1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8 from North America


Could have been better built!!!


My engine went at 246,000km.

My alternator died at about 100,000km.

My A/C is constantly giving me trouble. I had retrofitted from the old R12 and it just hasn't been anywhere near as cold.

I have had the front hubs replaced twice.

My cruise control hasn't worked for years.

When it was still new, I slid a bit in the snow and bumped the R front wheel against the curb - very lightly. But I put the rack out of alignment and bent the frame. The car has not handled the same since. It constantly pulls to the left. I can't count how many times it's been aligned- but to no avail.

The ECM has gone three times!!!

The fuel pump and heater core also needed replacing a few years ago.

Recently the power steering pump needed replacing.

General Comments:

When the car is working fine it's fun to drive. The acceleration is great and I don't mind the fuel economy. I just wish that GM had put a little more effort in the design of this thing. It really could have been a great car instead of just an okay car. I'll never buy another GM vehicle again, but it is my first and only car and in a weird sort of way I love it.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2005

10th Feb 2006, 18:09

After all that, you'd probably have enough $$$ to buy a brand new or at least newer car!

17th Aug 2007, 13:23

Regarding your alignment problem, I had a similar problem with my '89 Z24, but it was fixed by a clever mechanic. I slid in the snow on a road in Colorado and slammed into the curb very hard on the passenger front side. It bent the control arm and one shop said $$$ to replace it. I went to another shop and the mechanic slightly notched the hole where adjustments were bolted down and after an alignment on the rack it drove like new, straight and true!

1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 V6 from North America




Odometer malfunction.

General Comments:

I love this car, it's awesome and cool. Though it could be "old", this car rocks!

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Convertible 2.8 from North America


The Z24 is awesome


I bought it for $1300.00.

Had to replace Intake Manifold gasket for $435.00.

New paint cost $810.00.

Spent $685.00 on 16" rims & tires.

General Comments:

This car is the most fun I have had in a car for years. It is fast and with the top down, looks like a million bucks.

The front seats are crammed for someone over 6' tall, as the seat only goes back so far.

I own 5 cars total and this one is the most fun.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2005

1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L from North America


The best car on the street in my town!


Had to change out the front struts.

Change the rear shocks.

Repair air conditioning.

Drop fuel tank and replace sending unit.

Repair exhausts leaks.

Replace rack and pinion.

Change tires.

Replace window switch.

Replace brakes.

Change radiator.

My brother owned the car before I did. He would push the gas pedal to the floor at every light, burning any other vehicle sitting beside of us. After about two years, the engine finally gave up. He threw a piston rod through the block. It sat in the parking spot at our house until I got my license. My father and I dropped a gently used 2.8L engine into the car. It was alive again and it was mine.

Haven't had any trouble with the new engine.

General Comments:

The car will seriously get up and move. My father and I went to a nearby track and drag-raced it against some other cars. We made fifth place out of twenty-five. He was so proud of me and I was proud of the car.

Put a 1500 watt max stereo into the car, including: a amp, two subs, and a new head unit.

Named the car "Kirby" after a good friend of mine that pasted away.

I fell in love with the car as soon as I saw it. But my brother was the one to buy it, so I should thank him for the awesome car.

Light car, powerful engine: good combination.

Great handling, speed, acceleration, and comfort.

Love to drive my car all day!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004

26th Mar 2007, 20:37

I know how you feel. my bro had a 87 z24.wen he got it he rebuilt the engine from the ground up. then he wrecked it a few times. he got another car an let it sit for at least 2 years didn't even touch it. he was looking to sell it an i was looking to buy. I went to look at it an he turned the starter an it cranked up the first time. The engine runs an sounds great (when everything else works anyway).I love the way it sounds. the car is too beat up to drive so I'm looking for a car to put the engine in. But just hearing that z24 engine makes me fall in love with it all over again.