1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L from North America


If gas prices weren't so high, I would not sell this car ever


The fuel pump was giving problems at the beginning. When I had to start after the engine was hot, it was very hard to keep it running, near impossible. Replaced the pump and since just the usual things with a car that old - Starter, Battery and Alternator. The headliner also started peeling off, but I think that was due to a water leak in the floor.

General Comments:

This is the best car car I have or possibly ever will own. It's powerful, Handles like a racer, Looks beautiful, doesn't rust, can drive it through anything, soft and comfortable interior, roomy, folding seats make it carry almost anything - I could go on for a long time about my Love for this car. My air/fuel ratio was perfect, but for some reason it ate more gas then it should have, only reason I have to sell it.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2006

20th Dec 2006, 17:42

Is our Z24 automatic supposed to be a three speed with no overdrive? Mine is, I think that is why the fuel economy is not so good.

30th Mar 2007, 03:07

The 3 speed auto tranny is the exact reason for the poor gas mileage.. its what I have in mine... my last cav was a 94 with a standard tranny... much better fuel mileage..

30th Sep 2010, 09:02

I have an 89; came factory with a 3.1 v6 MULTI PORT FI. I must agree that the fuel economy isn't that pleasant. 3 speed automatic transaxle (transmission). I cannot put in regular or mid-grade fuel because the car will be sluggish. I can only put high-octane with octane booster now and then; I don't know what the deal is with the car only running with high-octane.

30th Sep 2010, 14:27

First, the '89 was the 2.8 engine. They started the 3.1 in 1990. I got great mileage with my '90 5-speed Z24. I did put splitfire sparkplugs in it back when they were the new thing. I started getting about 80 more miles per tank with them. You may want to try something better for spark plugs. I also ran 87 in mine with no issues.

8th Jun 2019, 07:20

I have a 89 Chevy Cavalier Z24. It has a 3.1 multiplier V6 in it, but I can tell the motor was replaced in the car. I need help hooking up all the cut wires in the engine compartment.

1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8 tune port from North America




Gauges don't work properly.

Left turn signal only works sometimes.

Radiator leak.

Exhaust leak-fixed with wire hanger.

Tranny slip.

Tpi sensor set to high.

General Comments:

For 600 bucks it gets me where I have to go, but I should have know better than to buy chevy.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2005

6th Oct 2005, 18:31

Don't blame the company because of your 1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24. If you bought it for $600, you got what you paid for, a worn out, high-mileage 15 year old car. Good z24s trade for 2000 and up, yours was just on the way to the junkyard when you bought it. I've known several people that have owned these cars, and they are reliable, fast, and will go to over 200,000 miles if properly maintained.

So, my suggestion is next time don't buy the $600 15 year old car and not expect a lot of problems, especially since z24's are considered "performance sports coupes". If you want to buy a $600 car, buy an old man's car (Caprice, Mercury Grand Marquis), or just save your money.

1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8 liter fuel injected V6 from North America


Excellent, reliable first sports car


Water pump & fuel pump went out same week!

Replaced exhaust/muffler.

Replaced alternator.

Replaced thermostat.

General Comments:

This was a great sporty little car.

Plush interior that wore well.

Car handled great and cornered like a true sports car!

The throaty sound of the muffler would even turn heads!

Was great in the snow and had good gas mileage.

I wanted a Z24 for years when the "new" body style came out (silver ground effects). I finally got it in 1993. Very inexpensive ($8000) and looked good.

I only had this car for 2 years because I was young and stupid and would buy cars and get tired of them, then trade them in on something better. I traded this one in on a 1992 25th Anniversary Edition Camaro RS.

I still miss it!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

31st Jul 2006, 17:55

Hey I have my 89 Z24 and I love it.. And why not put Cavalier and sports car in the same sentence, the Z24 is the sport version of the 4 door Cavalier, should we not put station wagon and Cavalier in the same sentence, because it's not really a station wagon right, it's JUST a Cavalier..

29th Jan 2008, 17:59

I have a bad ass Jet Black Z24, and it runs great; it took out a 1985 Ford Mustang 5.0, so don't dis the Z24.

12th Jun 2009, 13:26

I am flying to Chicago the end of June, 2009 to see this car, which my high school friend has had since new with 1,800 miles. Been wrapped in plastic and drives twice a year for gas... what do you think guys?