19th Jun 2014, 17:20

My 1997 Chevy Lumina looks like a piece of crap, because the paint has peeled off everywhere. GM doesn't care about their customers. I will never purchase a GM car again. Only Toyotas for our entire family -- and we have a very large extended family.

I hope that GM loses big time, as people just won't buy their cars anymore. And I have even gotten into the "it just doesn't start for 15 minutes" problem that most GM Chevys have. There are over 2000 complaints on that one. Face it, they just make a Crappy Car. It should be CC instead of GM.

20th Jun 2014, 21:36

Maybe you should write a letter to GM explaining the troubles that you are having with your 17-year old Lumina. You never know, maybe they will even reimburse you for a new paint job on a car that new.

I would rather face a paint problem on a GM than own another Toyota, where the engine was replaced at 48,000 miles due to the sludge problem.

9th Apr 2015, 03:14

This sounds so much like my situation. Even the age of my boys last year. I'm wondering if I wrote it. But mid-90s GM cars painted white are crap, so it probably wasn't me. There are probably thousands of people on this planet and generations to come that will never own a GM vehicle because of the company's decision not to recall its paint jobs on those vehicles. No government bail-out will save GM from that exponentially stupid decision. William Durant would never approve of such poor craftsmanship or customer service. No more GM cars for me or my family... ever.

10th Apr 2015, 02:45

Why would they recall a factory paint job when it's not a safety issue?

11th Apr 2015, 04:06

So you won't purchase a GM because of low quality white paint from an era that was over 15 years ago?

If paint quality is an issue, then I must advise you to steer clear of Nissan Altimas and Honda Civics. I have seen quite a few (most that are maybe 4-5 years old) with flaking clear-coat and faded paint that starts on the roof.

So there's two more car companies that you can scratch from your list. Pretty soon you may have no brands to choose from.

12th Apr 2015, 00:03

My parents had a 97 Lumina. It was fast, comfortable and fun to drive. It lasted them well over 300k with no problems, but the northeast winters got the best of it rust wise. It was burgundy color, no problems with the paint, but it had rust around the wheel wells, doors, etc... Great car actually, just don't get one in white I guess!