very good.

2nd Sep 2006, 00:54

Hi, I'm in Cairo and I'm interested in buying a new car. Do you recommend the Cherry QQ?!!

How does it drive with the A/C on, and what options does it come with.

Also if you can compare it to the Geely (another Chinese car brand), which is better

Thank you very much :)

5th Sep 2006, 03:13

The Chery QQ is nice economic car, it is fully optioned. It still has power, even with the A/C.

I think it is a suitable car, if you are looking for a small car.

22nd Oct 2006, 02:08

Hi all,

I'm just searching for a new small car to buy, and finally when I saw the Chery QQ 2007 (the small one) which is 1100 CC with full options, it attracted me, although it's Chinese, and a lot of people make me afraid of the Chinese products... So I'm just confused, that after 2 or 3 years, the car will become no more car :)

So if anyone has a Chery QQ 2004, just give me his/her comment, and that will help me to take a final decision about this car...

Thanks in advance.

14th Nov 2006, 12:29

I’m in Cairo too and you know how demanding our roads are!

So considering this new flood of Chinese built vehicles, sorry some assembled in Egypt. No one asked about the durability of these cars, though there was a terrible experience for the same vehicles in the late eighties and early nineties, no matter how cheap they were (are) but building solid cars is the first principal of good industry, could any one believe of the Chinese quality?

Waiting an answer

Thank you

@ gamalsayed2007@yahoo.com

13th Dec 2006, 05:57

Hi all.

What can I do with the USB slot in my Chery QQ car?

I'm a new user and need some help.

I also noticed that the slot has got in/out LEDs... what does that mean?


29th Mar 2007, 23:05

Chinese vehicles are of very questionable quality!

Case in point: I have found great variations of quality with Chinese motorcycle manufacturers. They are inferior to anybody else (Korean, American, Japanese, European).

I like the concept of a true economy car that can be afforded by working class people. This is not yet of a quality that will be sufficient. Most Chinese products start failing a short time after purchase... a bad sign.

Poor assembly with loose parts and parts availability will also be suspect. The Chinese are notorious for poor service after the sale. It is very different from the Japanese (Honda) who structured parts and service into their early forays into the U.S. auto market.

If gasoline were $5-10 U.S. tomorrow what would you drive?

One of the best small cars I can think of for fuel economy was the Geo metro with manual transmission, but try to get one. I am very concerned that products that people really need are not available or priced so high that they cannot be afforded. We need cars similar to Chery QQ (but reliable), and things like cheap solar panels and wind turbines.

There is a need of national investment in all of these. Can you imagine having a mini electric car that ran from your wind turbine or solar panels? One might be better to build your own car using a Japanese motorcycle engine.

28th May 2007, 14:25

I find it difficult to believe a USB slot could "fry" an IPOD, bearing in mind the maximum current a USB device can demand from the host is 100 mA @ 5V - i.e. half a watt, not enough to fry a spider's egg.

29th May 2007, 05:38

Response to: "I find it difficult to believe a USB slot could "fry" an IPOD"

Unless there is something wrong with the electrics of the car or it's inadequately designed. Poor current quality in cars is a well known problem. If you don't have good current stabilizing electronics it's easy to fry an mp3 player.

24th Jun 2007, 18:39

Hi, to the Original poster, I recently purchased a Chery QQ, the ATM model... I'm satisfied, but I wanted to make sure that the USB port DOES fry Ipods and MP3 players. Another question I have, how do you stop the clock and miles covered area from blinking, it keeps blinking in my car.

Thanks :)

26th Aug 2007, 23:26

I'm in Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia. The QQ is about to launch in here soon within this year 2007. I wonder about its quality also. The QQ exterior looks extremely adorable though.

Could anyone who own this car has any problem with the durability and safety, especially with the chassis area, shock absorbers, drive-train, the brakes, etc.?

Thanks in advance.

28th Aug 2007, 01:34

I'm the original poster.

The car has covered until now 18,000 kms in 18 months.

Here is my update:

The car's performance is good in 2nd gear and above.

1st gear is very jittery (I have AMT transmission). Especially when the fuel tank is half full or less.

I took it to the dealer to fix the transmission and it GOT WORSE. Now it stalls and stops in very slow traffic on 1st gear. They told me a new transmission will be installed in the car (new hardware and software) on my 20,000 maintenance. we will see.

The car is durable enough. I live in 6 october in Egypt and drive 70 kms daily. It copes well. I reached 140 km/h in it, but the engine was loud and rpm at 5500.

The interior is cheap, but durable.


At least that is what I feel, my dad drives the car too and had no complaints from the seat.

The A/C is adequate, not bad, not great.

The car goes left when I brake hard. I think I need to realign my wheels.

The boot internal boot release stopped working again, not a big issue, will get it fixed by the dealer.

The rear folding seats are not reliable, after using them a couple of times, they don't lock in place properly.

Do I regret buying this car, no. It was the cheapest auto car at the time and it has no major issues. even the transmission problem I can endure in slow speeds as long as I fill the tank regularly.

Would I buy it again, no.

I saw a car similar to mine crashed in 6th october mehwar road. A college student and his friend crashed in a lamp post at high speed (no one knows how high). The lamp post reached the driver seat. The driver died on the spot and the passenger was in intensive car the last I heard.

This is not a safe car, and in Egypt it has no air bags and this is even worse.

I would probably sell it after the warranty is gone and get me a Charade auto. At least I know it is Japanese and safer.

Buy it as a used car and for in city driving only. (although I did travel 300 kms in it and it was not bad)

In the end, do your research and think before you buy, it is not a bad car at all, but not a car that you would want to keep for life.