1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 V6 from North America


The car handles well, but otherwise, is a disappointment


The headlights leaked and were replaced.

The brake rotors warped and were replaced.

Brakes failed due to brake line chafing and leaking.

The tires wore out at 17,000 miles and the replacements at 30,000 miles.

The engine leaks coolant.

The air-conditioner/heater switch does not work on first two settings.

A front wheel bearing is growling and needs replaced.

General Comments:

Because Chevrolet is continuing to produce the Malibu with the bad brakes, leaking engine, mismatched tires and rims and wheel bearing problem I will not purchase another Chevrolet product.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2003

3rd Oct 2004, 00:05

If your tires wore out at 17,000 miles you had to have light' em up at every stop-sign and stoplight because my STOCK TIRES lasted until 50,000 miles. I'm on my 2nd pair of tires now with quite a little tread left at 100,000 miles.

1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS V6 from North America


Hit them where it hurts...please stop buying Chevy!!


Front end creaking, A/C in and out, fuel-gauge issue, battery, alternator, brakes, rotors, brake squeaking after fixed, headlights.

General Comments:

The car is very poor at best.

If you are reading this just stop buying Chevy. This will hit Chevy where it counts (in their pockets).

Report problems (to everyone you know).

Don't buy the Malibu.

Do your research before buying a car.

I would recommend buying used with a warranty. That gives consumers an opportunity to begin reporting potential issues.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 liter from North America


A cheap little plastic toy of a car


Air Conditioner goes on-off by itself.

Seat belt keepers broke.

Front brakes/rotors replaced.

Front suspension struts replaced.

Radio displays go on and off.

Coolant seeping from head gasket.

Glove box latch broke.

General Comments:

We purchased this car because it was roomy and had the power for highway travel. It was also reasonably priced for its class. Immediately it began to have problems, many of which the dealer seemed to have knowledge of. It got to the point where the dealer hated to see me come in and finally their misery was alleviated only because our warranty ran out. Our problems only got bigger. The day of my purchase, I bought two Chevy's. They both stink. We are trading them in for Japanese assembled in America rather than American assembled in Mexico. Chevy never again.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2003

1998 Chevrolet Malibu Standard V6 from North America




I have the same problems with my Malibu as others.

Fan will not work on settings 1 and 2.

AC has a mind of it's own.

Brakes, Brakes, Brakes and more brakes (rotors calipers) Changed just about every 6000 miles.

Intake manifold gasket leak (GM says it's OK it's only a cold leak. When the engine heats up it won't leak).

Cold lifter tap (GM days it's OK. This is normal for this car) another.

ABS light on all the time. Guess what? My front left wheel bearing went. Had it replaced (wheel bearings are dealer part only at the tune of $395.00. They have an ABS sensor in them. Now my ABS light is off, but my check engine light is on and all my mechanic did to the engine is change the oil. All you people out there with the ABS light that won't go out I bet have bad wheel bearings.

I now have a license plate on the front of my car that says "The Money Pit".

It's too bad. The car has lots of room, has a great turning radius and a great stereo.

Motor Trend car of the year? What, did they drive it when it was brand new for 10 miles? What were they thinking?

I'll never buy another GM car again.

This car should have been recalled for many many things; instead GM will wait until people are killed to say there is a problem.

Every time I see another Malibu on the road I wonder it's going to stop or the wheels are going to fall off it. It's scary.

I wish someone would steal it, but all the thieves know that this car isn't worth the chance.

I owe more on it than it's worth so I'm stuck.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

10th Sep 2003, 10:08

We also have a '99 Malibu. At 1,000 miles we went to Florida- a 3,500 trip. Surprise! The brakes had to be replaced! Again at 11,000 miles brakes again. At 18,000 miles brakes, rotors and calipers. Battery at 13,000 miles. AC fixed 3 times (switch bad). Now we have the lovely pink antifreeze oozing from many spots. Did I mention that there are only 30,450 miles on my car- and of course the warranty was over last May. Now I need new Goodyear tires- like I'd be caught dead using Firestone- pun intended. Good luck to all you GM owners out there!

John and Ann of PA.

4th Aug 2004, 23:41

Funny comment you got there! AC has a mind of its own! And everytime you see a Malibu on the road makes you wonder what's going to happen.

Anyway, I have a friend who has a 1999 Malibu. He has gone some problems as well. Climate control on 1 and 2 doesn't work. I don't think his intake manifold leaks yet. He has like 85,000 miles now. When it barely hit 50,000, he needed new alternator. Strong antifreeze smell sometimes for no reason. Won't start because the cables were bad. He had to call Auto Nations to have it towed to the dealership to get it fixed. Brake works. Starter as well.

My 2nd mother (She's like a mother to me) has a 1998 Malibu. Her climate control doesn't work too well. Make some funny vibration when it's on 5 but surprisingly the 1 and 2 still work. I don't know as of today. She made several trips to California from Arkansas with no problem. To Ohio with no problem. Quite impressive. But I remember she had intake manifold leaking. Alternator. Overheats for no reason and took it to the dealer, found nothing and it remains normal. Air conditioner failed at 45,000 miles. Today, I'd believe it has around 85,000 - 90,000. After reading all that, I wouldn't buy a Malibu and I almost helped my mother to buy one too. Thanks to this site!!!