2006 Chevrolet Cobalt LS 2.2L Ecotec from North America


Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable and fuel-friendly vehicle... A-


I have a 2006 LS sedan Cobalt. My key was stuck in the ignition after having it for no more than 2 days. I took it back to the dealer and they had told me that that was a problem they have had before. I have an automatic and they were saying that there was a shifter problem, and it would not recognize that it was in park, so the key would not come out. They changed the shifter and it works like new. No charge to me. Would have cost me around $200. Anyone at the dealerships that tell you different are full of it.

I have a bad rattle in the front of the car when I brake, which causes the steering wheel to shimmy and shake violently. It happens even more-so when decelerating from higher speeds. I got the car with around 25,000 miles on it, and now have around 74,000 miles. The shaking has happened a while back, and has just gotten worse.

After reading the reviews about all of the OE replacement rotors and pads doing the same thing after a period of time, I'm going to be purchasing some drilled and slotted rotors and matching pads soon. The drills and slots will help with gas dispersion, and keep the rotors cooler while you brake, so there's less chance of warping. I'm really hoping that this takes care of the issue. If it doesn't, than I'm hoping it's not a suspension issue. If it does not take care of it, I am going to check out the shimmy dampener and control arms. (God forbid).

Another problem that I had with it, goes along with the key problem I had when I first got the car. I noticed that after they had changed the shifter, my second lighter socket was not working. Just recently I had purchased a center console armrest to add to my interior appearance. Installing the armrest required me to install a bracket behind the e-brake, which required me to take apart my entire center console and covers. When I took it apart, I noticed a stray plug hanging there by itself. Came to find out when the dealership had changed my shifter, they forgot to plug my lighter socket back in. I laughed about it when I saw it because I really didn't use it much anyway, and I'm not a smoker, so it didn't really bother me not having it. So anybody that has that problem with the lighter socket not working, don't waste your money and time taking it to a dealership, only for them to find the same solution and possibly charge you for time of labor and troubleshooting everything for a solution. You're better off doing it yourself.

General Comments:

Setting aside the problems that have been stated, I love the car, and with it having 75K miles on it, it's treating me very well. Just be sure you maintain it well and change the oil when it should be changed. It's just like getting your haircut when you need it. If you wait too long, you end up not looking too hot.

The car has power that I really can't complain about. I added a cat-back exhaust to it, and a cold air intake, and I'm going to be adding headers to it soon as well. It didn't really need it when I got the car, but I always seek to get a little more out of what I have.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

2006 Chevrolet Cobalt LS from North America


So far, besides the one repair, I love the car


Just got the base base model of the Cobalt LS 2006 last week, and the floor shift depressor is stuck so the car doesn't recognize when it's in park, and the key is stuck in the accessory position.

I had to find the lock button located under the steering wheel to take the key out. Luckily it's still under warranty, so it's not a big deal to get it fixed. I'm more upset about the fact that it broke than anything else.

Other than that, if no other problems occur within the next 2 years I'm paying for it, it isn't a bad car.

What made me buy it was the low miles and marked down price.

General Comments:

This car is (so far) extremely good on gas mileage, and I drive mostly on highway, but the in town gas mileage isn't bad at all.

It's pretty speedy and zippy so I like the sports car aspect.

The sound system is extremely good for not having anything done with it, the bass doesn't rattle my mirrors or anything.

Not only am I mostly satisfied with the way the car runs, it's also very comfortable for a person my size (I'm pretty small) as well as being a pretty purple-blue color.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2009

22nd Jun 2012, 20:30

The radio and speakers in my Cobalt are awesome too, noticeably stronger and clearer than any of the other radios in cars I drove in the same segment.

The 2.2L motor is surprisingly strong, and it does not feel like an economy car while driving it. 155 horsepower (I have a 2010) is more than adequate for a car that weighs just 2700 lbs... another reason I like the Cobalts is that they are not overweight, as so many cars have become these days. This motor is a little more powerful than the base engines in most comparable cars.