2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.3 from North America


It has been fairly reliable until now


The air switch controls 1 & 2 do not work.

The front seat padding disintegrated and I only weigh 185 lbs.

The fuel pump and the relay went out.

And the car won't start if the tank is below quarter tank with the nose pointed up hill (typical with GM cars, my Corsica did the same thing).

The manifold gasket blew out at 100000 miles.

The turning signal doesn't work if the air cond. is on.

General Comments:

In general the car hasn't been too bad. Most of the miles are highway miles and it has done OK for a Chevy.

The seats are very uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2006

7th Oct 2007, 12:27

Mine lasted til 76000. You got a deal. This is the news I got from my mechanic and a second oponion after I had spent $1700 on a new EGR valve, water pump, thermostat, and computer... The horn fails, ac 1&2 do not work, and the power windows stick. No trouble until it hit 65000. From there on it has been a money pit.

2001 Chevrolet Malibu from North America


It really sucks


Rotors, brakes, hazard, additional sensor, egr valve.

General Comments:

I have had to have my brakes, rotors, pads replaced every year since I bought it in 2001. I bought as a better, safer alternative to my 85 Crown Vic (it was my first car). I have had to have the hazard thing replaced, another sensor replaced, and now my egr valve. I am a college student and my mom is a teacher, so this thing that I've been driving is costing me so much money, that I had to take out a student loan to cover it, and I have a full ride scholarship to my school. This is sad.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

7th Feb 2007, 07:41

Yes I also had a lemon. When I bought it I had to pay 300 to replace camshaft sensor, then the gauges went out and it cost me 500 to replace, then the wheel bearing 300. And the car had bad brakes. I was sliding through stop signs. Thank god I got into an accident in a snowstorm because it was a write off. Glad to get rid of the lemon.

1st Apr 2007, 13:57

You put 60,000+ miles on it and you're complaining about replacing a couple of sensors and regular maintenance items? Um... herr... what? I'm assuming that you have this vehicle serviced regularly, correct?

2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1L from North America


This car is a great car


I have had no repairs since I have owned this car.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable since I've owned it. The previous owner had no repairs on the car an "knock on wood" either have I. The only problem I have had with the car is a vibrating noise near the front tire. Possible the rotors are going.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

2001 Chevrolet Malibu Base 3.1L from North America


Won't buy a Malibu again


Honestly speaking, I didn't have any problem when I drove this car for the first 18 months (I bought this car at 3 years old with 82k miles on it).

But recently, I have had lots of problems. Like most others, the blower motor quit work at 1-3, ignition switch sometimes doesn't work and results in a stall, even when you drive.

Hazard switch sometimes goes off all time and puts you in trouble in traffic.

Now one of my engine coils may have problems because the insulator of one of the spark plugs was broken when I changed spark plugs. Good thing is that just the outside part was broken, not the tip, which may drop inside the cylinder and damage the engine.

I tried to repair these problems by myself. It's easy to fix the blower motor problem: replace the so called resistor nearby the blower motor (it's a painful job due to little space there); it looks like a name card once you get it out. It costs about 19 dollars at autozone.com.

About the ignition switch, I took it out, and remove the plastic cover, I found the contact parts are covered by black deposits, so if you scratch off those things, then it works as new. (I asked dealer, they said this work costs around $450 because the ignition switch costs $150, and the lock cylinder costs $200 + labour).

There is a hazard flash recall on many GM cars, so I got it repaired for free today (use Google to search for Malibu recall). However, for me, I am afraid there are more and more new problems coming out, so I think keeping this Malibu is not a good idea. There were also problems with my old Accord, but not like this one. It seems everything could go wrong.

General Comments:

Handling is good, pretty good space inside, gas mileage is bad (17 in town), lots of problems.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2006

4th Oct 2006, 10:22

Also, keep a eye on your coolant level as if it starts disappearing without being on the ground, more than likely your lower intake manifold is shot. Very Common Problem, but no recall. If not under warrently, DO NOT TAKE IT TO DEALER, they will charge you atleast 800 to 1000 dollars. I got mine done at a local garage for 600.