21st Aug 2007, 21:02

I have a Chevy 2500HD extended cab. Engine knocks, ABS engages upon stopping most of the time, Garage said I needed a new pump, already replaced one sensor, Front end undulates when making sharp turns, accelerator sticks, electric windows freeze shut in winter and normal operation is like cold molasses, and it uses oil between changes 1 to 1 1/2 qt. Just returned from trip, that I pulled a 26' travel trailer, truck did OK, other than under powered and gas consumption. I think next time I'll try Ford. I have yet to try dealerships, but am going to call.

29th Aug 2007, 09:34

I have a 2000 model 1500 4x4 5 speed. When I depress the clutch the accelerator hangs or accelerates. The truck has been back to the dealership 2 times. The throttle body was cleaned 1st time, and I was told that nothing was wrong the 2nd time. Sometimes the truck idles at 1200rpm. I was told that this is normal though the truck has not done this for 130000 miles. I was also told that the truck is getting old and it is time to trade it in on a new one. If this happens, it will be foreign made. My foreign made truck had 280000 when I traded it and only received normal maintenance.

10th Oct 2007, 17:21

I have an 00' Silverado Extended cab - Owned it since 13, 000 miles back in 2001.

Yes the piston slap exists from day one, just like all the rest. Chevy redesigned the rings to resolve this problem.

The rotors were rusted in place. (they sold the 99-01 vehicles with rotors made out of a poor material- note: this has been changed too - Keep it quiet, they might hear you).

The steering column bulletin fixed whatever they had with the noises.

The tail-gate wires broke on my truck. I bought them literally months before they issued the bulletin. Fortunately, I'm young and didn't get hurt (yes I was standing on it at the time).

If your throttle feels like its sticking, it's because you need to clean out your throttle body. The engine has a major carbon build-up problem that you have to clean it out very ofter. The butterfly gets sticky, resulting in the hesitation in throttle application.

I just had to replace my ball joint due to the dealer over-lubricating the grease fitting. It resulted in the thing tearing due to too much in it (can't prove it, but keep an eye on them).

The right floor board has been leaky for a long time. The dealer claimed it's the aftermarket speakers. I say they just don't feel like troubleshooting the problem.

65,000 miles on my motorcycle hauler and going. Fresh tryanny flush & differential change. It's been a struggle sometimes, but I still like my truck. The new 07' has been redesigned, so there is hope. Note: They got rid of the grease fittings in the front-end, amen for that.

9th Apr 2008, 20:44

I have a 2005 4 x 4 LT Silverado and have the steering column noise. Wondering what the bulletin was about that fixed the problem. Any help?

22nd Jul 2008, 12:06

I have a 2000 Silverado 4.8L with 95,000KM or 57,000miles on it!

1) I've had the cold engine piston slap and loud valve-train since it was new!

2) I'm already on my second U-Joint, and it is time for another one!

3) Tailgate straps broke, but thankfully there was a recall and I did not get hurt.

4) Throttle cable sticks every once and awhile, I find if I lube it with lithium grease it tends to fix it for awhile. But I am gonna try to clean the throttle body like you guys said.

5) I also have that driveline clunk noise, haven't really tried anything to fix that one yet, it is not that bad on my truck.

6) In winter (-37C) the tires through up rocks on gravel and destroyed my inner-fenderwells, but that is because I live in the cold-wintered Canada.

7) The lazy windows are very apparent in winter, and will basically seize tight for the winter months, but on the other hand, a guy should avoid using power-windows in winter because they can shatter. Sometimes it is hard to avoid using the windows in -30C when trying to hunt, but again, that is not a big problem.

8) My door speakers have come unglued and vibrate when trying to play music, I still gotta figure out how to get in there to fix it!

Other than these problems, I am happy with my truck, it is one of the few trucks that are still easy to repair without a GM mechanic. As well, many of my problems stem from the harsh climate I live in.

My buddy has a 2003 Silverado 5.3L with about 100,000miles, and he had these problems:

1) Most ball-joints have been done twice and the front seals and bearings.

2) The vibrations that come from the steering when turning are due to the intermediate steering shaft. It is not that hard to replace, make sure you have someone hold on to the steering wheel cause you can cause a major issue if it turns on you.

3) Water-pump gasket had to be done, but it is not a hard job.

Several other minor problems have been addressed, once again, it is due to our rough climate. Overall we are both happy with our trucks, they are very fixable by regular Joe's!

2nd Aug 2008, 20:23

Aug 2 2008.

I own a 2006 Silverado Ext cab.

I am very disappointed in it. The dealer has been very good about everything that has gone bad. I finally contacted the Chevy customer service but they have been no help. They only want to be a liaison between me and the dealer but I don't need a liaison the problem is the truck it self, things just keep going bad. Again the dealer has tried to help.

What things have gone wrong with my truck?

Drive shaft creaking (Dealer replaced it)

Hood falls. (Replaced pistons) Hood still falls on hot days. Dealer says hood is heavy.

Noisy alternator (Dealer replaced it)

Front rotors replaced.

AC leak (Dealer replaced presser hose)

Steering shaft replaced.

Driver recline mechanism replaced.

Replace noisy power steering pump. (Noticed gas mileage improvement of.7 MPG after)

Replace driver side Hub bearing assembly.

Another new drive shaft installed.

All doors rusted on bottom inside. (Dealer repainted them)

Rust coming back 1 month later. Dealer agrees to fix but wait to see if all doors show rust.

I think I’m forgetting some stuff.

Oh my engine knocks when started. 5.3.

The truck has had a lot of problems and I'm afraid there will be more. I believe its time for a new truck. It only has 22,000 miles on it.

VERY SAD that customer service won't understand that I don't want a truck that I have to keep bringing back to the dealership. I think customer service bereaves that there is no problem and that the dealer will keep fixing things, well till the warranty is up of course. Then you’re on your own...

Any suggestions that could help will greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

23rd Nov 2008, 11:37

I bought my 2000 Silverado in 03, 5.3 4x4.

After about a month or so I noticed when braking I would hear a grinding noise between 10 and 5 mph. A few more months went by and the truck started locking up between 10 and 5 mph, yeah I couldn't even push in the brake pedal at these speeds!

I carried it to the dealer to find out the sensor in the hubs had been rusted out! I paid for two new hubs and did the work myself!

About a year later after filling up one day, I crossed over a railroad track and lost one of the straps that holds the gas tank, luckily I had some bungie chords! The other strap wasn't far behind it!

The knocking in the engine I noticed is only there when it's cold out!

The four wheel drive is an absolute joke, and even changing over sucks out about 5 gallons of gas.

The truck does pull to the right and I was told at my last alignment they had to compensate for this in their alignment, because setting it straight was not the answer. Now it pulls to the left!!

Speakers are pieces of crap, and if you wanna change em out there are two screws in the door and it should lift up.

I'm about to change the U-joints, transmission fluid and filter and the rear seal (because it's leaking all over the place).

Haven't had a problem with rust on the doors, mine is mainly everywhere else and I continuously paint to manage it.

I'm still puzzled about the vibration (between 55 and 70), especially after an alignment and numerous balances. Hopefully, the U-joints are causing the problem!

After all this, I wouldn't drive anything else! I may need help.