21st Jun 2004, 12:05

I had just gotten off the phone with the mechanic and was unsure of what he was telling me, so I went on-line with the problem he described and almost fell out of my chair. I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer, and we have had every single problem listed in this website (except transmission - and am keeping my fingers crossed on that one) We purchased this vehicle used, but almost new (1600 miles) it currently has 73,000 miles on it, we still owe way too much to trade it in at this point. It is currently in the shop and the left front wheel bearing is melted - the mechanic can't believe the wheel had not come off- I drive 60 miles to and from work at 70+mph - on the interstate - I am thanking God at this point and cursing Chevy!

We have had the seat recliner snap off, for no apparent reason. Went to put the seat back and it came off in my hand.

Driver's window stopped going down a year ago, we replaced the motor.

Fuel sensor went out, I never realized what was going on until I ran out of gas on the highway. I would get in tank would register 1/2 tank, gage would go to full then empty then half during the course of driving it, with teenage drivers in the house, I would put gas in it and they gladly helped run it out and not say anything, this was one time I thought I had plenty of gas, and was wrong! After having to be towed to the nearest gas station... I never get into it without stopping at the gas station before I go anywhere.

Rear Wiper washer has never worked. Paint on the luggage rack is peeling / flaking off.

There was a Chevy recall on the vehicle for brake lights. I didn't even realize until I was almost rear ended and had people screaming at me that I had no brake lights!

We like the small SUV feeling, but at this point I think after getting this fixed I am going to park it in the driveway and drive my Chrysler! I didn't find the same horror stories on it as I have with the Chevy. Very sad, I guess when Chevy said like a rock they meant around your neck.

26th Jun 2004, 18:05

I purchased an 2000 Blazer LE, 2 months ago, had 46,000 miles on it and I love it, I have 1 problem so far and that's the security alarm goes off (lights flash and horn blows) whenever and where ever it chooses. I have had it at the garage twice and they can`t figure it out, neither can I...I have an extended warranty on it... Can anyone give me any suggestions what it might be... I am so upset over this.

12th Aug 2004, 12:24

I have owned two Blazers; a 1996 and a 1999 which I still own. Both bought new. The 1996 had a bunch of issues, all recalls except the front brakes wearing out after every 10,000 miles. The 1999 was bought new. Having bought GM products for over twenty years, I have found my 1999 Blazer is not any different than any of the near dozen Chevys and Oldsmobiles I have owned. Blazers need to be maintained. Ball joints and other front end issues usually won't happen if they are properly maintained. GM is notorious for noisy creaky interiors. You have to expect that with so much plastic and a truck suspension. The door issues will not occur if you grease the hinges regularly. I love Blazers, my brother bought my 1996 LS 4x4 and now has 90,000 miles on it with no problems. My father owns a 1999 GMC Jimmy which is the same as the Blazer, and he has had no remarkable issues over five years of ownership. Yes they leak fluids; cooler lines, steering pumps, and maybe even intake gaskets. As with anything man-made, they aren't perfect. The Blazer is a relatively inexpensive and not too state of the art truck. It is what it is. If it is properly maintained by competent mechanics and driven by conscientious drivers, it will serve you well.

25th Aug 2004, 06:43

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer that needs the front hub replaced too. But, I have also had alarm-going-off-for-no-reason problems. I found that it had something to do with the steering wheel position. Try moving it up or down and see if you can find a position that gives you less lemon, I mean trouble. Good Luck.

7th Sep 2004, 03:59

I have a 2000 Blazer. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. The dealership told me this car was in top conditon when I purchased this lemon. I am so afraid to drive it because I can't afford to fix it if something else were to go wrong.

Thanks to Eastwood in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I'm out a &$^# load of money.

23rd Sep 2004, 12:37

I bought a 2000Chevy Blazer last year and absolutely love it... one problem though, on occasion it will not start right away. It sounds like its going to start and after trying for about ten minutes it finally does... this happens whenever, once a month, two days in a row, three weeks later, whenever... Anyone have any ideas what it might be, or had the same problem??

24th Sep 2004, 08:25

I purchased a 2000 Blazer LT off lease in 5/2002 with 29,000 miles. It is a great car when I am not having it repaired.

Most of the familiar problems, without satisfaction from the dealer.

* at 43K miles - left front hub and wheel bearings.

* at 54K miles - right side front hub and wheel bearings.

(ball joints were said to be fine, but the Idler arms were starting to wear).

* at 68K miles - oil cooler lines leaking

* since 5/2002 - drivers side door hinges - door sags some.

* since 9/2003 - paint on the luggage rack peeling.

* In 10/2003 the rear wiper stopped in the middle of a stroke and did not work for the rest of the ride home. I moved it down manually with someone turning it on and off. The next rainstorm, it worked again and has been fine since.

* Occasional security system problem with intermittent starting problems. The "reset" instructions in the owners manual seem to work when this happens, but the 5 to 10 minute wait to restart is usually time I don't have.

Have to say, at 68K miles I am just about to replace the original Uniroyal Laredo tires, and the brakes are in good shape. However, I don't think I will buy a GM for the next car, despite a GM supplier discount program through my employer. While no car is perfect and they all have their quirks, at least the Ford dealer has worked with me (on both a Ranger and a Windstar) after their warranty expirations on problems that were obviously not of my doing. The GM rep in the service dept. at the dealer just laughed when the first hub/bearing went and I suggested it was a little early for this to happen.


21st Oct 2004, 08:14

I am an owner of a 2000 chevy blazer that I purchased when it had approximately 25,000 miles.

At 35,000 I replaced the right hub assembly - $200

At 70,000 I had to rebuild the transmission $1,700

Now at over 100,000 miles I am hearing noise in the front end. My gas gauge does not register correctly and my drivers side door is not closing properly. I'm sure that the problems are consistent with the other comments on this website. My "service 4WD" light just came on so I am taking it to a station today to see what that means. He has already told me that my rotors are rusty and need replaced. I have replaced my brakes.

I know I have put money into this vehicle, but it really is starting to nickle and dime me and I am considering just taking my lumps and trading it in. I wish I had read the notes in this website before I purchased the vehicle.

K - Delaware.