1989 Chevrolet Celebrity LE 6 Cylinder from North America


A reliable buy, if well maintained


The alternator went, and left me in a parking lot once.

The coolant system failed, and I had to replace the radiator.

The exhaust system rusted over, and required replacing.

In about 30 degree weather, it would not start, most probably from the ignition motor freezing over.

General Comments:

For the most part the car is highly reliable.

With regular maintenance, this car will treat you quite well.

The seats are older, but very comfortable.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan 2.4L 4 cylinder 151cc from North America


A high performance bargain


Seats are beginning to wear. The paint is beginning to come off the plastic bumper strip. Everything else is great.

General Comments:

This car gets great gas mileage!

No problems thus far.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2002

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Wagon 2.8 from North America


Strong engine, great car


The computer, the intake gasket, then normal tires, exhaust...

General Comments:

The car would go through anything. I used it on construction sites, in mud, snow and rain. I abused it, but it ran like crazy.

The computer was the only thing that would stop the car. Once that was replaced, it ran strong.

The intake gasket went and I could have fixed it, but with 180000 miles on it, $600 would have been too much. It took me up and down the east coast many times.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2002

22nd Dec 2005, 21:22

I agree to the fact that the car is a good runner when it's not falling apart. So far mine has lost the bumper guard, the muffler is shot, my steering column has gone to h***, and my front seat doesn't want to lock into place most of the time. But yes, I must admit that you can put it though alot of crap and it keeps going strong.

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8L V6 from North America


Dependable, cheap, and ugly


A few months after I purchased the car, one of the ignition module-coils went out, so basically I was driving the car on 4 cylinders. It was a real rough ride, especially commuting half an hour each way for 3 weeks.

My rear lights always burn out, mostly because the tail light covers are held on with a tar like glue and let water in.

The driver's side floor has a fair sized hole under the pedals, easy fix.

General Comments:

Great car for a first car. Seeing as I paid $1500 for it, and have spent about $200 on repairs, it's been great.

It looks horrible even though the body is decent, they should have modernized the design for the later models. The inside instrumentation is as primitive as a 1961 Studebaker. The seat is so comfortable it's like sitting on my couch while driving, hence the bench seats in my model. The dash is poorly lit and the cigarette lighter doesn't work.

A few setbacks are the speedometer, when it says I am driving at 100kph, I am really doing 145kph. It handles around corners like an old shopping cart sitting on Cadillac suspension. It also makes an odd shake whenever I brake at low speeds.

Over all the car was a great buy. Even with high mileage it still runs new, and has great power and comfort on long highway trips. More dependable than some new cars, and is most trustworthy.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2001

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8L MPFI from Mexico


A good engine on a bad chassis


The computer is burned out, a mechanic took the signal from one injector and bridged it to the injector that stopped working, I did not buy the computer and the car is still running, but with poor mileage.

The seats are very uncomfortable, they do not recline.

Had to replace the ignition module once.

The seat belts don't retract.

The dashboard is badly lit.

The clutch went out twice.

Replaced the IAC valve twice because the engine stayed running on high rpm's after long trips.

The interior trim is a disaster, the roof trim is peeling off due to an air leak in the windshield.

It is hard to put the car in gear even with the clutch pressed fully.

Had to replace the calipers.

There is this weird noise, like the sound of a compressor coming from the front left side of the car, just below the battery. Someone told me that it was to lift the suspension up when the car was fully loaded, but it's constantly turning on and off and the car looks like a low rider, even with new shocks. I finally disconnected the thing.

The wheel bearings had to be replaced and were very expensive.

Had the starter rebuilt twice. The car would start fine in the morning, but as soon as it warmed up, the starter stopped working, so once I turned it on I either had to push-start it or never turn it off for the rest of the day.

General Comments:

Replacement parts are hard to find and when I finally find them they are very expensive.

The car has poor braking and bad handling, the turn radius is incredibly huge and the front lights are very dim, not to mention the dash.

The engine does have a lot of power, being a V6 and having a standard transmission, so it gives a lot of torque.

The ride is very smooth, very comfortable for the highway and rough roads.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2001

10th Jan 2006, 13:14

Almost everything listed here has happened to my car too! My lights are so dim that I just use the brights all the time now.

I hate this car!

28th Nov 2006, 00:14

If you wish to increase the brightness of your dash lights, may I suggest following the instructions in the following web page... http://www.73-87.com/7387garage/interior/dashlights.htm... this will require some chrome colored paint, and removal of your speedometer cluster, but it works wonders. I have performed this modification on a 1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88, a 1991 Ford Aerostar van, and 1987 and 1989 Chevrolet Celebrities. You'll be impressed with the results.

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8L F1 from North America


Great, long-lasting car, if well taken care of.


Brake cylinder on back driver side went bad.

Alternator went bad once.

Oil pressure switch leaked.

General Comments:

Very easy to drive, I learned how to drive on this car, it's a good beginners car.

Comfortable car.

Cheap and easy to repair.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2001