2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 from North America


A nice car if you pay for an extended warranty


The rear door wouldn't open from outside. The windshield seal keeps falling off. At 37,000 miles the intake manifold gaskets went bad. At 43,000 miles the front brakes and calipers needed to be replaced. At 40,000 miles the EGR sensor went bad which caused the check engine light to come on. At appx 30,000 miles the CD player started rejecting CD's. At 49,000 miles the Ignition Module needed to be replaced. That caused it to engage the theft system to stop fuel flow to the motor so it wouldn't start and could not be dropped off to be fixed and required a tow. That was the first time that it completely stranded me.

General Comments:

Generally, I like the power and performance of the car. It is snappy, classy, and large enough to haul a family. The interior is perfect for outside sales and I remain comfortable on long drives. The options are neat and handy, auto volume, auto lights, & good smooth drive.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2003

11th Apr 2003, 10:50

I bought the car new. At 1500 km I had to have the transmission removed because of a kinked gasket that had the check engine light come on and stay on. At 10,000 km I had the brake disc's replaced. At 14,000 kms I had the brakes replaced again, one rotor replaced and the other machined. At 21,000 kms I had the car in the garage for a week because the hazard switch was faulty (signal lights would not operate) and none was available in the country. Dealer had to go to St. Louis to get a replacement. At 28,000 kms I had the brakes replaced again, a new rotor installed and the other machined. The engine developed a noise at around 27,000 kms and the manufactures rep tells me that the pistons have to be replaced because the special coating has come off them.

I've always bought a GM product, but I'm sick of being best friend to the service department manager at our local GM dealership. The car should have been painted yellow at the time it was manufactured because I definitely have a lemon. I will be rid of it as soon as the engine repairs are completed, and doubt if I will ever buy another GM product.

11th Apr 2003, 22:49

Trade it in for a cavalier or monte carlo you just got a lemon.

29th Oct 2003, 14:40

Why should he turn around and throw money at the same company that just screwed him?

If more people would "vote with their feet" and stop buying from automakers with known problems, then those same automakers would be forced to make a better car. As it is now, GM knows they can get away with cutting corners, because so many Americans purchase cars solely out of patriotism.

Go and buy an Ohio-built Accord. Even if it's a decade old, you'll have fewer problems.

2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS from North America


A great buy for a family car


I have had only very minor issues. I think I have only had it at the dealership twice for small items that were fixed in one day. I have had no out of pocket costs on the vehicle, except regular maintenance. I just had to replace the break pads (at 35,000 miles), and the front tires. I have had the oil changed every 3,000 miles religiously, washed every other weekend, and occasional gas treatment.

General Comments:

I like the car pretty well. We have the LS model with leather, etc. It is quick and small enough to fit with a Chevy C1500 pickup in a "compact" car garage. The only thing I wish, is it were a little roomier inside, but I'm leaning toward a purchase of a minivan or SUV... so this isn't really a reflection on the car itself.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003