27th Jan 2009, 02:46

Salam Mahfoozur Rahman.

Your QQ is still brand new... just wait for 1 or 2 years ahead.. then you will know what is the real disaster of QQ. Yes it's cheap and don't expect it will be a luxury ride but, refer with my experiences, there are more others cheap small cars that similar prices with QQ and the quality control is better. Only time and your car will tell..

14th Mar 2009, 10:50

I have a Speranza 516.. and I drove it 30 000 km.. I went to carry the maintenance service but they gave me an exaggerated price... does anyone know how much it really costs?

9th May 2009, 05:41

Walaikum As Salaam, dear brother from Egypt.

Re: Chery QQ.

I have done 3000 km on my QQ. In spite of the dire predictions, there have been NO disasters yet. In fact, it has given me no occasion to go to the dealer other than less cooling by the air conditioner. I can't really blame it as the temperature is hovering round +38C today in Dhaka! But they fixed it in any case and it is working OK now.

I have met QQ owners here who have done 50,000+ km on their cars with no major fault yet.

I guess, it is also the quality of service by the dealer as much as the manufacturer. My warranty goes for another year on the QQ. So I may rest easy on the maintenance problem.

Do you know what is my next car?

It will be a Tata Nano at US 2,500! I bet no one can beat that! haha!

Thanks and bye for now, until next time!

M. Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

19th Jun 2009, 02:42


I just got my QQ 0.8 MT. I have faced problems with the fuel pump after 300km.



22nd Jul 2009, 16:25

Re: QQ Car.

I have talked with other QQ owners, who have no major complaints even as some of them have driven over plus 50,000KM.

As I said earlier, the quality of the dealer is more important than the manufacturer. Here in Bangladesh, the dealer provides satisfactory service.

In one year of use, I have not been charged a penny yet. Of course, I never needed any major repairs yet. The warranty stands for one more year, 2 yrs here in Bangladesh.

One more thing, most QQs here are converted to CNG and it works fine as I heard from other owners. I have not converted the car to CNG as I feel, there will be lower performance from a fuel that has lower energy content.

I never drive the car over 100 kph even on the highway. In the congested traffic of Dhaka City, one will be lucky to get an average of 20 kph during rush hour!

I agree. One has to be an experienced driver to get the best out of this car, as of any car!

Use this car within its limitations. Expect no more than what you paid for, as it is always a trade off between price paid and services received.

Try 'double clutching' for smooth gear change. Rev up the engine ('gassing the gear') when doing down gear. Even in synchromesh gears, this procedure helps smooth gear change and saves your gear from excessive load and wear and tear. By the way, I hate automatic transmission, as it takes the fun out of driving!

As I use this car for basic travel in the city from point A to point B, I feel it will give me long and good service.

I do not expect performance of a BMW or the durability of a Mercedes, simply because I have not paid for such performance!

Best wishes.

Mahfoozur Rahman



25th Jan 2010, 03:52

I'm the original poster.

My wife gave the car to a relative some time back.

The Ez-drive transmission is now faulty all the time. The dealer is unable to fix it at all and even worse, they confessed that, even if they changed the whole transmission, the car would just develop the same faults again.

Terrible service and crappy transmission on an otherwise acceptable car.

One word of advice, if you intend to buy this car DON'T BUY EZ-DRIVE... DON'T BUY EZ-DRIVE, DON'T BUY EZ-DRIVE.

And if you are from Egypt, Don't buy any cars from CIG...Period.

6th Mar 2010, 01:33

Am using this car (Power Pack; MT, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, EFI, 5 Alloys, Rear Wiper,..) for almost last 4 years now; bought in Apr 2006. Living in Pakistan means temperature ranging between 10C ~ 48C. Finely metaled 4 lane motor ways to dust and stone ridden unpaved road. I have traveled all these, driving my QQ around 48,000KM with out any major problem. A few I faced will share hereunder. Installed with CNG. I have visited the dealer a few times, for regular checkup only.

1. I broke my front door's automatic window channel (when my friend had his arms on window glass and I tried to close the window -- MY Mistake). Replaced it for Rs.4,500.

2. Service personal hit my radiator while changing the oil filter and made a leak. Repaired more than once but still facing the problem (will be resolved if I change the radiator for Rs.10,000) -- Service Personal Mistake.

3. One of the spark plug cable warned out, replaced it for Rs.300/- and all is back to fine.

4. Front tire (driving side) barring started producing humming sound needs replacement for Rs.1,500/-. I used to drive relatively at high speed on bumpy roads and speed breakers -- My mistake again.

5. Can hear a knocking sound somewhere from my rear wheels/ boot. Can't figure out the cause. -- Most probably would be my mistake again.

In short I can't blame the CAR to be BAD. For the price I paid, it is far better then other cars available in this price range.

However a few very commonly discussed issues are "Under Power on A/C": I also have a Toyota Corolla 2007 Model 1300CC, with A/C on it also makes you feel the difference in 1st Gear. Therefore not a big issue with QQ.

If water level is not maintained properly, it heats up. Just make your routine to check water level regularly.

I changed the company installed cassette player with Alpine CD Player and it rocks.

Service Centers: From where I bought my QQ, they are good but are expensive for service. I prefer local electricians and mechanics for maintenance & regular service.

Prior to my QQ, in last 10 years I had verity of rides (used ones) Toyota, Honda, Charade, Daihatsu and Suzuki. All were much more troublesome then QQ. I mean I needed a two full days at least at service centers every month to maintain them running. But since I have got QQ, I rarely visit service only for regular maintenance (oil change, filter change, etc)

So all who have got Cherry QQ, "Cheer UP", your decision to buy this was good. Others, if planning to buy a cheap car, have it.


Khaled Javeed,


28th Jun 2010, 05:21

I'm planning to have one; the Cherry QQ Manual. The comments are good, but I've made up my mind to buy it. I think it's affordable for my budget.

Thanks, Vivian from Philippines.

11th Jul 2010, 16:57

Salaam Khalid. I have decided to buy a QQ, and therefore I need some assistance from an experienced person. I would be thankful if you get some time for me. It will be more feasible if we go for SMS... my contact number is 03124363632.

Saad ullah from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.