1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Base 2.5L from North America


A trusty old girl


Engine harness (previous owners).

DIS module.



Fuel pump.



Replaced engine (previous owner's fault).

Motor mounts.

Brake pads.

Wheel cylinders.


Rack and pinion leak.

Window regulators.

General Comments:

If this car was maintained better then I would not have had to replace these parts. But the car is a keeper and I love it.

The car has some rust, but being a Florida car, not much. But being a soon to be 27 year old car, what can I say? If the car had the F41 suspension, then that would spice it up a bit.

The gas gauge is old and inaccurate, so I often put gas in it every Friday.

The 2.5L is a noisy little reliable workhorse.

The 3 speed auto is a very reliable transmission.

The seats do not recline, and the head liner is long gone, but what do I care?

The newer ones are much better, such as the Oldsmobile Ciera, and Buick Century from 1987-1996. The V6s are faster, while the 4s are slower but reliable, and have good economy.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2015

19th Jul 2015, 03:16

Good review.

The problems you mentioned were endemic to the vehicle. Abused or not (I worked for a Buick dealer in the early 90s).

The virtues you mentioned were also endemic to the vehicle. The 2.5 had relatively minor flaws (which were not a problem by 1989), and the THM 125 transmission was supremely, surprisingly reliable (compared to "wonders" like the THM 440).

1st Jul 2016, 21:26

I am the original writer of this review and would like to say the Celebrity is still running strong. Worked on some of the rust, like doing bodywork and regular maintenance. I had to replace my alternator and distributor, and tuned her up this year. The old girl just passed a blow by test and emissions test at the school. Great car!

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8L V6 from North America


Reliable nice ride


Mechanically nothing has gone wrong since I bought the car. The body is a bit worn, someone used like a Brillo pad on the body to clean it, so the paint has scratched swirls on it, and the front bumper seems to have encountered a low speed run in with something. But there's no major dents or dings, and no rust.

General Comments:

This is my second Chevy Celebrity; my first was an 89 Eurosport that I had bought/financed back in 93, which was a great car and so very reliable. Now my daughter is working, so I needed something reliable that she could drive to and fro. So I looked for a Celebrity.

Finally found one for $1000. It looked good enough, and it ran like a champ, so I had no quarrel with the price, and paid it in full. The interior is still in immaculate condition, but the body not so immaculate, as noted in the things gone wrong paragraph. The best part of getting this one, was that it had just barely over 100k mileage, documented/CarFax miles no less. I was shocked at the miles, just the icing on the cake if you ask me.

It still runs like a champ, rides like a champ, and still looks good enough too. Maybe a little sand paper and a clear coat refresh, and this thing will look new again.

If you're looking for a good reliable car, the Celebrity is rock solid. Maybe not the coolest looking car, but clean lines and design give it a nice look. In fact, I think I'll start looking to get me another Eurosport version, or if possible, find the Eurosport VR model.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2011

3rd Nov 2011, 14:26

The Buick Century is just a bit more common, and as all these cars are getting rare nowadays, one might be well advised to include the Buick in one's search for a reliable car.

18th Nov 2011, 17:25

I agree, and add that the Cutlass Ciera and Pontiac 6000 should be noted as well, since they are the same platform as the Buick Century and Chevy Celebrity. What's even more hard to find are the 2 door coupes of these cars. I am finding that as of Nov 2011, that there are quite a few Centurys and Cieras on craigslist, but very very few Celebritys or 6000s. The Celebrity Eurosport is even harder to find at this time.