1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham 5.0 305 from North America


A show stopper that can hit trees


Everything was original except the tires when we purchased the car in 2001. Little bits of rust, barely visible. This car had been in many accidents and most of the money spent on this car was to repair the body. Fortunately when ever it was in an accident, the body would slowly be restored to its original show room condition.

General Comments:

This car is so nice that all the caprice owners and many Ford guys too, want to know more about the car and want to buy it from me.

One Caprice owner in Minnesota liked the car so much he stole the chrome pieces on the base of the doors and the rear lights. Parts were replaced with sparkling new ones and the thief is probably roting away in Never Land Ranch.

On January 29th, 2005. The unthinkable happened. Going down an icey road, I lost control at 55 Mph and ran head on into a tree stump, which was blocking a real tree. I was so lucky to be alive. The car was not too lucky, as it was obliberated. I miss the car. Of many caprices on the road, this one was a show car. Now it is dead at 94,000 miles.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2006

1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham 305 from North America


A quality automobile


Needed Alternator 112k.

Starter 132k.

A/C needed a recharge 126k.

Exhaust from catalytic converter back 143k.

New shocks 150k.

Carburetor rebuild 150k.

Carpet is wearing, will replace with thicker pile carpeting.

Cassette deck needs a belt.

Headliner needed to be replaced.

Only rust is starting at inner door bottoms.

General Comments:

This is one solid car!

Close to being a Cadillac with all the options and features.

Acceleration is surprisingly good due to transmission gearing.

Gas mileage is OK, but with 22 gallon fuel tank you can drive it for a very long time before the next refill.

305 seems like a great motor delivering adequate power and decent gas mileage, also easy to work on with carburetor.

Interior very nice, like a living room on wheels, very open and roomy.

Enjoyable to drive, doesn't feel dated or cheap like a Camaro or Celebrity from the same time period might.

Sound system sounds good.

A good car to hold onto, with regular maintenance I bet it'll last a long time.

Still has a nice look about it with vinyl top, dark blue paint and wire wheels.

Clean-cut styling still looks good

Would buy another in the future given the chance.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2005

1st Apr 2007, 17:46

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1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 307 w/OD from North America


Nice ride at a HIGH price


-Radiator (3 times)

-Heater Core (once)

-Misc. things that bother me like: Roof liner falling, extremely sensitive gas gauge etc.

- Finally, the Valve Stem Seals and the carburetor. Both contributed to the complete destruction of the engine in 2003.

-Motor was also getting extremely poor gas mileage (about 12mpg in the city)

General Comments:

Slow car, but nice ride. I loved my caprice, but the poorly built engine lead to its destruction. Not satisfied with my GM product and ended up buying a Honda. I would buy one again if I could afford the up-keep, and gas.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

13th Mar 2013, 09:08

The vast majority of these cars are solidly reliable, and the Olds 307 is a great V8 engine that shouldn't give you problems. If you're really getting that kind of mileage, a simple tune-up and a check for vacuum leaks could go a long way. Also, make sure your fluids are good and the car's alignment and suspension are in good order as well.

10th Mar 2020, 15:35

1. If the original catalytic converter is still installed even after 100,000, opt for a new high performance version, a cheap and easy fix if power is down and improved mileage.

2. Make sure the automatic choke is functioning properly; if it stays on any longer than necessary you're wasting gas big time.

3. Replace the air filter yearly.

4. Always check your tires once a month for correct pressure; being a heavy car, even a few pounds will have a dramatic effect on fuel.

5. When the light turns green, don't nail it, gradually glide up to the speed, let the others pass you by; you'll be visiting the gas station much less often.