9th Jan 2010, 13:05

I like 2 seats, do not need a family car as a sports car. I insure both my C3 and C5 for under 1000 a year for both on collector insurance. One insured as collector and the other exotic, not as primary daily vehicles. You can buy a nice used C5 for the price of a new Accord. True, new ones are expensive. My C3 appreciates however as my 69 Camaro SS did. The rear seat even with kids was just never a requirement. Ever ride in the rear seat of a Mustang?

10th Jan 2010, 00:07

Hoooold your horse! You don't like racing or the racetrack, but the famous 0.1 seconds difference you keep and keep writing wasn't done while walking on walkways, right!

Now the facts.. with real street numbers! Which I have done and seen.. over here a "Premium" GT (like some of my buddies, and not convertible) with all taxes and charges are around 37k CDN and my Camaro SS (contract bill in front of me) 40562.37 CDN all charges included. So there's an around ±3000 differences, not 20k, like you've written, but I did my homework not getting hyped. But again still more expensive. And I can't also prove a good 0.5 or 0.6 on the 60 MPH run difference on the streets, which are our facts. So take and keep your C/D comparisons and we'll keep our M/T and Edmunds.com comparisons and our "facts".. and everybody will be happy!

And I've wrote that my Mustang buddies are not "trying" us anymore because we and they saw that it was by far more than 0.1 second on the 60, but I can't prove you that.. Unless YouTube.

We all know the Boss 302, which is the one I prefer from all the Mustangs, and very very nice in yellow and black stripes trim, and the sound of this carburated engine is awesome (also on racetracks!). Now read me also clear, Chevrolet are supporting now and then their small block Chevrolet (350 since end of production in 96... from 55, so 14 years now) and still support the 283, Chevy 302, 396 and some more like Ford's do for theirs, (289, 302, 351 Windsor or Cleveland, SCJ 428 or the famous '70 GTI semi-hemi 429, etc) I only wanted to prove that either sides, support is THERE, and wasn't a good fact!

Now to end all of this, because I'm convinced that you are a convinced "defender by number" Mustang fan. I give you all the wins or best/better comparisons you want for the horse. You like numbers and I like experience and seen facts, streets or racing. Best wishes with your Mustang and I'll wait till mid-April to drive my SS because of snow/salt territory I'm in, and the real hype over here is that we still pay every month for a sleeping stored Camaro SS... Or any other fine cars in fact!.

It's been a good comparisons/facts fight though, like on streets! And fun... been a pleasure... Now I've got to drag race with my... snow plower... See ya!

10th Jan 2010, 19:26

Maybe in Canada they deal better... Here in the U.S., the Mustang is around $27K and the Camaro is around $45K with dealer markup and such. You may get one for a little less, but only if you're lucky. Still, for $18K you could get a nice winter vehicle and park the Mustang... or you could slide around in your SS... Yes, racing doesn't interest me too much, but you keep going on about the vastly superior performance of the Camaro so I thought I'd remind you that .1 second to 60 is not that vast... ha ha ha... Seriously, even a Chevy guy has to agree that it is pretty impressive they get so close to the performance of the Camaro with 111 less hp. The drive of the Mustang is amazing too, and it is hard to believe there is a live axle under there still.

I like the Camaro, and think it is a really cool design overall. I am just saying the Mustang is much better overall for the price difference.

11th Jan 2010, 13:20

I hear ya there. Seems all the good toys are the ones you pay for year round that you only use for a portion of the year. I'm spending the winter on a machine that'll put even your SS to shame in the 0-60 run... It has a slight weight advantage though as it only weighs 497 pounds.

Good sparring with you. Enjoy that sweet Camaro!!

5th Mar 2010, 22:36

To the skeptics about police officers who are supposed to be professionals and radar blinds. Today in the nightly Montreal news on CBC, there were police officers and their union delegates complaining and saying that they were evaluated by the numbers of speeding, stop, and red light tickets, and nearly 40 percent of them are on the road by team, and each team must give 1500 tickets/year, that is not including parking tickets which are given by other employees. FIFTEEN HUNDRED! They didn't tell us how many teams are on the road for that "specific job". At least they finally told the truth. And now we can say that it is not anymore a MYTH!! And like I have already said, do not come to Montreal with a sports car... And that is no myth!

7th Mar 2010, 05:45

I didn't know you needed a sports car to get a speeding ticket. I use my vette convertible for cruising and enjoying the great sights on trips.

12th Oct 2010, 16:09

I currently drive a Nissan Sentra, a typical underpowered grocery getter. It's a very very reliable sedan, with almost 90k miles and absolutely no mechanical problems. However, I want something more fun. I had the opportunity to ride in a Camaro V6 and loved it. It's the only one I can afford, so I hope the quality in domestics has improved as most people have told me. The last few domestics I owned sucked, but the last one I had was in the early 2000s...

13th Oct 2010, 14:26

Do yourself a favor and drive the Camaro and the Mustang in V-6 form. I drove both of them back to back, and the Mustang is a much better everyday car to get around in. It is easier to see out of, and just more comfortable all around... not to mention the Mustang easily outperforms the Camaro in pretty much every category outside of top speed. Who needs to go 155 mph though?

14th Dec 2010, 18:14

I drove both and the Camaro is way much better, guess it depends on everybody's likes or dislikes. I tested them at an average speed of 65 MPH on the highway. The Camaro just rides a lot better and I felt more in confidence and control than in the Mustang.

11th Feb 2011, 11:22

Heard about the new Camaro ZL1 for 2012? That means bye bye for all kinds or any models of Mustangs or Challengers.. It's been told many times that the potential was there waiting, and it's not the end.. with the same engine size, now from the Caddy and not for long from its big brother the Corvette.. Chevy domination is around the corner, like they did in 1969 with the same ZL1 option configuration. Now we're waiting for the already there ZO6 option.