1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Convertible 2.4 twin cam from North America


Great sporty car for the money


Within 2000 miles of buying the car, the cable on the passenger side that holds the outer layer of the top on the weather stripping snapped. $50 for the part fixed by me.

Just recently one of the fog lights burnt. $8 fixed by me.

I jingling noise can be heard from the engine compartment at around 2000rpms, doesn't affect performance, probably something loose.

Rear seats are very tight. (leg room is non existent)

Weather-stripping on the drivers side soaks water and causes a drip when wet outside. The small piece of foam rubber weather-stripping to replace is is unbelievably $369, so forget that, I'll manage.

Dash above front window defroster cracked. Seen this on many other cavaliers. Doesn't bother anything and is $1000+ to fix due to extensive labor and parts fees. So i'll leave it alone.

General Comments:

Very quick and sporty car. Great gas mileage. Very well priced, paid $6000 for it with 52000 miles in excellent shape. For the money you can't find a better car.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Rally Sport 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


It was the best first car I ever could have had!!!


I only had a few small problems with my cavalier: The trunk was off level, the windshield washer fluid tank leaked, and my alternator went bad at around 80,000 miles. Other than that it was a very dependable little car. I recently rolled it or I would still have it (it was my fault).

General Comments:

My Rally Sport was great on gas and handled really well. I loved the sunroof and all the little extras. The cavalier is a wonderful first car. I'm buying another Cavalier tomorrow to be exact!

I would recommend this car to anyone who wants an extremely reliable car.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2004

17th Nov 2008, 09:53

These cars are crappy like no other. I have a Rally and it's just plain junk... cooling system problems, over 1000$ in work, and still little to no heat...

1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24 2.4 from North America


This car is half the car my 1994 Cavalier was


The car ran great for about a year then I started having serious problems with it.

I had to replace the shifter cables at 128 000 km because I lost all, but one gear. I'm thankful I wasn't on a two lane road and passing a vehicle with oncoming traffic when this happened or I wouldn't be here to write about this. Transport Canada's response when I filed a complaint was "you can always pull over to the side of the road." This is how they deal with serious safety concerns (our tax dollars at work).

I had to recharge the A/C at 156 000 km.

I had to replace the battery around 156 000 km also.

I had to replace the headlight switch at 185 000 km. I would be driving the car down the road at night when the headlights would turn off on their own for no reason. There was also a slight burning smell from the car after this happened. Transport Canada's advice on this matter was one again "you can always pull over to the side of the road." I did manage to find out they are in a Level 3 defect investigation with this car and problem and they did want to see the part that I had the problem with.

The car is hard on rotors and front pads and need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

Other things that are broke that I cannot afford to replace are the digital odometer which quite often reads erroneous information and sometimes doesn't work at all.

There's a nice split in the dash that showed up one day out of the blue and it will cost over $400 just for the part.

The primer they used on this car is gray and the coat of paint (black) is thin. If you get a rock chip, you see the gray primer underneath right away. This car has hundreds of small rock chips so you can imagine how the car looks.

The car needs door pins and bushings.

General Comments:

Good points - lots of power and stylist.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2004

24th Jul 2005, 10:58

I'm not to sure why you are complaining about having to replace your battery at 160000km sounds pretty normal to me?I'm not sure what you expect out of a car, but your expectations are way out of line!!