1989 Chevrolet Celebrity LS 2.8 V6 from North America


Like a rock!


Oil leak.

Thermostat was stuck closed.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $400, I needed a car and it was cheap.

Now I admit I always thought of the Celebrity as an ugly cheaply made car. After owning one, I can say they are a reliable, cheap to repair, well made car.

It had a 2.8 V6, and a 4 speed automatic. It was good on gas, and had a lot of power as well. The trans shifted well, and the motor ran smooth.

The only downside was it had an oil leak, and the thermostat was stuck closed. Other than that, no other work other than oil and such was done to it.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2011

18th Jan 2011, 02:05

These are great cars. They get excellent fuel mileage, and it still feels like you are driving a big car. They last forever with little maintenance too.

I'm actually still alive today because of a Chevy Celebrity. It saved my life when I was in an accident in 2000.

I got t-boned on the driver's side by a Subaru Impreza doing over 50k. None of my passengers or myself were hurt fortunately. Driver of the Subaru had minor injury only.

The Subaru was a total writeoff, with engine parts strewn all over the road.

The Celebrity was barely damaged, the rear door was slightly bent and did not open anymore, and a dent in the rocker panel. We drove it away from the scene of the accident, and just kept driving it, it was fine.

This is a very solid, safe car, very well designed.

24th Nov 2011, 16:13

I've never been in an accident with either of my Celebrity cars, and hope I never do, but it's nice to know that it can take a hard hit like that and keep on truck'n. This just reaffirms my faith and addiction to Chevy Celebrity.

Since my review of the 89 Celeb I recently bought for my daughter:


My wife now wants one for herself, and the youngest of my two boys also wants one. Looks like by summer time we'll have at least 4 Chevy Celebs sitting out front.

26th Nov 2011, 13:31

To 16:13: I love it!! My brother's best car was a Chevy Celebrity, and when one of my friends bought a late-model Camry, only to have it totally disintegrate in 6 months, he replaced it with a battered old celebrity that he bought for only $250. He drove it for another decade with no problems. These cars are great cars. Contrary to myth, GM has always built some really great cars. I drive one now that just passed 100,000 miles without a single repair, not even a brake job.

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport 2.5L from North America


Best car purchase I ever made


Not much:

The DIS (distributor system) went bad two Summers ago (2006).

The original alternator was replaced with an OEM and when that failed, replaced by an after market which is going on 10 years old now.

Cloth seats are starting to show wear, but holding up pretty well.

The paint is oxidized so badly it looks like it is gray primer.

General Comments:

Overall, for the $2500 we paid for it when we bought it, it has been the best car purchase I ever made.

I am looking to replace it now because I expect something major to fail (engine or trans) and want to donate it to the American Kidney foundation before I HAVE to have a car.

Like looking for a new job; easier to look for one when you don't need one than having to take the first thing that comes along.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2008

6th Jul 2013, 13:08

Yeah, I know what you mean on the DIS system. My ignition module is having strange problems, firing only one coil pack, but she's a good car.