26th Jun 2001, 00:34

I agree, the Z24 runs excellently on 87 octane.

29th May 2002, 11:59


My name's Duane.

I just bought an '88 Cavalier Z24 two days ago. I don't even have the car yet! It's being safetied today. I'll most likely have it in my driveway by tomorrow. I can't wait. It really seems to be a great car for the price. I'll keep you updated on my experience with my new car!

22nd Jun 2002, 23:40


It's me Duane again. I got my, I got insurance, I got plates, and I've finally got it on the road, and wow. I love this car. It's fast, lots of pep, good on gas (especially for a 6 cylinder), and it just looks so darn awesome. I got a really good deal. The guy that I bought it off of kept REALLY good care of it. It has a brand new paint job, beautifully clean engine, no rust at all, spotless interior, sunroof, racing style pedals, new JVC cd deck, new exhaust with a chrome tip and a new performance muffler... and I got all this for only $2200. This isn't one thing wrong with car. I love it. Anywho. Gotta drive it. C-ya.

2nd Jan 2013, 00:17

This car is only fast if you don't know fast, and beating a 5.0, I don't know about that either; only if he couldn't drive at all.

12th Mar 2013, 07:53

I disagree. It can beat a 2000 Honda Civic Si VTEC all day; I raced one; the only problem is that once it has reached 120, it won't go any faster, but it sure will get there quick. But a few days ago, I beat a Nissan 350Z on the takeoff and for the first 1000 feet; then he blew my doors off.

Other than that, I love it, it's a bad little car.

13th Mar 2013, 19:28

I've owned a couple of stock 5.0 Mustangs (both automatics), and frankly I think a well-tuned Z-24 might give one a pretty good run. V-6 Camaros could beat me pretty easily, and the Cavalier is much lighter than a Camaro. My current 4.0 V-6 Mustang is faster 0-60 than either of my 5.0's, and would be faster on the top end if it weren't rev limited.

The Cavalier is a very sharp little car and a real screamer with the V-6. They are also a tremendous bargain, because everyone underestimates them. I'd love to find a nice newer RS coupe as a third car.