21st Jul 2008, 00:39

I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer. I bought this truck 4 years ago. I have had to replace 3 fuel pumps, water pump, brake cylinder, radiator, and the stupid p1870 code keeps on showing. I have done everything; don't know what that is.

This truck has had its bad days; passenger side mirror broke, both handles for the seats broke.

It sounded like a sweet deal when I bought it though.

18th Aug 2008, 05:58

I have a 1999 Chevy Trailblazer, and had the same small issues as the previous posts. All issues were repaired by myself. The heater core will go bad because of the Dex cool antifreeze. There is a settlement out right now for this issue http://www.dexcoolsettlement.com/.

The buzzing noise is probably a wheel bearing on the left or right front. $100 per side for the whole assembly (includes ABS sensor) to repair it yourself. Very easy to replace. I have had no major problems with my Chevy Blazer, and I'm coming up to 10 years old on this vehicle. I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

21st Aug 2008, 22:42

1999 Chevy Blazer LT - just climbed out from under it replacing fuel pump. Had to do the same on my 1996 Blazer. About a year ago I had to have the gasket on the intake manifold replaced. Again, something I had done on my 1996. Passenger side handles broke, rear windshield wiper motor went out. You'd think GM would pick up on these engineering flaws... time for a Toyota.

27th Oct 2008, 08:07

I also have a 99 Blazer. Um ya... I have replaced the water pump, fuel pump, front hubs, mass air flow sensor, alternator, muffler, spark plugs, idler pully and belts, rotors and brakes.

I know some of this stuff is basic maintenance, but it all happened about the same time!

I have only owned this truck for less than 3 years, and it has been a major money pit.

As of now truck needs front pass seat handle (broken), rear wiper motor and pump, shocks and I'm thinking the ball joints are on their way out.

Sunroof will not open!!!

I love my truck, but damn, enough is enough. I will fix the rest of the problems and dump this lemon.

Everyone I know and have talked to you who has Blazers say the same things, and have the same problems. Nice engineering GM!!!

18th Nov 2008, 11:29

I have a 99 blazer. I guess I have what you could call a love hate relationship with it. I have had the same problems as most others have had. However I am now at a point where I am going to tackle some of the repairs myself. I have never done any work except changing the brakes and rotors. I am going to change the front hub assemblies in the next couple of weeks. Could someone please tell me what the correct torque is. I've heard anywhere from 77bs to 175lbs. Also if you have any good tips on doing this job I'm all ears. My email is cvpratt2@yahoo.com.

Thanks Carl.

19th Nov 2008, 20:00

Hi there... I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and after reading the other comments I have this to say. My truck has 46K original miles on it... Yes I did say original miles. My wife and I purchased it new from our Chevy dealer, in fact it was the one right out of the showroom. It is the biggest P.O.S. I have ever seen. It has just about all of the problems that everyone has listed here. Broken seat levers, idler and pittman arms, bearings, driver side door hinges, rear brake calipers and drums (both sides), oil and trans leaks, and now a bad MAF sensor.

THE TRUCK HAS 46K MILES on it. If this is not the biggest, baddest, crappiest Chevy I don't know what is. I told the dealer about the problems and he said so what, the truck is 8 yrs old and stuff breaks even if you do not use it. In other words it's out of warranty, if you want it fixed pay for it. Oh he did say I could always contact Chevy about the problems. Please do yourself a favor if you are thinking of getting a Chevy... run... far far away. If you already own one of these... my condolences to you. Like a rock huh... more like a boat anchor!

8th Jan 2009, 22:09

I have had two of these vehicles, a 1994 Blazer that I sold with 175,000 miles, and the one I currently own, a 1998 Jimmy SLT with 140,000 miles.

The 1994 was one of the best vehicles I ever owned, needing very little other than ball joints and an alternator.

The 1998 Jimmy has needed more work, and have the typical issues with the gas gauge going out and ABS (front) sensor going bad. I live with both issues and idiot lights, filling the tank every 200 miles.

It has had lots done, I recently had the rear main seal replaced and had the intake gasket replaced - when I did that I flushed the dexcool and replaced with green antifreeze. Even though the some of the issues were stressing, it has been cheaper to own than buying a new car. The body and interior still look near new - no rust and the leather seats have held up quite well. I love having the 4X4 in the Michigan winter - especially this year. It is only worth around $3500, so I will drive it into the ground.

21st Jan 2009, 10:50

1999 Blazer--99,000 miles. Owned it for a year and a half now (bought it with 86,000 miles on it). The only major problem I've had is the water pump going out. Expensive, yes, but that's what water pumps do in any vehicle--they go out.

Other than that, it's a dream.

Most mechanical problems that I'm reading about here are probably caused by the way it's driven. It's an SUV, true, but it's not a demolition car. You have to take care of it, like any vehicle, and get regular maintenance. And have it tuned up to your climate.

24th Jan 2009, 23:19

I was going to buy a 99' Blazer in two days, it is in beautiful shape, I thought I was getting a good deal at $4,000 with 122,000 miles, but after hearing all the negative comments, I will stick with Toyota or Honda.

That's too bad that these Blazers are having so many problems, I've had four Honda Accords and never had to do anything to them but change the oil and brakes. I think I will stay with them, I don't want to buy a vehicle and start having to put thousands into it.

Thanks for the help guys.

Art, San Francisco California.

2nd Feb 2009, 17:44

I have owned 2 Blazers, both a 2000, unfortunately I totaled the 1st one.. the gas gauge is a common problem, I had it happen on both of mine, and it is the resistor that goes bad (a $40 part), not the $400 to $800 dollar part that the mechanics try to sell you.

8th Feb 2009, 17:04

I don't care what you drive, it will cost you some money after a while. I have a 1999 Blazer and I am working on it, but at 175.000 miles, what can you expect?

Thanks for reading this, God bless the USA.