2003 Chevrolet Cavalier LS 2.2 from North America


Dead and doesn't know it


The back tail light has been recalled. The car's heater inside needs a new blower. The "A" pillar on the passangers side has been replaced due to warping. Now the passenger bottom dash is warping. Sometimes, the car doesn't want to start. It either will hesitate or start the second time I try to turn the key. There are no known problems to cause it according to the dealership, because the car always starts there.

General Comments:

I am afraid that when my warranty is over, the car will be over too.

For a car that is barely broke in, it does not start up consistently. Sometimes it will hesitate and other times it takes a try or two.

The interior of the car was made cheap. There are already uncommon parts to replace.

I thought a cavalier was supposed to have a little power, but this vehicle has none. When the gas pedal is pushed to accelerate fast, the RPMs move quick, but not the car.

If the heater is turned on too high, the car will idle so far down that it sounds like it will stall out.

Even more interesting, the window on the driver's side freezes. It usually occurs at about 25 degrees.

I believe this car is begging for a junkyard already.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2007

15th Jan 2007, 21:20

It sounds like this car was in a flood. Does the car have an accident history? Does the Lemon Law apply to used cars?

6th Feb 2007, 18:19

As for the driver window freezing, I live in Quebec and let me tell you that every car has that problem when it goes from warm or cold to very cold, especially if it's been snowing or raining before the temperature drops. The hot air aimed at the windshield will resolve that problem in a few minutes.

4th May 2010, 15:16

Yeah, I have an 03 Cavalier and sometimes it won't start if it rains. I was told it is because of the remote starter, and I took it to the dealer and they are removing it, and something else about a starter wire that runs through the dash, so they are replacing that.

Good luck with yours. I'm probably getting mine back tomorrow. Hopefully it runs good for a while, because this is my first car. IDK???

1st Feb 2011, 18:44

My 2003 Cavalier was not starting sometimes. After replacing a lot of parts, a large mechanic looked at it and it worked fine. I got it home, adjusted the tilt steering back down and it refused to start. It works fine now that I removed the plastic cover from the column, but I never did isolate the problem (plug on ignition switch?).

2003 Chevrolet Cavalier LS Sport 2.2L Ecotec from North America


Good car for the price if you can overlook small annoyances


Rear tail lights went out, this was part of a recall.

Sunroof motor burnt out.

Driver side window sluggish when going up.

Trim around windshield started to buckle from sun and heat.

Center console lid came completely off.

Rear speakers blew.

General Comments:

I had this car for two years, and in those two years I totally enjoyed owning and driving it. The things I mentioned above as going wrong were all covered under my warranty, and was fixed at the dealership with no hassle. Except for the tail lights which I did myself, and the window, because the guy I talked to at the shop seemed to think they all did it just because his daughter's car did it. He also thought that just because I was a girl, I only cared about the color of the car. Not true.

This car handled great, had good speed, and I didn't have any trouble mechanically from it.

The one thing I do have a complaint about, is the interior room, it is a bit small, but I expected that in buying a compact car.

A design flaw I noticed often was that you couldn't flip the visors down without either hitting yourself in the head, or obstructing your vision. I was afraid I would have a wreck and get my head knocked off by the visor if it was down.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2006