20th Mar 2010, 22:42

The Toyota Yaris is not affected by any recalls. It's a proven platform that's reliable and very fuel efficient. The same can't be said for the Chevrolet Aveo (Daewoo Kalos). Good luck with the Aveo.

21st Mar 2010, 11:52

I wrote this review and I understand it wasn't affected, but this whole mix-up really shook my satisfaction in Toyota as a brand. The Yaris was a good little car, but Toyota quality issues aside, I am very happy that switched to a GM vehicle. I know it isn't a small purchase, but this car gave some faith in the American auto makers once again.

21st Mar 2010, 11:57

I wrote the review and definitely will keep you up to date on the cars performance. One of my friends also has an Aveo, but it is a 2009 model and she recently had to get a new transmission. She has the sedan also, but she also has the manual transmission. There are about 9,576 miles on her car and she is about to find out what the issue was. I will keep you updated.

21st Mar 2010, 17:07

The above commentor is correct. The Toyota Yaris has not had any recalls and has no reported accounts of the unintended acceleration issues of other Toyota models. I feel very sorry for you, as the Chevrolet Aveo is well known for breaking timing belts, a serious problem that can destroy the entire engine. Have fun with that.

21st Mar 2010, 19:33

There is nothing "disguised" about these Chevrolet's, these new cars were researched and developed by GM (GM took over Daewoo nearly 10 years ago to form GMDaewoo)

GMDaewoo has had US Chevrolet input in the R&D section since at least 2004 so please get your facts straight.

The new Aveo is a Chevrolet.

22nd Mar 2010, 16:19

Although the facts about the Yaris are probably true, I don't care. I am very glad I switched even if I was given false information. I truly think the Aveo is a better car.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:59

Continue your updates. I'm interested to see how long this will last before the timing belt snaps like all the other Aveo's on this site. Maybe yours will make it to the recommended change interval.

24th Mar 2010, 07:10

It's weird to hear all those comments about the Aveo. This car has more or less no US input whatsoever. It's not built or designed in the US. It's built in Korea by Daewoo and it's designed in Korea, and some parts are designed in Germany by Opel, a GM subsidiary. The only "American" thing about this car is the Chevrolet badge.

In other markets it's sold as the Daewoo Kalos or the Opel Corsa. I'm just mentioning this since many commenters seem to make a huge point whether the car they drive is "American" or foreign.

24th Mar 2010, 14:37

"The only "American" thing about this car is the Chevrolet badge."

And that was probably made in China.

24th Mar 2010, 18:43

The Chevrolet Aveo/Daewoo Kalos is never sold as an Opel in any market.

25th Mar 2010, 06:10

24th Mar 2010, 07:10.

OK if were to carry that logic forward.. Fords assembled in Mexico are not Fords, but Mexican cars, BMW's assembled in South Africa are not BMW's, but are South African cars.

GMDaewoo is owned by GM and they can manufacture cars where they like and label them how they see fit. It's no different to what other manufacturers are doing..

26th Mar 2010, 03:29

You are forgetting that GM (and other manufacturers) is making a point of it, marketing Chevy as a 'true' American brand.

My comment was related to this. If you enter a GM dealer, it's not necessarily so that you are supporting the US worker or the communities that relies on car manufacturing, neither the blue collar workers making the cars or the engineers designing the cars. If you want to buy a 'true' compact American car, buy the Cobalt. Built and designed in the US. Besides, it's a better car and more car for your money.

26th Mar 2010, 06:06

Chevrolet is a true American brand, and all profits from the Aveo will be going directly to GM USA.

GMDaewoo is one of GM's most profitable divisions, and is helping to keep GM afloat.

6th Apr 2010, 02:07

So supporting the GM fat cats is suddenly good? The US worker does not matter? So it does not matter whether the car equipped with the Chevrolet badge is produced locally or in a foreign country? It does not matter that GM is fooling the US consumer with it's 'all american' image? The Aveo is not even a very good buy. The start price is quite low, but that's without any equipment. After you have gone through the options list, just adding the essentials, this is a $16-17,000 car, which is way too much money for this little clatter box.

6th Apr 2010, 15:47

Well that's your own opinion, but it seems the US public doesn't agree with you, as the Aveo year-on-year sales figures serve to testify.

All global companies manufacture globally, but use local brand image to sell upon, it's nothing new - its been going on for decades with all types of manufacturers.

9th Apr 2010, 03:19

The Aveo is not a huge sales success for Chevrolet in North America. Chevrolet has never been interested in small cars. That's why it always outsourced them to other companies like Suzuki, and now Daewoo. Aveo did fairly well in its first couple of years, but then consumers found out about the poor quality issues, and mediocre fuel economy. Also, other companies began to sell subcompacts again, which all represented better value than the Aveo. The previous commenter who said a few options jacked up the price way too high is right. It doesn't really represent good value unless you buy the bare bones model with absolutely no options, although other manufacturers offer more proven stripped down models of their subcompacts.

27th Apr 2010, 08:27

Even if you stick with the Chevrolet brand, you can get the Cobalt for just a couple of thousand more with comparable kit levels. And that's just incredible much more car for your money. The Cobalt even looks quite cool, while the Aveo looks like something your granny would drive around in. The Aveo is only a half decent choice if you go for the bare bone version of this car. People kitting these up to be $17' cars really don't know what they are doing.

27th Apr 2010, 19:35

How about both the Aveo and the Cobalt are both pretty poorly built vehicles? The Aveo just loves to eat timing belts, and Cobalts are notorious for serious front-end issues (not to mention a recall for faulty powersteering).

29th Apr 2010, 01:26

I never said that the Cobalt is built like a tank, but compared to the Aveo this is like driving around in a Mercedes for a couple of thousand more $. That's got to be a much better deal.

29th Apr 2010, 12:42

I am the writer of this review and I actually was leaning towards the Cobalt until I drove the Aveo. It was actually just as responsive as the Cobalt and I even saved some money. I still think I picked the better car.

30th Apr 2010, 01:26

To the reviewer: At close to $18,000 you paid about $1000 less than my wife paid for her Cobalt, and about $2000 less than what I paid last year for a 6 month old completely loaded Impala run as a dealer demo.

Who do you think did the better deal?