12th Jan 2007, 08:40

<< To argue over whether a foreign automaker employs more Americans is senseless, as the answer is obvious.>>

I agree. Toyota just announced its building FIVE new manufacturing plants in the United States.

12th Jan 2007, 08:49

Really? Exactly which made-in-America computer are you using right now? You never shop at Wal-Mart, Target, or CostCo?

And, once again, just because a car has an American label on it does not means it's "American. The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry employ SIGNIFICANTLY more Americans than do The Ford Fusion, Crown Victoria, Chrsyler PT Cruiser, many Ford Focuses, the Buick LaCrosse, etc.

You'll also have to explain that, when the KOREAN-built Chevy Aveo first came out, GM car czar Bob Lutz said he HOPED that Americans would buy a lot of them.

Now, why is a HEAD of an AMERICAN auto company asking people to buy a foreign car?

Shoots yet another hole in your argument.

13th Jan 2007, 10:28

For our American friends south of the border, Canadians import as many if not more vehicles manufactured in the U.S. as Canadian made vehicles exported to the U.S. Both the U. S and Canada have been equal trading partners in the auto industry for over eighty years. No two other countries in the world can boast of a similar arrangement.

I hasten to say that the trickle down effect of automotive manufacturing in Canada and the U.S. goes far beyond assembly plants and parts manufacturers. Nearly every aspect of our economies are inter-related regardless of what the protectionists on both sides say.

People buy at Walmart and the like because of the low prices. Try to find a pair of shoes that aren't made in China or a TV that's made in America. Who's to blame for this, the retailers, the public or perhaps, Corporate America?

As for the Asian automotive manufacturers, many have set up assembly plants in both our countries, but none pay wages similar to what UAW & CAW members enjoy. Regardless of what you may think, these union workers live, work and spend their earnings in North America and are a vital part of our economies.

Nevertheless, Asian manufactures are providing jobs for north americans albeit at lower wages than the Big Three are paying, but at least their employees can afford to shop at Walmart and buy products made in Asia.

13th Jan 2007, 12:58

I see, so now real Americans buy American AND Canadian cars, eh? So now Canada is simply part of America?

Sorry, but you are a FOREIGN country by definition, and the Toyota Camry is an AMERICAN car from its design to engineering to assembly to sales.

Oh, and Toyota just announced it's opening FIVE more assembly plants in America.

13th Jan 2007, 19:04

Do you really feel good buying a product made by a UAW Union employee?? Seriously these guys get by with doing as little work as possible since they have union membership firing them would be hard to do. There is a reason why such low quality parts go into domestics and that is to pay the INFLATED salary of the union.

Toyota tried to open a plant in Michigan last year and the UAW would not let them since Toyota wants nothing with the union. So the UAW basically denied people employment because of their greed.

13th Jan 2007, 21:47

I've worked at various car dealerships for quite a long time now, and have been behind the wheel of everything from Corvettes and Vipers to BMW sport coupes to econo-boxes from most manufacturers, not to mention almost every brand of truck out there, etc. Based on personal experience, preference, and economic advantages, I plan to purchase a 2007 Cobalt LS coupe in the next few months. They have better value per dollar than almost any other (new) vehicle I have come in contact with on a regular basis. I find it humorous to find so many people who have built such strong opinions about particular vehicles based solely on a single test drive. My opinions are not based just on driving impressions, but on how often I have seen particular vehicles come into the repair shops and for what reasons. So far, from what I have seen, while in no way comparable to $90,000 ++ sports and luxury cars, the Cobalt is top notch in fit-and-finish and mechanical reliability relative to the other vehicles in the same price class.

14th Jan 2007, 08:57

Funny, all it took for me to realize what a piece of crap the Cobalt was was having a rental one for a week. Cheap interior, lame handling (vs. one-class-down rivals like the Honda Fit), and certainly no bang for the buck.

14th Jan 2007, 08:59

And now Toyota announced FIVE new plants will be built and none of them will be in Michigan.

How many new plants are GM, Ford, or DC building???

15th Jan 2007, 12:03

"The Cobalt is assembled in Lordstown (Youngstown), OH with over an 80% domestic parts content. There is no import sold in the USA with that parts content plus the Cobalt is made with higher paid union labor."

The above statement is just false. I have a 2006 Cobalt that I bought in the fall and like the car a great deal. But I also have a Toyota Sienna Van and like it also. The Toyota Sienna is made with 92% domestic parts. So to state the above statement is just spouting numbers without research.

Meanwhile, although it is now discontinued, the Ford Taurus was built with 76% domestic parts. At least in its later years.

My dad & I was having this debate less than six months ago. All you have to do is Google the information on the web and you can find it.

Again, I have nothing against GM products or so called foreign made products, but lets look at the real numbers.

15th Jan 2007, 12:15

Yes Canada is a foreign country by definition similarly as the U.S. is to Canada and, Toyota is a foreign automotive manufacturer by definition that has set up assembly plants in our respective countries. Very soon, we'll see China setting an assembly plant in the U.S. to build Cherry's.

As far as the UAW or CAW not allowing Toyota to set up shop in Michigan or Canada well, that's a blatant lie. If Toyota, Honda or whoever paid union scale to their employees they'd be on an equal level with our very own domestic manufacturers, something that these foreign manufacturers want to avoid at all cost. What these foreign manufacturers want are subsities like free land and no municipal taxes in order to set up shop, that's perhaps is the real reason. All that and sub scale wages. Toyota is setting up five new plants in the U.S., where again did you say?

When GM builds a car like the Cobalt in the U.S. not only does it face unfair competition, it's subject to a guantlet of ridicule from people like you who nothing about the car. I've owned Toyota's and not one of them was faultless. I had my share of problems with them so much so that I purchased a domestic brand recently. I now own a Pontiac Montana SV6 manufactured in the U.S. So far it's been as good as any Toyota I've owned.

Why not test drive a Cobalt and see for yourself if it is a good car or not but don't let your bias blind you. At least try to keep an open mind. Heck, I even owned a Kia once.