12th Jan 2011, 17:03

I test drove an Aveo out of curiosity and was really pretty impressed. The ride and power were very adequate. I have 2 friends who have gone over 100,000 miles with theirs. It IS very important to perform the recommended maintenance. The new Aveo is going to be built by GM here in the states, and will be called the Sonic. As a domestically built car, it will no doubt be much better built and more reliable. Now that it will be an American made car, I might even consider one.

24th Jan 2011, 16:05

I've seen pictures of the new Sonic, and I must admit that it really looks good. It's a huge cosmetic improvement over the Aveo. Hopefully, its reliability will accompany its cosmetic improvement. It's nice to finally see a sub - compact being built in the U.S. by a domestic manufacturer. When was the last time that actually happened?

30th Jan 2011, 19:13

I thought the 2009 and later Aveo had a timing chain instead of the belt, partly due to VV-ti. Even though the new Sonic will be built here in the US, it will still have GM DAT, soon to be GM Korea influence.

13th Feb 2011, 20:10

I can't believe you paid 17k for your Aveo.

And the unintended acceleration of the Toyotas was recently ruled "Pedal misapplication" by the high priced NHSTA.

I don't know about the reliability of the Aveo. I would guess it would be as good as any car. However, compared to other cars I have driven, small cars I might add, it is terrible. I can't see why after comparing it to other 17k cars, a person would purchase one at any price compared to all the other cars in that price range and class, and even used cars.

19th Feb 2011, 19:17

I agree that 17K is far too much for an Aveo. They might make sense as a bare bones cheap car, but not for that much. Reliability has never been as good as other cars in its class. The Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, Honda Fit, and Nissan Versa are all far better choices for 17K.

20th Feb 2011, 18:26

You did get hosed on the deal, especially since the Aveo is going to give way to the Sonic, which means big discounts on whatever Aveos would be on the dealers lots. Resale value will plummet due to this car being discontinued as well. Good luck if you keep this car a while with the costs to repair/replace all the electrical options. As for the Echo, it was a good car, because it was nice and basic, with power accessories as options, not standard.

1st Mar 2011, 16:00

Can't imagine why the previous poster suggested a Hyundai Accent as an alternative?! That's hilarious.

If we actually use some common sense we would await the Chevrolet Sonic as a successor/viable alternative.

3rd Mar 2011, 20:08

Many people with common sense choose the current Accent over the current Aveo. It's a much better car. I'm unsure why that's laughable. Also, the Sonic shows promise, but I've seen pictures and video of the new Accent. I'm sure it will be just as good, or better than the Sonic. Hyundai has shown it can make very good cars.

4th Mar 2011, 14:33

Well I would rather go for a Sonic than an Accent any day of the week! GM has a much longer history and understanding of building cars than Hyundai and Kia.

I always look at Hyundai Accent and Kia Spectra's as being at the bottom of the heap. You might be a Hyundai enthusiast, err OK whatever, but if people wanna buy a car with some kind of badge kudos, Hyundai and Kia would not be on the list!!

Hyundai and Kia - perfect for pensioners and the fashion unconscious!

5th Mar 2011, 12:48

As someone who hates the AVEO, GM has actually impressed me with the massive improvements on the Sonic inside and out, job well done...

5th Mar 2011, 14:17

"GM has a much longer history and understanding of building cars than Hyundai and Kia."

I guess that's why they went bankrupt. Meanwhile, Hyundai and Kia have continued on a steady course of profitability and market share gain. Also, I'm not really a Hyundai enthusiast. I drive a Toyota.

But Hyundai would be farther at the top of my list than GM if I had to replace my Toyota. And if the Chevrolet badge is so great, why didn't Chevy produce its own small car instead of placing it over a Daewoo for seven years. GM has NEVER excelled at making small cars.

5th Mar 2011, 15:26

"Hyundai and Kia - perfect for pensioners and the fashion unconscious!"

Good thing the public doesn't know that. Hyundai sales are increasing faster than any other car maker. I went shopping last weekend with a friend for a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. The two local dealerships had ZERO, because they are selling so fast they are sold before they are unloaded from the trucks. Reviewers regard the Sonata and Elantra as some of the best styled, most fashionable cars made. The average buyer is young and adventurous. I was also shocked at the current PRICES of Hyundais. My friend is opting for a Ford Fiesta, because it is actually CHEAPER than both the Elantra and bottom line Hyundai Accent. I think the commenter must have fallen into a time warp, and gotten stuck in the 80's!!

6th Mar 2011, 10:24

5th Mar 2011, 14:17.

GM did not actually go bankrupt, and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kia go bankrupt in 1997?!

I can assure you that here in the UK, there is no rush to the Hyundai and Kia showrooms. There are no young people driving Hyundai and Kia over here - they don't have the brand equity to gain the younger image conscious section of the market.

This leaves Hyundai and Kia appealing to the budget purchasers and pensioners. And this is a contributing reason that such cars lose approx 50% of their value in the first 12-18 months!

6th Mar 2011, 10:33

That's a bit of a no brainer then really. Go for a car that costs slightly less, made by a manufacturer with better brand equity, and likely to hold its value better than any Hyundai or Kia!!

Who are Hyundai and Kia trying to kid by attempting to raise their prices??! Both manufacturers are placed firmly in the budget section of manufacturers.

6th Mar 2011, 16:45

"Hyundai and Kia - perfect for pensioners and the fashion unconscious!"

I don't believe Kia is on par with Hyundai yet. But I think they will get there. In the meantime, perhaps all car buyers should think about this. GM and Daewoo -- perfect for the person who wants to buy a car produced by TWO companies that went bankrupt!"

7th Mar 2011, 13:05

GMDaewoo had domestic and export sales of 1,842,374 units in 2010, which was up 19.9 percent year on year.

I drive a new BMW, but would rather have a Chevrolet than a Hyundai or Kia... sorry!! But maybe in 20-30 years time, if I fall on hard times, I'll take another look at them!!

7th Mar 2011, 13:26

"GM did not actually go bankrupt, and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kia go bankrupt in 1997?!"

GM did in fact go bankrupt in North America. Without government help, and a taxpayer bailout that infuriated many people, they would not exist.

I don't believe Kia ever went bankrupt in North America. Daewoo did in 2002. GM then bought Daewoo and gave us the Kalos (Aveo) and some other re-badges, and went bankrupt themselves.