7th Nov 2007, 11:31

I bought my 99 blazer in 2001. I had the engine replaced 2 months later, 2 alternaters, 2 batteries, Brakes replaced more than I know, Idler arm has been replaced twice in 2yrs, both seat reclining handles broke off, check engine light has been on pretty much since I bought it (might need a new computer), lights on the radio don't work, my directional sounds like it's on constantly (it's not), just replaced the wheel bearings, needs new ball joints, drivers side window doesn't work, when applying the brakes it feels like the ABS is kicking in (it pulses as if on ice). I'm probably forgetting some. I'll NEVER buy another Blazer!!

23rd Dec 2007, 11:56

I just purchased a 1999 Chevy Blazer LS and I am not that satisfied. I bought it from a used car dealership "AS IS" so I am basically stuck... I took it to my mechanic to get the "Used car Overhaul Check" done and apparently... there is a loud rushing sound of water swirling around in my dash board and I can't figure out what it could be. My mechanic said that it is probably the Heater Coil and also that my A/C doesn't blow cold anymore... it did the day I bought it *weird huh*? Also, the muffler is really loud like I am riding a motorcycle, and the steering is awfully tight almost need three hands to turn it! My driver and passenger seats reclining lever is broken off, so I am stuck in a lean back position (have to use a pillow to prop me up) and yes I am a woman... If I was a guy, I probably would think these are small problems. Also, I was able to get my door panel tightened on the driver side. It was loose when I purchased the car. The miles are pretty high, but to my surprise everything under the hood, engine and transmission wise is in pretty good condition. I just wonder why it takes so much to get up to speed when I accelerate! I have senior citizens passing me on the highway!! I hate that! Maybe because it is a V6 but Geez!! Dodge Neon's Pass me too! I guess that is what happens when you have to buy a vehicle by any means necessary...

30th Jan 2008, 09:22

I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer and have fixed the ball joints on the right side. Now the left side is bad.

I went to get a inspection sticker (not knowing the ball joint was bad) and the truck failed because of the ball joint. I swear if it's not the ball joints in this truck, then it's the door breaking to where I couldn't shut the door, to other problems I have with it.

I will never buy another Chevy Blazer.

31st Jan 2008, 09:07

I would rather buy a dodge ram or ford then a chevy blazer.

18th Feb 2008, 12:17

Hello all and thank you very much for your comments and helping me to decide not to buy this car as a used 2nd vehicle. I did not realize Chevy was making cars like this since I have had older Chevy cars in the past, But good thing we have post like these to hopefully bring these issues to the makers to wake up and get on the ball.

1st Mar 2008, 09:07

Sorry that your battery went out, or that your alternator died, or that your brakes needed to be replaced, but c'mon - these parts will need to be replaced on *any* car after a certain period of time.

Oh, and sorry that you got ripped off on repair costs, too, but so what? You want it done cheaper, get a wrench, a car manual, and do it yourself!

I've had a 2001 Blazer for several years now, and no, it hasn't been a perfect vehicle, and yes, I've had to replace many of the same components as other posters, but I've done it all myself, and it's no big deal.

Maybe if my Blazer hadn't been completely abused by the previous owner I would be happier with it now, but really, I don't care. Cars get old, things break, life goes on.

The Blazer is still one of the best-looking and affordable mid-size SUV's on the market, and I totally love mine (except when I'm underneath it and it's dripping fluid on my head, haha)!

17th Mar 2008, 16:35

I got a 1999 Blazer LS 4X4 and it's at 71k.

I had to replace the battery at 68000, heater core and 69000, A/C compressor at 60000, right front hub bearing at 69000, radiator at 67000, and driver side hinge at 70000.

This car has been great over the year and I love it. All my gauges work perfect and the only other thing I get recently is the ABS light always coming on and staying on, which isn't a big deal.

I love the Blazer and I plan on keeping it for a while longer!

23rd May 2008, 18:32

We bought a 2000 Trailblazer last year, with 120,000 km on it. The former owner looked after it well. We ran a Car-fax report before we bought it for $13. as well as took it to an independent mechanic to have it checked out in detail, $125.

We bought the unit with some confidence that there was nothing seriously wrong with it. We bought it as a second family vehicle. This week we put $800. into the unit for a new idler arm; replaced the oil cooler lines as they began leaking ($300.) and we were advised once they begin to leak they could let go at anytime, a problem indigenous to this model, as well as other more cosmetic problems, oil change and tune-up. I agree with the gentleman who stated you have to be prepared when you buy an older vehicle, to pay for repairs and pay when the problems first surface, not allow them to worsen. If you don't repair them, timely, then be prepared to "pay me later." We love the unit, and have taken it on holidays as well as use it for utility needs around the house. I could tell you just as many nightmarish stories about Fords or Dodges or foreign units I have had in the past. I'd buy another Chevy again. Oh, by the way, my other car is a tricked out 2003 Black Chevy Impala with the 3800cc and all the goodies. We've had it since new in December of 2002 and we love it, too, with no problems since off warranty.

14th Jul 2008, 13:13

I just bought a 99 blazer LS 2wd used, AS-IS from a small dealer. Had her about 2 weeks. She has 132k miles on her but was clean and runs great! I have always owned Chevy (with the exception of a Jeep Wagoneer when I was a teen).

This morning the AC started blowing a choking fog into the cabin. I took her right over to the repair shop, he didn't even look under the hood, just smelled the inside and said "heater core". Now reading thru these posts I see that is a pretty common occurrence on these trucks. But the guy who sold me the truck is a straight-up guy, one call to him from the repair guy and he is going to pay for it, even tho I bought it AS-IS.

I haven't had her long, but I LOVE her! I still believe Chevy makes a great car. I'll take a Chevy over my husband's money-pit Plymouth Neon ANY day! All used cars come with issues, it's something we have to live with, and eventually ALL cars need repairs, it's a fact of life. If vehicles were indestructible there would be no jobs for repair guys, and let's face it, they have families to feed as well! But this experience has completely changed my perception of used-car dealers, there actually ARE some good ones out there, and if anyone is in the south MS area and needs a used car, email me and I'll tell you who to talk to!


By the way, for the person who asked about the buzzing noise while driving, check your tires! Mine made the same noise when I first test drove it, took it to MY mechanic out of curiosity and he told me it was just the tires, they are some sort of NEW rain-safe tires with bigger tread so they buzz on the road.