1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 307 w/OD from North America


Nice ride at a HIGH price


-Radiator (3 times)

-Heater Core (once)

-Misc. things that bother me like: Roof liner falling, extremely sensitive gas gauge etc.

- Finally, the Valve Stem Seals and the carburetor. Both contributed to the complete destruction of the engine in 2003.

-Motor was also getting extremely poor gas mileage (about 12mpg in the city)

General Comments:

Slow car, but nice ride. I loved my caprice, but the poorly built engine lead to its destruction. Not satisfied with my GM product and ended up buying a Honda. I would buy one again if I could afford the up-keep, and gas.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

13th Mar 2013, 09:08

The vast majority of these cars are solidly reliable, and the Olds 307 is a great V8 engine that shouldn't give you problems. If you're really getting that kind of mileage, a simple tune-up and a check for vacuum leaks could go a long way. Also, make sure your fluids are good and the car's alignment and suspension are in good order as well.

10th Mar 2020, 15:35

1. If the original catalytic converter is still installed even after 100,000, opt for a new high performance version, a cheap and easy fix if power is down and improved mileage.

2. Make sure the automatic choke is functioning properly; if it stays on any longer than necessary you're wasting gas big time.

3. Replace the air filter yearly.

4. Always check your tires once a month for correct pressure; being a heavy car, even a few pounds will have a dramatic effect on fuel.

5. When the light turns green, don't nail it, gradually glide up to the speed, let the others pass you by; you'll be visiting the gas station much less often.

1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Landau Sport Coupe 305/170hp V8 from North America


A true modern classic




Headlight assembly got a stone chip in it, replaced with NOS factory unit.

Exhaust system due to rust at a joint.

Carburetor could use a rebuild, runs rough under heavy throttle, could be just a fuel filter.

Headliner sagged, replaced it myself.

Dash pad has cracked due to age.

Cassette deck inoperable, had that repaired, works just fine now.

Could use an engine rebuild by now, burns some oil at idle and is sludgy inside.

Needs a front suspension rebuild, shocks and alignment.

General Comments:

The Caprice is an excellent car. It's a nice car to look at and to drive, especially being a sport coupe version.

Acceleration from a stop is unexpectedly quick due to transmission gearing.

Handles great for it's size, even spirited cornering.

Interior is very comfortable and roomy, just the right size.

Ride quality is superb, like floating on air.

Interior is very quiet.

Stock sound system is impressive.

Acrylic lacquer paint held up very well.

Aluminum trim is fragile, gets damaged too easily.

Fuel economy is on par with the average sport utility vehicle.

It's hard to believe that Chevrolet ever built a car like this looking at what they have now, it's almost like a Cadillac.

The clean, streamlined styling complemented by white paint and a black vinyl top with a blue interior make a really nice color combination. It's very reminiscent of a car from the 1960's.

My other car is a G-body, an '83 Pontiac Bonneville and it's just as good of a car. I love the angular, clean lines on both cars. Both are very well built, easy to work on, and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2005

1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 5.0L 305 from North America


An 80's power ballad of a car!


Starter needed replacing.

Headliner has started to sag.

A/C needed to be recharged.

Cruise control stopped working, needed servo.

New distributor coil.

Just usual maintenance.

General Comments:

It's just an excellent car, it's reliable, easy to repair and looks good; the clean styling can't be beat.

It's classy without looking stodgy and old-man-like, it's "with it" for the time it was built

Everyone seems to like the car, I get an occasional offer to sell.

Handles well for it's size.

The 305 V8 is has decent power, yet gets surprisingly good fuel economy.

I never had a Caprice before and never realized how good a car this is until I've owned one, Chevrolet really outdid themselves with this car!

Very well optioned, all options still work like new.

With regular maintenance this car could last for a long time.

This really has to be the best car built in the 1980's.

Hope it'll last another ten years (I bet it will)!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2005