1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS from North America


I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone


I have repeatedly replaced the brakes. The battery has been replaced twice in 3 years. The rotors have been replaced. The car runs hot. The a/c does not work on 1 or 2. The passenger window does not roll down. The a/c light flickers on and off all the time. The vents have broken out. The lighter does not work. My head gasket and intake gasket are blown right now, its starting to burn oil. The water pump is being replaced and the alternator has been replaced.

General Comments:

I am spending quite a bit of money just keeping the car running and I'm still paying for this money burning vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS V6 from North America


Too high maintenance for a first car


Power windows broke (would not roll up) within the first year of ownership.

Had to replace disks on brakes around 10,000 miles or before.

Water pump broke 30,000 miles.

Alternator broke around 40,000 miles.

Problems with the air system in the car, the light switches from internal air to vent all the time with out hitting the button.

Have had several problems with batteries in it.

General Comments:

This car is an awful first car to have! It is high maintenance and completely unreliable. It breaks often and with no warning. Luckily it has been under warranty and that has covered most problems, but when the warranty runs out I will look in to selling it. I don't want to put any more money into a car that is just going to keep having problems. It's too bad because it's otherwise great-comfortable, easy to drive, no complaints about gas mileage, I am just worried about what might happen with it next.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

11th Oct 2005, 17:34

You need to have the computer chip fixed in the a/c panel. That will keep the light from switching from internal air to vent by itself. Beware, however, that it will probably have to be replaced yearly at a cost of $120-$180.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 Sequential Fuel Injected V6 from North America


Dependability and fun at a reasonable price


The horn had to be fixed, which ended up being a wire that went loose, Chevrolet picked up the tab on that one. The right front wheel bearing went out, the state of Florida paid for that, due to a 3-foot pothole on I-4 that I hit. The alternator went out at 62,000 miles, easy, cheap fix.

General Comments:

I purchased this car in September 2001 after my 98 Pontiac Grand Am got totaled. It has been a great car, and a fantastic highway cruiser. I take this car to and from school and work and it gets me there dependably and safely. I've driven this car from Massachusetts to Orlando, FL and back, and has done fine. Fortunately, I have not experienced the infamous brake problem. I can pile lots of stuff and friends into the car, and go anywhere. Very reliable, high marks for this car!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

13th May 2003, 05:47

I wish you luck because its only a matter of time until you experience numerous problems. When I think of Chevy Malibu I think of poor overall engineering. Buyers for your own sake, stay away from Malibu's regarless of the model.

18th Jun 2004, 03:25

I have to disagree with everyone's comments as to the poor quality and engineering of this vehicle. I have had nothing, but luck with mine and it is easily the best car I've owned to date. I have 130,000 Km on the vehicle and it is running as smooth as it ever was.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu Base 2.4 Ltr 4 cylinder from North America


So far, a good car for the value


Thus far, I had to replace the brakes pads at 112,000 miles.

I have had to change the oil three times right at about 3,000 miles each time.

The 4 cylinder engine seems to burning oil.

General Comments:

Other than the engine seemingly burning oil, the motor runs fine.

It is however, very noisy at times especially with the air conditioner or defroster running.

I have gotten better or equivalent gas mileage from my Buick with the 3800 Series V-6, though.

The Malibu does have a good ride on better tires.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002