4th Jan 2010, 21:39

To you, die hard fans of Mustangs! You better take a good look on racetracks where real businesses are. And if you don't like to see with your own eyes Chevy powered Mustangs, on the internet there are plenty of examples in specially Mustangs sites like "stangplanet.com" or "moddedmustangs.com" and if you really want to see and hear the sound of Chevy engines between Mustangs fenders, go on Youtube and type "chevy Mustangs". And I have seen some chevy 350 powered Mustangs beating 350 Camaros with a ford nine incher!

They use Chevy engines for better performance in their (always been, compared to the Camaro) lighter Mustangs.

I'm not saying that Ford's engine are crap, but for performance, Chevy engines are better and Ford have a lighter body and better differentials like the famous 9 inch.

You're also right when writing that base SS Camaros will always be "under" and limited by the Corvette from the factory, and we all know that fact, but the potential is THERE for the ones who knows to "unlimit" electronically the LS3 which I'm in the process to do so.

And like I've written, the contrary (Ford powered Camaros) is possible, but didn't see one yet. By the way, there's one thing for sure on your side = Ford will be there for many years. GM, oooooooff! really don't know, our GM's future's not that bright. They've made huge irrecoverable mistakes.

7th Jan 2010, 12:24

I am purely talking about these two cars in their stock factory original forms. What people do after the fact is irrelevant really to the car's original performance. The stock GT Mustang, that is 111 hp shy of the Camaro SS, performs so close to the Camaro that even C&D gave it praise as the best all around muscle car out of the Camaro, Challenger and Mustang. Simple logic tells me that with over 400 hp in the next generation 5.0, it will surpass the Camaro easily in performance. The Mustang already outhandles the Camaro as it is lighter and more nimble, so now the .1 second it lacks to 60 will easily become +.5 or so quicker than the Camaro.

I'm really only interested in street driven cars though, and racing doesn't really do much for me. As far as Chevy engines in Mustangs, I am sure it is true. Not sure why it is true, other than maybe they are cheaper to build up. I think the 302 has more than proven itself as one of the best engines ever produced. The continued support some 17 years after they stopped building Mustangs with that engine says a lot. You don't see any "IROC Z" magazines these days do you?

8th Jan 2010, 02:49

The Ford's 302 or the 5.0 is also very cheap to build-up for more power with aftermarket parts like you've written, so it's not the real facts and reasons why we see Chevy Mustangs on tracks or streets! But they prefer Chevy's engines, which you finally agreed that it is possibly TRUE! And one goal in their mind = more durable performance engines than Ford's.

You like to write, again, that Ford's 302 has been around for 17 years, and I trust your numbers on that, I don't know exactly when for the Chevy 350 or 305 or the bigger 427 or 454. But I know that their roots and designs are from small block Chevrolet division since 1955, and they sold more than 90 million of these V8 Chevrolet engines, and were named best V8 engines in the world more times that we can count by any kind of evaluators, racers, car writers, magazines, journalists, (Mustangs owners too) etc...

And I have a friend who owns an original carburated 1970 Camaro LT1 350. So at least 40 years, and today's LS7=427 like the fully aluminum 427 from Camaro 1968 (called ZL-1 at the time) and the new Ford's 5.0 will be fully aluminum for the first time like the new LS3 since first tested from 2002, so these are not facts from the years of experience point of view.

And by the way, there are many Camaro and Firebird magazines (Don't know where you buy yours!?) which includes all Camaro/Firebird models and many IROC or Z-28 internet sites are also at hand.

You like to write that Car and Driver voted the Mustang best overall compared with the Camaro and Challenger, but Motor Trend did the same comparisons, and the Camaro won best overall, and Edmunds.com said so for the Challenger.. HUH!.. And by more than a shy .1 (.4 seconds) with 111 H.P. less etc..

Sure the new Mustang 5.0 will give us a good run, but hey! We have a Chevy engine and like I (and you!) have already written, it is limited, and a shy away to be unlocked to its full potential, and with no supercharger we'll again beat the new Mustang 5.0 even with the S/C, and days will come when we'll see LS Chevy engines between their Mustang fenders.. Again! On racetracks and on the streets! And you will write because it's a cheaper to build performer, but still BETTER and more durable! Have I wrote that Ford's differentials were cheaper and better!?

8th Jan 2010, 08:24

And all these comments are why I stepped up to a used Vette for the same money as a new Mustang or Camaro.

8th Jan 2010, 22:39

Yeah! Even a new Vette is better than all of 'em, but at least the "Kemaro" got a Chevy engine.

9th Jan 2010, 06:55

The Camaro is a great car and so is the new Challenger, but I would only buy a manual trans, not the automatic. The new Hurst model is great. But I prefer GM. I chose the Vette for the bulletproof drivetrain, handling and would recommend a used C5 before the new Camaros and Mustangs discussed.

9th Jan 2010, 09:48

"You like to write, again, that Ford's 302 has been around for 17 years, and I trust your numbers on that"

Okay read more carefully here... I said it has been 17 years SINCE the 302 was put into a Mustang. They had been used in Mustangs since the 60's. Remember the Boss 302??

Also, AGAIN, who cares about racing? If you do, fine, but I don't! Car vs. car, the Mustang is a much better value for performance to dollar ratio, and has always been the best seller out of all the pony cars. Trust me, once the new car look wears off for the Camaro and the hype dies off, the Mustang will go back to a 3 to 1 selling ratio over the Camaro... especially since they are increasing the V-6 to 305 hp and the V-8 will be over 400 hp.

The new 5.0 will most assuredly be a better performer due to that admitted choke on the Camaro's performance numbers due to the Corvette. That is fact! As far as picking up a used Vette. Yeah, they are nice, but limited in that they only have two seats. Not that I would be trucking around people all the time, but it would be nice for the kids to go cruising once in awhile. Plus the insurance on a Vette is at least twice what it is on the Mustang, and the car would most assuredly be out of warranty by the time you'd be able to afford one in the same price range as a Mustang GT. The Camaro is $20K more, so you could afford a lot more used Vette if you matched the price of that car.

Sorry, but you'll never convince me that $20K over the Mustang is worth the .1 seconds to 60 you'll gain and the poorer handling of the Camaro.