7th Dec 2006, 17:11

Virtually ALL modern cars made in Japan or America are dead even in reliability. The Japanese makers charge more because of the popular myth that their cars are better. European makes have not been as reliable as EITHER Japanese or American cars in some time now. Before making unfounded statements people should have something to base their opinions on.

7th Dec 2006, 20:04

That is simply untrue. Just peruse this site and you'll find the proof.

8th Dec 2006, 09:47

There is this one disease that attacked my 1999 Honda Accord V6. It was the attack of the Delphi electronics (alternator). This is known to fail often and I cannot help but think about how many Fords, GM, or Chrysler cars have this same alternator. Thankfully the good ole Japanese Denso alternator is back in Honda's and now reliability has shot through the roof and they are once again bullet proof.

21st Dec 2006, 22:39

I have just one question... what constitutes and 'American made' car? One built in Canada? What about Mexico? What is a Japanese car? One made in TN? Or is it merely based on the location of head office? Is a GMC made in Oshawa, Ontario an American truck? I think the lines are so blurred in 2007 that these old labels are becoming less and less relevant to most. However, I do appreciate that many people look at a Buick and say, that's American, or is it? I am seriously confused, but not inclined to get into a debate that I really think is more relevant to 1987 than to 2007.

22nd Dec 2006, 10:14

Yup, just go to the Buick LaCrosse posts. These people are bashing Camrys and saying "buy American" because American cars are so superior, yet the LaCrosse is built in Canada. The Camry is built in the US and employs more US workers (which is the argument of the xenophobes - that the US is losing jobs to foreign makes) than the LaCrosse.

I remember that anti-Japanese bumper sticker in the 1980's that said "Hungry? Eat your Toyota". Well, today it would be "Hungry? Eat your Buick".

It's just more blind patriotism.

I wish these people would just get over it. I mean, Vauxhall, Holden, Ford Europe are all American companies, but their respective country residents consider them "homegrown" and don't have the rancor that people in America have about "foreign" brands. Even Hyundai made a billion dollar investment in Texas. Meanwhile the American brands are slashing tens of thousands of jobs right and left in Detroit.

27th Dec 2006, 12:33

I'm glad there are a few individuals, who actually own a Cobalt, that are posting and responding to reviews pertinent to the vehicle in question. Some good, some not so good.

The rest of you are merely clouding the intent of this site to spout your own bias, worthy or not. What I'm interested in is fact, not unsubstantiated dribble. It's a wonder at just how many people who don't own or never will own a particular vehicle know so much about it. To me, it sounds like the wrong end is sucking air for most of these people.

Now having said that, I'm looking to purchase a new vehicle in the spring. I'll be evaluating other similar makes before I decide, but, judging by the respondents in this site, even the other makes fair no better when it comes to this verbal dribble. Honestly, some of you need to get a grip or find some other way to beat your chests.

Personally I think the Cobalt is an excellent value. I like the Corolla and Civic, but I don't think there as good a value price wise. I've owned a Kia and will not purchase another. The Focus is a consideration as well as an Elantra and perhaps a Suzuki. I'll be checking the postings for these over the next few months hoping to get factual realistic comments from actual owners.

9th Jan 2007, 17:19

I bought a 2006 Cobalt 2 door automatic 6 months ago in July 2006. No major problems. The windows are hard to roll down and the interior fabric is coming loose around the door handle. Will get that fixed first chance I get, but from my experience GM is very good at looking after the customer with warranty repairs. The dealer I go to gives me a free loaner, so it's no big deal getting those little problems fixed. I owned a Cavalier before the Cobalt, and it was a very dependable car. As far as the import argument goes, final assembly isn't nearly as important as where the parts come from. I work in the industry and have a little knowledge about it as well as the myths that go along with the truth. An assembly plant employs about 2500 workers, but a parts plant that makes just one or two major components can employ 3500 or more. Not to mention all the little parts that go into a car. GM by itself (including all the layoffs that are caused by people buying imports) employs more Americans than all the foreign transplants COMBINED. Also have more assembly plants than all the foreign transplants combined. This does not include the R&D. The state of Michigan alone employs about 10 times more R&D people than all the foreign transplants combined.

10th Jan 2007, 08:59

I see, so we should all run out an buy a Canadian-made Buick LaCrosse or a Mexican-made Ford Fusion instead of an American-made Camry because the domestic manufacturer theoretically employs more Americans.

Sorry, but if you want to employ AMERICANS you invest your consumer dollars in the company that WILL be around to employ them in ten, twenty years. And that company ain't GM, Ford, or DC.

And do you really think those American-made Toyotas and Hondas import every single component including the R&D behind them? Please.

I drive imports and always will because I got tired of employing American mechanics to keep the domestic crap running.

And you still have to explain to me why, when it comes to cars, you must buy American yet when it comes to EVERY other consumer good it's got to be communist (Chinese), Indian, Mexican, or anything, but American.

Or are people in the car business the only ones worthy of keeping employed?


12th Jan 2007, 06:53

We are reviewing the Chevy Cobalt, not the Lacrosse. The Cobalt is assembled in Lordstown (Youngstown), OH with over an 80% domestic parts content. There is no import sold in the USA with that parts content plus the Cobalt is made with higher paid union labor. The GM drive is a proven one with no inherent issues like CV boots and transmission failures (Honda and Toyota both have cars with these issues such as sludging and drive shaft failures due to split CV boots). The average domestic parts content of Toyota's sold in the USA is 40%. The average domestic parts content of GM and Fords sold in the USA is over 80%. To argue over whether a foreign automaker employs more Americans is senseless, as the answer is obvious.

Why bother posting on a Chevy Cobalt review if your only contribution is to badmouth the car not knowing what you're talking about (which you said you wouldn't own American so you obviously don't own one).

I look for the made in the USA label on everything I buy, which is an important thing to do. This is easier to do on the net because you can search "xxx made in USA." We all make our money here so it is very important to keep it here. A lot of people realize this. This is why people search these reviews because they are considering an American car. This is especially important with a car purchase because you can send potentially tens of thousands of dollars overseas in one transaction.