1998 Chevrolet Malibu 4 cylinder from North America


Don't buy a Chevrolet!


I had to replace the rack and pinion mechanism only after having the car for 3 years. The car is only 5 years old! It cost over $800 to repair this!

A year after I bought it, I had to replace 2 batteries and an alternator.

Car just recently shut off for no apparent reason. I was coming to a stop and the car shook and cut off. I waited a few seconds and turned the car back on. I had someone check it immediately. The could not find anything when they hooked it up to a diagnosis machine. It is nerve racking when this happens because I don't know if it will happen when I'm in rush hour traffic.

General Comments:

I will NEVER buy ANY car from Chevrolet as long as I live. I had a Honda previously and had no serious problems with it until after it approached it's 10th birthday. I hated to get rid of that car. I believe the Malibu is the Corsica in disguise. Ugh!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2003

1998 Chevrolet Malibu LX 4 Cyliner from North America


High maintenance


Brake pads replaced 5 times.

Rotors replaced 3 times.

Both Calipers replaced once.

Brake master cylinder replaced once.

Air conditioner light would flash on and off at random. Has been fixed.

Water Pump replaced.

General Comments:

I've had the most problems with the brakes on this car. As you can see, I'm averaging replacing the brake pads once a year. I haven't replaced the brake pads on my Mustang in 3 years. I'm very surprised that Chevrolet hasn't place a recall on the brakes on this vehicle. This car will be the last Chevrolet I will purchase. And to believe I actually talked my wife into buying this car instead of getting another Nissan! Boy was I an idiot!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2003

1998 Chevrolet Malibu 6 from North America


High Maintainance piece of s$$t


I currently have an AC and heat problem, and am just living with it because I don't have the money to get it fixed. The air conditioner just shuts off for no reason, and sometimes I can't even get it to stay on. The heat only works on settings three and up.

I had a head gasket replaced at 37,000 miles, because coolant was leaking, which could have lead to a more serious problem had I not taken it to the mechanic immediately. The cost for this was $600, and was just after the warranty ran out.

The car has a whistling sound in the windshield when I reach speeds of 65+.

Six months ago I had both ABS sensors replaced ($800), and I'm still experiencing problems with the ABS light coming on all the time. This problem can become annoying because if the senor is broken, it causes the ABS breaks to kick in when they are not needed. I was told that this was a "normal" problem that occurs in Malibu's, and that because I live in Michigan where the roads are salted in the winter, the salt causes the sensors to become corroded. I personally do not buy this excuse.

The tires are pretty good because I have them rotated regularly, and have only had to replace them once since I bought the car. However, I have noticed that in the winter, even with new snow tires, the car has difficulty keeping traction while going up small inclines.

As for the brakes, I have problems with them constantly, and they even went out on me one time. I can't even estimate how much money has been put into the brakes.

The taillights have to be replaced every three months, which is cheap. However, it can become dangerous when they all go out at the same time, and you don't realize it because they were just replaced three months ago.

The right headlight has permanent condensation in it, and it is not cracked.

From reading reviews on my car, I found that many of the problems I am experiencing are not uncommon. GM should take a ride to hell in the Malibu.

General Comments:

I discourage anyone who might be thinking of buying a Malibu.

I am a college student and my roommates all drive much older, foreign cars, and I am the only one who is always at the dealer getting my car fixed!! The Malibu in my opinion is a piece of crap.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003

29th Jul 2008, 02:38

You spent $800 to get your ABS sensor fixed- and it still comes on? LOl. I think you need a new mechanic. Mine would probably cost $200 for the same thing.