31st Jan 2017, 22:42

Hi. Can you list what defects you experienced? I have a whistling sound that won't go away and jerking pull offs in 1st / 2nd gear... waiting to see what else :/

1st Mar 2017, 13:41

Good day.

I have a Chery Tiggo. It is not starting. The dealer has it for three days and cannot diagnose the problem; they say the mechanicals are fine, diagnostics fine, battery fine, and the wiring fine; they can't find the problem... so angry.

15th Mar 2017, 21:19

I'm planning on buying one tomorrow and all these comments just confused me even more; some are good reviews and some are bad. I'm a single mom and do not have money to waste so I'm gonna have to buy a reliable car. I actually love the looks of the car and also it's priced right and I'm also not looking at doing any long distance driving, basically just collecting kids from school, to and from work.

Any advice on whether I should buy or not anyone?

12th Jul 2017, 05:41


I bought a 2012 Chery Tiggo a few months ago. It's second hand and I had sleepless nights from the gear box to petrol gauge being faulty. Now I am trying to find the transmission dip stick. Does anyone have any clue to where I can find this in the vehicle?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


12th Aug 2017, 19:04


I am a mature lady and I bought a 2010 Chery Tiggo 2.0tx, and I've owned it for 7 years and my mileage is over 60,000 km.

I have had very few problems with my car. The only problems I had were the brake light bulbs going twice and a clicking sound with the clutch pedal, but I try and drive my car carefully and release the clutch a bit slower and with caution, and I have had no clutch problems yet... besides the clicking sound. I think you just have to drive the Chery Tiggo with a little more loving care and caution in order not to have too many problems. Of course after driving a Colt Rodeo for 10 years, this car felt cheap and paper-like, but once I got used to it, I can't complain as it was value for money for me. I still love my car.