2015 Chery Tiggo 2.0 from United Arab Emirates




To begin, I bought a Chery Tiggo model 2015 on November 20, 2014.

At first the only problem was water leakage in the right back door rubber and sun roof, that I addressed during the first 1000km service (dated Dec. 13, 2014). The door water leakage was fixed, however the sunroof leakage was still there.

After 2 months and only 2400km (dated Jan. 21, 2015) my car ended up in the service center. On several occasions the car was idling/no acceleration in drive gear; imagine, we were in the middle of the street and all the cars behind are buzzing, and the transmission warning sign light was on.

Then on January 26, 2015 (after 5 days) my car was released from the service center and after one week (dated: Feb. 2, 2015) I'm experiencing the same problem, no acceleration and the transmission warning sign lights up. Additionally they also said they fixed the sunroof water leakage, however there is a cracking sound every time I close it.

Then on Feb. 3, 2015 again it was sent to the service center. On Feb. 12, 2015 (after 9 days) I received my car and the same day the same problem occurred - no acceleration in drive gear and the transmission warning light went on.

Then on Feb. 14, 2015, it was sent back to the service center and until now has not been released as they cannot locate the problem.

General Comments:

Don't buy this car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 22nd February, 2015

30th Mar 2015, 11:01

Please can you give your contact details, because I am planning to buy a Chery Tiggo: My Number - 0567325672.

22nd Apr 2015, 06:55

Yes, you are absolutely right, don't buy this waste of a vehicle. I also bought this vehicle and I've been facing big problems from the first day to till now, and the dealer is also trying to wash their hands, because they got their money. But I will not leave this. I will go to the consumer court. I believe under Dubai rules nobody can escape from a cheating case.

Any one planning to buy this vehicle, please don't buy. It will destroy you.

12th Oct 2015, 03:58

I wish I'd read these comments earlier. I just bought a Chery Tiggo and it's giving me so many problems.

I bought it in July, but it has been to the dealership twice and this EPC problem has not been solved. I have decided to take it back even though I will lose money, it's OK.

27th May 2016, 19:09

We have been sitting with a similar problem for 7 months now and my Chery Tiggo is still not fixed.

SO MANY sensors have already been replaced in the AUTO gearbox, and every time we get it back it has a problem between 1st and 2nd gear (not switching over, kicking so HARD into the next gear that the transmission malfunction light comes on with this issue where you can't accelerate, etc).

The Chery is a unreliable car and has cost me more frustration than joy. I can't even get the car repaired to try and sell it; that's besides the HUGE shortfall I will have if I do sell it.

Worst of all, the gearbox issue is only one of the many things we have gone through with the Chery. This page is too small for my list of problems we have had to deal in the last 3 years.

28th May 2016, 16:17

The items you and some others have discussed on here are normal wear and tear items with a vehicle. Chery offers a low cost entry point into getting a new, solidly performing car. For that, they should be commended.