1991 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 5.0L V8 TBI from Hungary


A reliable workhorse and a budget dream car!


Engine temp sensor broke off during air filter change - mechanic fixed it with a plastic wire, $0 :). This was the ONLY problem in 2.5 years that prevented the car from running.

Water pump started to leak around 120 000 miles; replaced for $100.

Rear window cogwheel got stuck; window only moved down 1-2 inches.

ABS never worked.

Half-dead factory Bose stereo replaced with base-model GM radio, $50.

Front suspension was badly worn after 18 years. The car was still running, however it was floating around and made scary noises in sharper turns. Obviously nobody took care of its suspension for decades. New springs, stabilizers, mounts, tyres and alignment were necessary. $1000 for parts + labour in total.

A/C compressor failed around 122 K miles, also due to bad maintenance - no oil was refilled for years! Replaced for $270.

Occasionally small oil drops under the engine; nothing serious though (I guess it's OK for a 20 year old car).

Paint peeling off on the hood and trunk; minor rust appearing here and there. Nothing serious though, considering that it was kept on the street for years and wasn't really garaged.

General Comments:

I've always loved those big, traditional full-size American cruisers with V8 engine, body-on-frame construction, rear-wheel-drive, and lots of space and comfort. In 2009 I got the chance to get myself one: I traded in a terribly unreliable '94 Chrysler LHS for this car (that review is also on this site).

And in terms of reliability, the Caprice was an absolute winner: it only let me down once, because I didn't notice that I damaged the temp sensor when I installed the new air filter.

When I got this car, I knew that it wasn't immaculate, however it soon turned out that - despite its "Caprice-fan" owners - it had been neglected. The paint was peeling off ever since I knew the car, and also the front leather seats were badly worn. Front suspension was in ruins, literally.

Despite these facts, I really liked this car. Driving it was totally FUN and relaxing, especially once the stereo was working again.

The base 5.0L (305 cui) V-8 TBI is not a beast, you won't be using that for racing. Still, it moves the 2-ton Caprice at a good pace if asked to. Good torque at lower RPMs, great for this classic cruiser.

Transmission is the TH700R4 4-speed overdrive model. Too bad it didn't come with a transmission oil cooler, so this is the weakest part of this car. And also the most expensive to repair. Never let me down though, however some noises and vibrations showed that my transmission was aging and should be used gently if possible. Upon replacing the trans oil and filter right after I bought the car, my mechanic found signs of considerable wear and tear inside the oil pan. But the bottom line is that it was still working fine!

Mine has the longer, 2.56 final axle ratio, so at highway speeds (80-90 mph or 130-140 km/h) the engine was still revving around 1800 in OD. The only noise you could hear - apart from the purring of the V8 - was the wind noise around the doors.

Mileage was OK; around 20-21 mpg (11-12 l/100km) on the highway, and 14-15 mpg (15-17 l/100km) in the city. The latter one is a bit higher than I hoped; probably it's down to the aging transmission.

As it mostly uses standard GM parts, maintenance is relatively cheap, parts are easy to find and are interchangeable between GM models. Easy to work on, doesn't require special tooling, no complicated electronics (only a TBI injector).

Last week I had to trade the car after 5000 miles of usage; unfortunately can't afford this beast right now.

All in all, I really appreciated the Chevy. It was big, strong, safe, comfortable, extremely spacious, good looking, and very reliable, even after 20 years! It's so tough and durable, you deliberately have to abuse and damage this car to break it down. It will do its best to keep running, and won't ask for much.

I used the Caprice as a 2nd car, not primarily as a daily driver - although it was up to the job for sure. If gas prices were down by half (or more), I'd probably be using this old cockroach for years to come!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2011

7th Oct 2011, 11:38

Keep her going! I am 22 and have a Crown Victoria. The styling of these cars is beautiful; long sleek and classy, while almost all cars now are short, fat and downright hideous. If it were up to me there would be no uni-body, no FWD, no crossovers, no wrong-ways engines, no 4 or 6 cylinders, and no not even traditional S.U.V.s. A beautiful sight indeed, just trucks and real cars on the streets.

Here is what I wish the 2012 Chevrolet car lineup was...

59-60 Bel Air/Impala/SS

77-90 Caprice

96 Impala SS

And some new full size designs to go along with these.

7th Oct 2011, 19:01

You should look into an Aries/Reliant, they get decent gas mileage while still being torquey and roomy.

10th Oct 2011, 14:44

Then you'll love the new 2012 Chevy Caprice coming out soon... It has a big thirsty V-8, little design imagination, and very brick-like handling... Enjoy!!

19th Oct 2011, 08:28

The 2012 Caprice is for police car sales only.

27th Feb 2012, 03:52

I'm the original reviewer of this car. Since my review (which I wrote when I sold the Caprice), a couple of things have happened.

First, the new owner crashed into a Focus after like a week. Just to give you an idea about how tough this car is: The rear quarter of the Focus had to be rebuilt (over $2500 for parts + labour), it had to be towed away of course. In contrast, the Chevy had a minor dent on its left front, the headlight was cracked, and the left edge of the plastic bumper shell was torn. Repairs could have cost around $400-500 including replacement parts.

Apart from that, only a minor water pump leakage was discovered -- my mechanic had installed a refurbished one for me, which was probably not a good idea. The all-new water pump would cost $80 for the new owner (including shipping), he told me. And the car is still running well. Too bad it's the 3rd car in his family, so they don't use it very often...

27th Feb 2012, 13:50

If you're recommending K-cars to a full-sized V8 sedan owner, you don't understand much about why people like these cars. That said, I do like and recommend the Plymouth Acclaim/Dodge Spirit K-car iteration, but on the whole it is a far, far less appealing car than a Caprice Classic.

1991 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon 5.0L V8 from North America


Safe, reliable, and it's a Frankenstien mobile!


The car needed general maintenance when I bought it.

The doors squeak from not being opened in so many years.

Changed plugs.

Had rusted fuel line that leaked.

Had to change fuel pump, which was my fault from cranking on empty tank of fuel, and changed 02 sensor.

Car has miscellaneous dents and scratches.

Overall it's a very reliable vehicle and easy to work on.

General Comments:

The car was a handicapped modified vehicle with a wheelchair lift on the roof, it was like a rocket launcher for this tank. Took that off the roof along with the racks and used bondo over every crevice and dent. Sanded the car down and primer sprayed it. Cut all the exhaust off and tinted the windows. Now it's a beast.

The car floats across the road like you're in the water. Feels like a very safe vehicle. If someone were to hit me, including trucks, I think the truck would be in worse shape.

Not only can you fit 9 people in it, but you can fold the rear seat down and use it as a huge storage area. You can also carry a drunk friend in the rear seat facing in the backward position waving at traffic behind you.

The funnest part of all, it is the most ridiculous looking vehicle that you get many people commenting or having to take a peek. The best comment I heard yet was from a child walking with his grandmother that I overhead say, "That car is yucky!".

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009