8th Nov 2012, 02:54


I am also extremely curious to find out how this all ended, I am very keen on purchasing the Tiggo TXE Auto... Can anybody help me further?


21st Nov 2012, 00:10

Hi, the vehicle is very spacious and nice, but problematic.

I bought one in Jan 2012, and after fighting about gearbox problems, it was sorted five months later.

At the same time the gearbox was fixed, a power steering pump and steering rack had also to be changed at about 5000km.

As I write, the vehicle is in once again today for the fourth power steering pump, so I don't know if it is a mass production problem, or just poor QA. There are so many on the road, but it feels as if we bought a dud.

29th Nov 2012, 19:29

Can I know what is your model? 1.6 or 2.0. And the location of the dealer you bought it from? I'm from Putrajaya, and I'm very keen to buy this Tiggo because of the room, stylish body kit & PRICE promotion.

Please provide me the information. TQ in advance.

11th Jan 2013, 09:34

I've purchased a Tiggo 16TX a year ago. I agree that the car is underpowered in 1st & 2nd gear, but adapting your driving technique easily overcomes this.

I drive her hard, including corrugated roads, and till now the only problem I've had was when the service techie stripped the thread of the sump plug.

As for clicking noise from the tyres, this usually is from small stones getting stuck in the sipes of the tyres. I think that this vehicle is value for its price.

10th Feb 2013, 09:53


I bought a second hand Tiggo 2011 2.0 TXE automatic about 5 weeks ago. Have now done 2000 km with it, a very happy 2000 km I may add! We went for a nice long trip yesterday and averaged about 11 km/l at a constant speed of 120 km/h. Yes, it is a bit under powered, especially when driving through mountainous country, and therefore I would not recommend the 1.6 to anybody! So far I am extremely happy with this vehicle. Great value for money, and yes I will buy again from this manufacturer.

1st Mar 2013, 00:49


Bought a brand new 1.6TX 8 months ago. So far I have had endless problems with the vehicle. Today 01.03.13 I am again stuck, as the vehicle just switched off and won't start again. This is the fourth incident of this kind. I am waiting on road assistance to collect the vehicle. I feel very upset, as I feel not enough is done to assist us the customers. The problems are affecting my work and causing me undue stress, as the dealer does not give a courtesy car when mine is being fixed. How are we protected as consumers? What is Chery SA going to do to fix this problem?

16th Jul 2013, 03:54

Hi All,

I am considering buying the Tiggo 2.0 auto, and would appreciate any advice.


28th Dec 2013, 23:58

Just an update on this post. It is now almost a year and about 10000 km later. Had no mechanical issues with this car. Still love it and my wife is nuts about this vehicle. Engine is much smoother now (run in) and it actually feels like she has more power now, especially on steep hills. Fuel consumption is in the order of 10-11 km/l on the open road at 120-130km/h. Love this vehicle!

21st Dec 2014, 15:30

I bought a Chery Tiggo TXE new 2010, manual. I have done over a hundred thousand km with it now. This is an excellent vehicle, I only have praise for it.

13th Jun 2015, 09:40

We have a Chery Tiggo 2012 model 1.6 TX. We tried to sort out the rear brake light as one was always off. When we wanted to start the car to move it forward, it didn't want to start. The starter turns but doesn't ignite to start. What could be the problem?

6th Jan 2016, 15:18

Hi, I bought 2 new 1.6 TXs in 2013 and I'm very happy with them. A bit under powered, but I adapted to it. One needed a new clutch at 80 000 km and the other a new release bearing on 140 000 km. Good aircon, radio and space. Ride a bit stiff, but otherwise lovely vehicles and cheap to maintain. 1st set of tires lasted 90 000 and 100 000 km respectively. Fuel consumption in Joburg traffic 10 km/l and up to 13.5 at 120 open road cruising with aircon.

Don't be afraid to buy one. I am planning to "upgrade" to the new 2016 model soon.

14th Mar 2016, 11:06

How much does it cost for a new clutch replacement?

Thank you.

30th Mar 2016, 11:35

Has your problem been sorted out, as I am experiencing the same problem? However I tapped the starter with a spanner while the ignition was on and turned, and it started.