31st Oct 2009, 15:30

I have the 2008 Chevy Equinox and I'm at 49000 (highway) miles. Two days ago my car started kind of skipping as I drove down the road... check engine light flashed once in a while. Then yesterday the check engine light came on and stayed on and started skipping/jerking more. Stopped by auto zone and hooked it up for free to the scanner... it said cylinder misfire number 1. Could be a few different things... so I took to the dealership this morning and they want to charge me $95.00 just to diagnose the problem. They guy said it's more than likely the head. Thank God it's still under warranty... this is the first problem I've had with the problem (but it's only a year old).

Very worried regarding all these issues I'm seeing on here.

15th Nov 2009, 10:48

I have an 05 Equinox with 60,000 miles. on it. It has been nothing but trouble, and now that the warranty is well expired, new issues are cropping up.

1) When driving through thick snow/slush ruts, if some kicks up the car loses power and sounds like the muffler was removed. This started since year 1 and now happens when I drive through rain puddles and water splashes underneath. GM could never fix it as it was only reproducible with a mechanic in the car once. I explained it to a non-GM mechanic and they suggested that the exhaust pipe and exhaust manifold were being supercooled and 'twisted' causing a gap between a gasket joint. His first quote was 1500+ depending.

After warranty expired:

2) Intermittent issues starting - turn key, car turns over, no start. feels/sounds like no fuel to engine.

3) Ignition module seems to be 'scraping' the key, and now when I had 3 new keys made, they work in the door but only the worn key works in the ignition. Original key sometimes gets 'stuck' when first inserted and will not turn. Have to remove, and put back in quickly while turning to work.

4) Replace front driver wheel bearing @55k.

5) New this week: Driver front side - squeaks while driving. Squeak appears after 10 minutes of driving. Sounds like metal on metal wear. Stops when braking. - Update: Cheap front driver wheel bearing installed from dealer (or they overtightened it). Ordered replacement part online (@1/2 list price for local shops) and installed myself.

Time to buy a non-GM vehicle

2nd Dec 2009, 19:40

Unfortunate owner of '05 Equinox LS AWD. Blown head gasket, bushing problems in right front as well as drive shaft. Both are $800 repairs.

Struts (twice), Fr brakes (rotors and pads) (twice).

Arm assembly of passenger side wiper (broke off from driver side assembly).

Tensioner pulley and battery (last two projects) and now a whole new problem, vehicle stalls during operation and will not restart. Checked fuel system, alternator & battery. Maybe a module (I don't know) Keeps cranking but doesn't turn over.

Any similar issues please contact me at jimmyis40@yahoo.com. I've had this SUV 11 months and tried to trade in during the clunker deal, but dealer said no thanks. Still have 4 years to pay. 89 k now and unfortunately stuck with it. Any suggestions other than fire or theft would be appreciated.

3rd Dec 2009, 09:36

"So you are dismissing this vehicle just because of one rattle? You wouldn't happen to be an import lover would you?"

Wait a minute... their previous vehicle was a Plymouth Breeze.

I find it very sad that the knee-jerk reaction of another Chevrolet owner is to resort to labelling the reviewer an "import lover" because they are not satisfied with their Equinox.

Since when has being an "import lover" been a bad thing anyway? Gee whiz, our country must be full of "import lovers".

How horrible! (That last line was sarcasm just in case you didn't realize that)

2nd Jan 2010, 23:01

Oh wow... I'm really nervous about my 2005 Equinox! I bought this vehicle used on 12/22 and I'm having all of the problems outlined here including:

1. Shakes when braking! Scared to death when exiting the highway! Can't afford a brake job, but mechanic recommends checking the rotors. Oh joy.

2. Cloth seats stain easily! Literally when a raindrop hits it, stain is there for a while. I made things worse when I sprayed some Woolite cleaner on the back seat.

3. When I first bought the car, I had to pump the gas a bit to start it. A mechanic suggested that I turn the key to the "on" position for a few seconds before actually starting it (activates the fuel pump?). This has worked for me. Don't you have to do that in old diesel cars?

4. Now the engine light is on! Dealer noticed there's an aftermarket gas cap on the vehicle. Says this may be causing an emissions leak triggering the engine light. Dealer sells the genuine Chevy part for $26. I pray this does the trick.

5. The last owner left a CD stuck in the player. I'm glad we have the same taste in music. I was told it was cheaper for me to replace it with an aftermarket stereo.

I had to purchase an extended warranty as part of my finance agreement. I was ticked off about this at first, but now, I'm glad I did!

Hope this helps folks. I wish GM would do something about these problems. I have a 1999 Yukon that runs great! So discouraged by this Equinox issue.

5th Jan 2010, 16:39

The gas cap thing is correct. An aftermarket gas cap will throw a light. Got to get the factory one.

Shaking when stopping... get your rotors turned. It fixed mine.

Does anyone know why the key gets stuck in the ignition?

Does anyone know why it doesn't start at times, seem to act up more in cold weather. So I am thinking something with fuel lines or pump.

Knocking when going over small bumps in roads. Speed bumps or even into driveways. Rattling like the suspension is loose or needs lube. Could it be the struts or shocks?

Last one...

The grinding noise you hear in the rear end when turning the wheels sharply, like in u-turn. You hear the whirring/grinding noise from the back end. Three mechanics can't find issue.

I need someone that has experience with these issues to tell me what to look for? I need to get it fixed so I can sell this piece of garbage.

Please email me at avphoto1@yahoo.com and put Chevy in title. Thank you all so much.

3rd Mar 2010, 09:21

Owner of a 2005 Equinox LT.

I cannot believe what I have read today. I was in love with my Equinox until last week, and furthermore to about a half hour ago. My Equinox starts fine in the morning, but sometime after I have driven, it just stalls for no reason.

I try to start it back up, but it will not start right away; I will have to give it two or three starts until it starts again.

If anyone has a solution for that, please email me soon at riddim_castle@HOTMAIL.COM

9th Mar 2010, 16:54

I feel nauseated after reading all of these comments.

I have a 2005 Equinox LT AWD. I have had since 2005 (had approx. 9K on it), now has approx. 85K. I haven't brought it to a shop since, until today. Today I brought it in because of the clicking noise when turning. My mechanic called and said it was the struts and mounts, and will cost 662. I was just checking the web to see if I was getting screwed.

Now that I read this - I can tell you that my car shakes while braking (which I hope the strut thing will fix). The inside silver panels are chipped all over and faded where numbers and letters should be. The side plastic pieces in the door have broken (100$ to replace if you're lucky). Back end is chipping. It dings after I get out on occasion for no reason at all... I have to turn my car back on and turn it off to get it to stop. It doesn't always start. I guess I am headed for trouble.