5th Apr 2007, 19:02


I think your blazer was built mid week. Your lucky.I owned 2 and both were total crap. I thought on the second one that maybe the reliability would improve. Man I was wrong on that one.

6th Apr 2007, 02:02

I own a 99 blazer and have about 80K on it. I have an oil leak around the remote oil filter hose. I suspect it is coming from where it bolts up to the block. My experience has been good, the truck has not given me a lot of problems, just the normal stuff. I flushed the cooling system and keep up on the maintenance as best as I can.

It recently, yesterday as a matter of fact, started to run hot. When I say hot, I mean about 240 or so. But, it only does this while I am at a stop sign. Once I start moving again it cools right off. It is so bad, that I can see the temp gauge needle going up if I watch it. It is not a gradual thing, but shoots up quickly.

I am not losing any coolant, at least there is none on the ground, and I don't see any leaks. When I flushed the system, I changed the thermostat, so I don't think that is it either.

I am wondering if my water pump may be going out. My experience with older cars is that if the water pump does go out, it usually spits water out of it somewhere. If it is a heater core, that usually leaks as well, right. What else should I be looking for? Clogged radiator? The overflow reservoir is not running over, so I don't think that is it either. Help me. If you have any suggestions, please email me at redrocker652002@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

22nd May 2007, 11:35

I have a 1999 Blazer bought as a lease return in 2002. We have put 70,000 miles on it in 5 years, and it has run like a trooper with absolutely minimal repairs. Most of our mileage is highway, so we're probably easier on the car than continual city driving. it now has 118K miles on it.

I've replaced the LF bearing and Hub (@$150 and two hours' work), and the muffler, alternator ($50 and only 15 minutes for me to replace it - just three bolts, a nice design), and the serpentine belt and tensioner. We have made sure to have the transmission power-flushed every 30K miles and so far it's running nicely. We haven't even had to replace spark plugs or brakes. We do have a pinhole leak in the heater core, but it's not bad enough to warranty the dash removal that's required to replace it.

We're ready for ball joints, and I'll probably do those myself to keep the repair bill down to about $200 for parts. Not a fun job, but once every 100K miles it's reasonable.

We did have a number of problems with a '97 Blazer our daughter had, but this vehicle has been much more solid and dependable.

6th Jul 2007, 17:46

I have a 2000 4x4 Blazer with 115000 km (77000 miles) on it and it has been a total money pit. I do not drive it hard and I have never done any off-roading. Ball joints replaced twice on both sides. FR wheel bearing replaced. Heater core flushed 3 times due to dexcool clogging. It now has a small leak in it, but won't replace heater core until it blows out. Brake pads and rotors twice all the way around. Idler arm replaced. Rear wiper motor doesn't work anymore, I'll live with it. Driver's side rear view side mirror has moisture behind it and I can't see anything in it. I'll live with it. Oil cooling lines are leaking, but will live with it as it's a $1100 repair. Service dept says CV joints, seals and boots are going and the repair costs are estimated to be over 3 grand. I don't think so. Differential was leaking, seal replaced. I've never liked the jerkiness of the transmission when going from first to second and most Blazer drives I know don't either. Bad design. I am looking to trade this thing in ASAP in early 2008 and I won't be going with Chevy ever again. Sadly it's been a bad experience for me.

24th Jul 2007, 10:11

I've got a 1999 Blazer and I've had to replace two rt. front wheel bearings and three left front wheel bearings. I am not being nasty in any way when I ask why Chevy would continue to buy these bearings from China when just about everybody has had a problem with them. This is meant to be a constructive critique. Also, my mechanic says that almost every Blazer he's ever seen has had a problem with the back hatch and fuse problems with other locks. I've seen nearly 100 entries on the web about these problems, Blazer buyers and owners should be aware. Anyone have any solutions? Thanks.

4th Aug 2007, 18:00

I have a 1999 Blazer 4x4 and I must say it has been a piece of crap since I got it... new engine at 28,000 miles, 3 times replaced wheel bearings, alternator, water pump, heater core, CV joints...4 wheel drive hasn't worked for 3 years.. The "Service Engine" light has been on since the engine was replaced. Dealer says that the computer is reading a "Generic Misfire Code" but that there is nothing wrong with it... I used to love Chevy, but not anymore... it costs me about $2000+ per year to keep this hunk of crap on the road... time for a foreign car!!!

10th Aug 2007, 21:54

When replacing front bearings (hubs) DO NOT Overtighten.

Just enough to eliminate loose keeping axle from sliding in hub.

19th Aug 2007, 22:07

Same stuff with the 99 Chevy blazer 4wd s10, need advice on how to replace the water pump, fairly new at mechanics, but too broke to have work done to it. PLEASE email me at faeriemutt@yahoo.com. also having problems starting...

12th Oct 2007, 07:44

Anyone who thinks a 99 Chevy Blazer 4X4 LS is something to own should think twice if not three times.

So far I have done the following:

Transmission @ 65,000 miles (tranny starting to go again at 132,000 miles).

New gas tank, pump and sending unit.

Both CV joints.

Passenger reclining handle broke a second time and I haven't fixed it.

Dashboard lights up like a christmas tree randomly (battery light, ABS, security, low fuel, gas gauges drops to empty and temp gauge goes to cold).

ABS light turned on at 123,000 miles.

When the dashboard acts up, it drains the battery in 24 hours. I'm sure I missed something, but you get the point.

I will never own another GM product again.

3rd Nov 2007, 10:10

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer... bought it used from a Chevy dealership here in central Indiana... I haven't had a lot of major problems with it... loved it...drove the heck out of it...well, not until recently...we've had the Blazer since 2002...in the last year, I have had work done on the transmission (four-wheel drive was stuck and replaced the sending unit) which caused the service engine light to come on... the car was running in real low gear before I took it in... so far, knock on wood, that's been the only major item that has gone wrong... but I have also had a few other things like a gas gage that has quit working correctly... it works okay when the tank is full, but it never shows anything after a half-tank of gas... we have to keep a close eye on it to make sure that we're still fueled up... i finally went to a different Chevy dealership near my home and asked how much it would cost to fix the problem... i was told $800 to $900..no way...I'll live with the problem...lol...and I also have a oil leak... I took the Blazer to my local neighborhood mechanic... and he replaced one of the oil coolant hoses... cost me about $220...he almost replaced the other one, but he said it looked to be okay... i have had it back home now for a few weeks... and its still leaking oil... from somewhere...may have to take it back... to find out what is going on...