11th Oct 2010, 16:29

The power steering line on my 2003 Impala burst and was leaking fluid. The dealership charged me $135.00 for the power steering line, and also charged me for labor to install it. Looks like a common problem with Impala's. Someone said there was a recall, and the line was fixed on this website. I never heard of a recall, and they are still using the same power steering line in the 2006 Impala.

Also, they are still having problems with the intermediate steering shaft in the later models. I noticed someone complaining about the intermediate steering shaft on a 2008 Impala. Chevy was supposed to have corrected this problem in 2006 with a new and revised steering shaft. Why are people still complaining in 2008 about the same problem?

GM's products are poorly made,and their engineers need to go back to school to learn how to make better products. Here it is 2010, and people are still complaining about the same problems that plagued the 2000 thru 2005 Impala models. Problems include intermediate steering shaft, power steering hose, traction control, ABS control modules, intake manifold gaskets, rack and pinion steering gear units, transmissions, front hubs, cracks in the front end subframe at the welds, and theftlock security systems that GM installed. All of these items are problems that are expensive to fix.

15th Oct 2010, 21:15

I have a 2006 Impala that I purchased in January of 2009. It has only 69,000 miles on it as of right now. Last December, the power steering went out, window makes loud noises when going down, I hear popping noises when I turn the wheel pulling out of my driveway, the hot air only works when I press on the gas, and last but not least, the transmission is slipping especially when it's chilly outside or when I'm at a dead stop.

I have two friends that own Impalas... one has a 2006 SS, and another one has a 2005 Impala, and both of their transmissions are slipping too. I want a recall on this, because my car is only 4 years old, and it should not have all these problems already, especially with the transmission.

2nd Nov 2010, 17:19

I have a 2006 Impala LTZ, and have the same problem with the noise under the dash, my service traction control light is on, and so is the tire monitor system light, and I just found out that I have 0 compression in cylinder #5, and the car only has 74,000 miles!! I have not owned this car a year yet, and am looking at having to spend at least $1000 to fix it!! NOT HAPPY with this car at all!

1st Dec 2010, 03:25

I have a 2006 Chevy Impala LT V6. I have also been having some of these same issues. The ticking noise from the dashboard when I adjust the dual air controls, the clicking noise from the steering column, my air won't blow cold or heat won't blow hot unless I'm pressing on the gas. Transmission is slipping, the loud noise when you let the window down. I have had nothing but problems from this car.

1st Jan 2011, 20:06

2006 LT, V6-3.5L

Power steering high pressure hose burst. Pure and cheap design put my car off the road.

6th Feb 2011, 23:37

2007 Impala SS 5.3L.

This car has 221,450 miles. It is on its second transmission, was replaced at 190k. The water pump was replaced a month ago. Harmonic balancer replaced a month ago.

Besides scheduled maintenance, that is all I've done to this car in this mileage. Not bad if you ask me. Maybe it's more of a problem for the 3.5 and 3.9 liter owners out there.

31st May 2011, 16:49

Because if you pay attention, 2006s come out in 05. All car models come out like that. Where have you been? Read the commercials. Just like 2012s are out now in 2011. All models come out a year before.

21st Dec 2011, 17:11

I have had the same problem. There is a ticking noise that sounds like the fan is not operating properly. If I turn just the heat on, then there is no sound. When I turn the cooling on, the ticking sound starts. I assume that it is the A/C fan.

5th Feb 2012, 06:51

I own a 2006 LT with 324,000 KMs on it now. I've had both front wheel bearings changed... one of twice just last year. Now it sounds like it is going again.

I've been hearing clunk noises when turning the steering wheel, and apparently it is a tie rod gone.

One day it wouldn't allow me to shift out of park, with or without the car running. It turned out to be a broken wire by the stick shift that was causing the problem. I fixed that myself, instead of having it towed in, plus mechanical work.

My transmission seems to be slipping or not working properly.

I've had the service brake assist and service traction control lights come on for some reason. I haven't taken it in yet.

My engine light is on, but I'm hoping it is just the vent solenoid valve that needs replaced. Once the car reaches a temperature, the DIC shows tighten gas cap.

3rd May 2012, 20:00

That sound is an actuator failing, that moves the air directors. $30.00 part and a half hour of your time to fix. Very common.

29th Aug 2012, 15:57

Excellent service. My 2007 has 139K and I have one repair for 3,000 dollars for a rebuilt tranny. AAmco can fix them.

Other than that, where else can you find a 5 passenger car, huge trunk, that gets 31 MPG. Have seen 35 on flat land. Love mine.

10th Nov 2012, 06:06

Totally agree. My 2006 Impala is crap. I have put just about everything into this thing. I am done with this Chevy crap.

28th May 2013, 06:42

I've always been a Chev fan, but unfortunately it is getting more and more difficult to convince my husband. He reminds me how the service at the Chev dealerships is horrible!

I have a 2006 Impala, purchased second hand with approx 60,000 km on it. Beautiful car, comfortable ride, lots of power.

At approx 85,000 km, I took it to the Chev dealer due to transmission slippage. This was furthered to consulting with Chev (the company) who were willing to pay for a part if diagnosed by the dealership. Over $1000 later, the dealership told us that the issue was a result of installing a CanAm filter. Well, smart ones, the problem never went away! I had to have the transmission rebuilt this month!

13th Feb 2015, 01:17

The clicking sound is coming from the glove box; it's called an actuator. It can be disabled by taking apart the uh, how you say, switch? Look inside to the left, can't miss it ;)

14th Oct 2015, 02:05

It's your blend door actuator making the clicking noise. The clunk is tie rod ends or intermediate steering shaft.