22nd Oct 2010, 20:46

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado Lt Z71 4x4, has all the options except for satellite radio and sun roof. I bought this truck in December of 09 with 91,000 miles on it, and have driven it more like I stole it from my worst enemy, and was using it to get back at them. I have had no troubles that have not been just routine maintenance not being performed, being the main cause.

I have put new brakes all the way around it, but only because the previous owner failed to put new pads on it when worn out.

Installed new windshield because of a rock chip that I failed to have repaired.

Driver's seat worn on the side because of sliding in and out of the truck, versus actually sitting into it.

Transfer case was a little hesitant at times, fluid had never been changed at 104,000 miles. Changed fluid and shifts in and out of 4 wheel drive fine. Also, the automatic four wheel drive on this pickup works amazingly.

I have had this truck hooked to some pretty large loads on the farm, and loaded it down really heavy, as in three thousand pounds in the bed and a bumper pull trailer with an additional eight thousand pounds on it. Had this same load on my 04 Dodge Cummins, and could not even back it up without putting it in four low. My Chevy pulled backed and maneuvered this load with next to no resistance. Even buried it once trying to pull a buddy out, and I must say the differential lockers are absolutely amazing, dug four perfectly identical holes until I buried it to the frame. I was kinda curious if it could do it; turns out it took a 130 horsepower fourwheel drive tractor to pull it out, and it still spun like crazy and could not get it out; had to pull it out from behind.

Have had my engine hot enough when stuck that I burned the dipstick, but it still runs as good as ever, and has as much power as ever.

I have replaced the right front hub, but only because the previous owner put new rims on it with offsets, and did not have the alignment changed to compensate for this.

Other than these things, I have done nothing but performed routine manufacturer recommended maintenance. I run Valvoline synthetic oil, and I have never heard any piston slap or anything of the sort.

I noticed my steering was a little loose, but when I changed my right front hub, it is as tight as a new vehicle. I love my truck, and have never had any electrical problems or anything go wrong with it that was not some how related to someone's failure to perform routine maintenance, or lack of properly taking care of this truck.

I am going to school in January in Wyoming, and have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this truck will perform to all standards. If anything, I trust that it will last me another ten years. The way I have driven this truck, there is absolutely no other make of truck that could perform, or much less hold a candle to this truck.

17th Dec 2010, 20:12

I have a 2000 Z71. Bought it 9 years ago with 12k miles. It now has 65k miles.

Just saw today a small bubble in the paint above the driver's side wheel well. It hasn't been driven a whole lot in the winter here in Nebraska. Always kept it washed after a drive in the salt. Too bad GM can't make these things with some REAL metal!

Other than that, the truck has been very good to me. Put new tires on at around 55000 miles, and the brakes still looked real good.

Yes, I do have engine knock on start up, in cold or hot weather. Everyone I know that has a 2000 Chevy has the same noise. Guess it really doesn't bother me anymore, it doesn't seem to bother anything.

Oh, forgot one thing, my fuel gauge goes up and down at various times. Probably the sending unit in the tank. Guess that should be fun to change out. Oh well, just change out the fuel tank in my '84 4x4 Chevy. Could be worse, Could be driving some foreign piece of crap!

7th Apr 2011, 14:28

I have a 2000 Z71 Silverado, 5-speed. I also had problems with RPM changes (anywhere from 600 to 2000 RPM) when putting the clutch in and lifting off of the gas. My problem was the throttle position sensor (TPS). It is located on the outside of the throttle body, and is fairly easy to replace (about $80.00 if I remember correctly). Don't confuse it with the idle air control valve, which is behind the TPS sensor. It is mounted with two small "star" drive screws.

I also have had noise from my steering shaft almost since day one, but have reluctantly learned to live with it.

I had a "whining" fuel pump replaced several years ago. The back window leaks a little. But, I still like my truck, and it uses very little oil between changes.

Good luck.

1st Apr 2013, 11:23

Yes! My 2009 has rust on the bottoms of all four doors, the tailgate, as well as some particularly bothersome rust bubbles on the driver's door - just behind the wheel.

Fortunately, my dealership is being very reasonable. I've only had the truck for 4 months, and they're repainting all of the affected areas for me.

They recommended removing the rubber seals on the door bottom. It seems they hold in moisture better than they seal against it.

6th Jul 2013, 06:56

That's interesting. I was about to buy a Silverado, but really want a Tundra. Something to consider.

6th Jul 2013, 15:19

I am about to sell my Silverado for a new Ford F Series. My Silverado has been a very nice truck. I spent a week in a new one, and like everything about it, including the styling.

8th Jul 2013, 11:07

All of the items listed in the original review were just wear and tear, that are bound to happen to pretty much any vehicle. I'd be pretty satisfied if those were the only things that made it onto my punch list to get checked out right before the bumper-to-bumper expired.