2001 Chevrolet Malibu sedan V6 from North America


This is a costly, unreliable vehicle in the end


I own a 2001 Chevy Malibu and ever since I have bought this car, I have had nothing, but problems. It is not because I don’t take care of my car, but because of how the car was made. These are some of the problems (from when I first purchased my car to current) that I have had with my car…I couldn’t remember them all:

1. Hole in fuel pump so it had to be replaced

2. Blinkers would quit working at times

3. Check engine light and ABS light came on a few times and computer system had to be rebooted.

4. Replace a computer chip

5. One morning my car wouldn’t start and had to replace my battery and also noticed my CD player quit working as well. Repair man said I would have to replace the whole CD/Radio system.

6. Replace temperature gauge

7. Replace brakes

8. Auto theft system light has gone on at least 4 times and car doesn’t start. Every time I take it in, they have to “Reboot the computer system” which cost me $30. First time they just rebooted the comp. system. The second time, they rebooted the system again and replaced key sensor. The third time, they rebooted the system again and replaced the key. Finally, I work with a girl who has a 2000 Malibu and has the same problem. She told me to turn my key to ACC (between off and start) and let it sit there for 10 minutes until the auto theft system light turns off and it will start. So the fourth time when my car didn’t start, I tried it and by golly it worked. So, now when this happens again I at least don’t have to have my car towed in and pay $30 to “Reboot the comp. system.” The sad thing is, it will probably happen again, I just don’t know when. So I have to leave 10 minutes early if I have to be somewhere in case this would happen again.

9. Not done yet…Wheel bearing on right side replaced

10. Now I think I have to my car in for front suspension

This is one car I would NOT recommend to anyone! I totally regret buying this car because of the amount of money I have had to shell out for the repairs. I feel bad for the other people that have had the same problems and had to suffer with the extra cost of Chevy Malibu's. Chevy should be ashamed of themselves for making a vehicle that has had this many problems.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2007

8th Jan 2008, 22:49

I agree with you. My 2001 Malibu has had all the same problems minus the computer chip problem (knock on the fake burled wood on the dash board). In addition to your problems, I have had the water pump replaced (30k miles), brakes (30k miles, brakes should last more than 30k miles), the fuel pump replaced (50k), 3 batteries, all leaked around the GM poorly designed side terminals, (plus the positive cable which was destroyed by the leaking battery acid), and the power steering rack (no not the pump the whole steering rack) The salesman probably felt pretty good when he sold me that extended warranty for $1600, in the long run, I made out big with over 6000 in repairs on the extended warranty. Absolutely the worst car I have ever owned in my entire life (out of about 10). I will never buy another Chevy/GM, ever.

2001 Chevrolet Malibu from North America


This car has been alright, but not the best


I have had problems with the brakes, rotors, hazard light, blinker and fan blower.

I have found the problems with the brakes and rotors is the rotors do align properly and have to be dial indicated. After changing every 6000 miles these have been much further with no pulsating.

The fan blower stopped working on 1 and 2. I replaced the blower control board that is behind the glove compartment. It is way in the back on the right side.

The blinker did not work properly be got it fixed under recall.

Have a tick in the engine, but goes away after it warms up.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2007